first_imgAdam and Kane are doing a fantastic job from the tournament control box (the ‘fishbowl’) and they gladly offer their interesting spin on the events of day two at the 2004 National 18 Years Championships… Comments from Adam & Kane The Big Fish have been working tirelessly to bring you the truth about the `Joeygate’ scandal which saw Joe Williams fall from the stage during the AUSTOUCH launch yesterday. Although we can’t confirm it at this stage, we have uncovered an allegation that Benji Marshall, fellow rising NRL star, had in fact told Joey that he could move his chair back further than he could. In an attempt to move his chair so that he could selflessly offer his support to the youngsters behind him, Joey asked Benji for some assistance in gauging the distance he could move before falling. Benji, at his practical joke best, seized the opportunity to send his mate plummeting to the ground! When asked if this was the case, Joe declined to accuse his friend of such a heinous crime but said he would be looking into it. We here at the fishbowl have received some video footage of the event and will be in the editing suite all night in an effort to uncover the truth. Rest assured that the slow motion replays will definitely be used to uncover the truth. In other news there have been some great games on field 1 today with ACT & SQBD Sharks leading the way with a `ding dong’ battle ending in a 4 all draw. Sharks #11, James Doolah showed dynamic skills, not only in his touch ability but also the beard growing stakes. He has a beard that a Yeti would be proud to own. We are sure that we could actually see it growing as the game progressed. If it continues to grow at this rate, don’t be surprised to see it braided before the end of the week. On the subject of braids, we here in the fishbowl are alarmed at the number of `Bali Bead’ style braids we are witnessing on the touch fields of sunny Coffs Harbour. We know its semi tropical and that it has the feel of a Bali holiday but the frightening factor is that more braids are being seen in the Boy’s division than the Girls! What’s doing there boy’s? What ever happened to the Skinhead, The Mullet? Real Men’s hairstyles. We are also alarmed at the number of `rough & ready’ styles worn by many of our young men. It seems that the youth of today are becoming lazy and just leaving the `bed hair’ effect to be worn all day. The surprising thing about this is that it takes a frightful amount of `product’ to achieve this lived in look. In the coming days, the fishbowl will be naming names and pin pointing the bad hair culprits! That’s all from Adam & Kane! “See ya when we’re lookin at ya!”last_img

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