A gas price watcher is warning that pump prices will rise significantly overnight Tuesday, up to 3 cents a litre in parts of the country.Dan McTeague’s website Tomorrow’s Gas Prices Today notes the rise would come ahead of the busy long weekend in both Canada and the U.S.He predicts one of the biggest jumps in prices will come to Kamloops B.C., where he expects prices to rise 3 cents a litre.Prices in other Western Canadian cities were expected to see smaller increases but McTeague says gas prices in cities in that region already carry a premium of 10 cents a litre.His website predicts an overnight hike of 2.8 cents a litre in Toronto and a similar jump in surrounding areas.It also projects a two cent a litre spike in Montreal, a jump of 2.7 cents in Ottawa and one cent in Calgary.Oil prices have fallen dramatically this year and now hover under $80 a barrel. However, analysts note that prices at the pump don’t necessarily move in tandem with the global market for crude.

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