Xining will add 775 municipal fire hydrant

Municipal fire hydrant is an important facility to maintain the city’s public fire safety, municipal fire hydrant is complete and easy to use, in time to fight the fire, rescue the lives and property safety of persons in distress plays a decisive role. Reporters learned from the Xining water supply group, this year, the city plans to add 775 municipal fire hydrant. By then, Kunlun Road, West Main Street, victory road, 54 Avenue and other urban trunk road will also have a new hydrant.

Xining strive to let 28 thousand people hold up their jobs

employment is the people’s livelihood, this year, the city will implement the strategy of giving priority to employment, promote employment through entrepreneurship, to guide the transfer of rural labor employment, to improve labor skills training and other measures, and strive to achieve 28 thousand new urban jobs, let 350 thousand rural laborers earn 1 billion 500 million yuan target. This is the reporter from the city of human resources and social security bureau working conference was informed of the news on February 21st. read more

Xining municipal government introduced ten measures to stabilize prices for the protection of price

in order to seriously implement the provincial Party committee and government leaders on the price stability control work instructions, to protect the city’s price stability. The afternoon of September 13th, the Xining municipal government held a special meeting to seriously study the arrangements to stabilize prices, according to local conditions, comprehensive measures, and strive to grasp the node effective principle, formulated ten measures to guarantee stable prices for.

is to further strengthen the market booth fee subsidies, strictly control the zero slip. The city’s 11 major bazaars comprehensive subsidies operators booth fee, strictly on vegetables, egg and aquatic products to implement zero slip control. District government organizations to change, business, industry and commerce departments, combined with security measures for price stability, increase inspections of major bazaars, to crack down on driving up prices, strong buying and selling behavior. The streets of the office and the community to deploy full-time staff to check the market price changes, and in the community organizations composed of representatives of the residents of the community price supervisors, mobilize the masses to participate in price monitoring. read more

Xining municipal government office to learn to carry out the spirit of the eighteen boom

November 8th morning, the municipal government office organized all cadres and workers to watch the opening ceremony of the eighteenth Congress of the Communist Party of china. Office of the leadership said it would study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen major tasks as the current and future period, set off to study and implement the spirit of the big eighteen. Through the study, identify the combination of work, the main content of the report can be understood, can grasp, concrete, practical process, to enhance the people’s happiness index of cadres index.
A is fine in promoting service efforts and achievements. Closely around the municipal government center, with the "three services" as the basic content, "fine, fine, accurate and strict," as the basic requirements, the office of the work process optimization, the responsibility is more clear, more scientific assessment system, more rigorous, more effective supervision, leadership, and service level the performance is more obvious, its construction to a new level.
two is on display office functions on hard, see results. Combined with their actual work, to excel, a new round of organization construction, to create a national civilized city such as the theme of practice as the starting point, give full play to the office staff assistant and bridge role, through careful and very fruitful work, boost the development of the city’s economic and social science.
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Xining Third People’s Hospital trade union workers fitness month has been in full swing

to conscientiously implement the general labor union decided to carry out "National Fitness Day Month" activities in the spirit of the notice of workers in the city, the rich spiritual and cultural life of the masses of workers health system, enhance staff awareness of fitness and physical quality. Xining Third People’s Hospital in the near future to carry out a "sports, health, happiness" as the theme of mountaineering fitness activities.

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The image of the world at the top of the mountain

– written on the occasion of the opening of the 2012 China (Qinghai) world mountain Documentary Festival

Qinghai news network relies on the unique creativity of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau

2008, Chinese (Qinghai) world mountain Documentary Festival held in Xining summer.

Qinghai mountain Documentary Festival, make the world sit up and take notice. Where does this unique creative inspiration come from?

held mountain Documentary Festival in Qinghai, richly endowed by nature conditions: one is the unique topography of Tibetan Plateau, as the world’s third pole heights, the United Nations four super clean area of the species, with the original ecological value can not be copied; the two is Qinghai with multi ethnic symbiosis and multicultural fusion characteristics thus, to provide a solid foundation for this festival, at present, the world does not have a theme for this mountain and build international exhibition and exchange platform. Located on the roof of the world, mountains of Qinghai, have the responsibility and obligation to have confidence, assume that the demand of the times and the history of the trust. This is the Qinghai mountain Documentary Festival launched a unique creative. read more

Qinghai has become a national administrative examination and approval of fewer provinces

9 28, the provincial government executive meeting of the "provincial government intends to decide the cancellation and adjustment of administrative examination and approval and other matters directory", and decided to cancel the adjustment of higher education self-study exam specialist professional examination, motor vehicle driver training coaches qualification certification of 223 administrative approval items. This is the eighth time since 2013 to clean up the province’s provincial administrative examination and approval, a total of cancellation, decentralization and adjustment of administrative examination and approval of the 1118 items. Our province has become the country to retain fewer administrative examination and approval of the province, the smallest provinces in the northwest. Xining city from 324 to 74, the northwest provincial capital city of the smallest administrative examination and approval projects. read more

Xining the first batch of small talent listed

July 5th, Xining City, the first batch of "talent Heights" listing, which marks the development of economic and Social Science in Xining city have a more powerful intelligence guarantee.

in recent years, Xining firmly establish talent development concept, vigorously implement the strategy of talent strong city, the city’s talent team continued to grow, and improve the quality of talent, talent environment improved, played a positive role in promoting economic and social development in the city of science. "Small talent highland construction is the city of Xining" "12th Five-Year" talent development plan "identified 10 key projects, the project started at the end of last year, layers of screening, Xining Vegetable Research Institute, Huangzhong eight" Lotus "Culture Communication Co., Ltd. 6 units was named the first batch of Xining" small talent highland". read more

Wang Xiaoyong went to the west coast state research and supervision work stressed the efforts to imp

6 month 13 days to 15 days, the provincial Party committee, committee secretary Wang Xiaoyong led the provincial comprehensive management office, provincial stability maintenance office responsible comrades, in the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the investigation supervision stability investigation and resolve contradictions and terrorism risk, and visit condolences grassroots police officers and the maintenance of stability comprehensive management of cadres.

Wang Xiaoyong pointed out that the vast state of Haixi, strategic position, economic status, stability and stability are very important position in the province has a pivotal role. In recent years, the strong leadership of the provincial government, Haixi state party committees and governments at all levels to unite and lead the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups, to seriously implement the major decisions and arrangements of the central and provincial government, has always been to maintain regional harmony and stability as the primary political task, to strengthen legal consciousness, establish the bottom line of thinking, take positive and effective measures in accordance with the law, and constantly improve the ability and level of dimensional stability, maintain a state of sustained overall social stability. Wang Xiaoyong stressed that in the future, the State Party committees and governments at all levels should establish the overall concept of security, sober analysis judged the situation, to further implement the various measures of good stability and comprehensive management of construction safety, to prevent the input of risk as the focus, and resolutely fight against storms initiative; to further investigation and resolve contradictions and risk to point, effectively fight the disposal of group incidents, the maintenance of stability in the battle, and strive to comprehensive administering the province in the vanguard of a good, in the deepening peace building in go in front, in seeking a new chapter in basic construction, make new contributions to the reform development and stability. read more

Qinghai is expected to produce wild animals

The number of wild animal species in our province more than 1/10 of the country, in the vast mountain grassland, desert valley, Przewalski’s gazelle, musk deer, snow leopard, brown bear, white swan, black necked Crane and the plateau wizard live freely. The reporter learned from the provincial forestry department, the provincial forestry department, jointly organized with the wildlife conservation society, in carrying out the China wild animal township of our province to declare the name, then, Qinghai is likely to have a Chinese "Snow Leopard village", "the village" etc.. read more

Xining more than 9 thousand electronic eye guard public security for 24 hours

reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining City, there are currently more than 9 thousand eye 24 hours to protect public safety, crime space to be compressed, effectively promoted the improvement of social security, improve people’s sense of security.

this year, the city of Xining to strengthen public security against illegal investigation, continuous improvement "yellow gambling prostitution", trouble, fights and other security issues, the first 9 months of illegal administrative detention staff of 6219 people, the formation of affray, illegal acts of others and deliberately assault class the usurpation of the case investigation situation, law enforcement to strengthen the management of public security authority; investigate public security case 9552, investigate and deal with illegal personnel 14870 people, seized a number of firearms, bullets, detonators and control equipment. read more

Qinghai this year more than 10 thousand km of new rural roads

"now from the asphalt road rolling back home, all the way home than before the mountain road!" In mid August, a width of 6 meters long and 35 km of rural highway to the Ledu district to Tang Guan Ying Che Lu Cun, Haidong city just completed, the villagers living in the depths of the mountains with the most simple words, the hearts of joy.

after years of construction, to the end of 2015, Qinghai Tibetan area and the six mountain area highway mileage reached 73 thousand km, greatly improving the local people travel conditions. However, these areas up to 58 thousand km of grade four and other roads, is still a serious impediment to the majority of farmers and herdsmen to get rid of poverty and become well-off footsteps. read more

Xining City Office of the south side of the city residents to build a heart Bridge

"aunt, what are the difficulties at home, even though it’s a community phone call?." Xining City South Beach office staff came to the area to understand the difficulties of the residents of the home. Recently, the South Beach office and the jurisdiction of six communities in the area to carry out into the "five hundred" activities, that is, into the family of 500, for the residents to solve practical difficulties.

June 17th, speaking into the five hundred activities, Nanshan community residents Chen Yumei deep feelings, through this event, the community to solve the difficulties of my family, thank the community staff." Chen Yumei couple are laid-off workers, due to age and other issues, the two have been unable to find a job. Nanshan West community staff learned of this situation, Chen Yumei couple contacted the work. read more

This month the basic medical insurance in Xining simplify remote medical reimbursement process

Reporters from the Xining Municipal Social Insurance Administration Bureau, November 1st, Xining city to further optimize the urban workers’ basic medical insurance, basic medical insurance for urban residents, the new rural cooperative medical system (hereinafter referred to as the medical insurance) to simplify the handling process, the medical insurance remote medical reimbursement procedures, provide more convenient service for the insured.

– to participate in medical insurance for urban workers, urban and rural residents medical insurance in Xining, because of illness need to foreign medical treatment, the three hospitals have the right to go to the province outside consultation services outside audit procedures, not to the city, County Social Security Bureau, directly to the province of medical. Reimbursement should be provided to transfer medical procedures and medical expenses related information, medical expenses in accordance with the personal health care policy reimbursement after the first 10%.

– to participate in medical insurance for urban employees in Xining city were not go through the formalities for transfer abroad for medical treatment, or for non medical emergency in different places (regional Xining city) hospitalized, basic medical expenses in the first and 10% independent individuals, reimbursement ratio and a reduction of 10%; urban and rural residents to participate in medical insurance patients. Not to go through the formalities for foreign medical treatment, or for non medical emergency in different places (regional Xining city) hospital for medical treatment, medical expenses in accordance with security at the end of 30% the proportion of reimbursement.

for resettlement of retired workers to simplify medical procedures

– in Xining city urban workers basic medical insurance for retired personnel long-term residence in different places in different places of residence for medical procedures, is no longer available: remote police station (or community) proof of residence, temporary residence permit (hukou migration card) a copy of such procedures; only provide retiree health care workers: I hold Id original and workers medical insurance card (social security card issued by the social security card) and Xining City, Haiyan road postal savings bank (opposite the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau) savings card, in the city and County Social Security Bureau staff medical insurance window fill "urban employee basic medical insurance in Xining City in different places of residence can apply for a medical request form. If I entrust an agent to deal with, but also need to provide medical insurance retired personnel and the original ID card.

– retired urban workers to participate in the basic medical insurance in Xining City, places of residence for medical procedures, a year may not change; such as one year after the residence is changed, the need for timely according to the above procedures for the change.

– live for remote medical procedures workers retiree health care, basic medical personal accounts will be transferred to my postal savings bank savings card at the beginning of each year.

– retired urban workers to participate in the basic medical insurance in Xining City, places of residence for medical procedures, in the place of residence of hospitalization expenses according to the provisions themselves after 10% according to the proportion of reimbursement; in the resettlement residence outside (including Xining city) the cost of hospitalization in 10% on the basis of self-care, as stipulated by the proportion of fall 10% reimbursement.  
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Qinghai characteristics of agricultural and animal husbandry development and promotion will be held

6 21, sponsored by the Qinghai provincial government, the Provincial Department of agriculture, animal husbandry and Forestry Commission hosted the Qinghai Fair will be featured in the development of agriculture and animal husbandry will be held in Xining. Vice governor Yan Jinhai speech, the Ministry of agriculture, agricultural products processing, market and information division responsible person to attend the meeting.

Yan Jinhai said that at present, Qinghai is to adjust the structure to the way, deepening reform, comprehensive critical period of building a moderately prosperous society, in the premise of ecological conservation priority concept to guide the agricultural and animal husbandry development as a whole, to guests, customers all over the country by the Green Fair this platform, actively participate in promoting the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Qinghai plateau, the characteristics of agricultural and livestock products to accelerate the quality and efficiency. Look forward to more market players to venture capital in Qinghai, to achieve common development, mutual benefit and win-win. read more

mplementation of the urban area to ban coal Xining to complete the task of 809 tons of coal to gas

Xining City, after entering the spring, wind, dust weather, road dust is serious, objective factors for this disadvantage, for good weather and strive to achieve the first quarter rate of more than 60% of the target, in March 4th, held in Xining City, air pollution control arrangements and deployment conference, vice mayor Xu Guocheng heard a recent comprehensive air pollution control work the bulletin, and put forward specific requirements for air pollution control work in the next step.

in late February, particulate pollutants are the main factors affecting air quality, to quickly decrease under normal weather because the subsequent effects of dust weather caused by Xu Guocheng, the first, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau and the four district to increase the integration of urban and rural road especially cleaning and cleaning efforts, the main roads and secondary roads to reach basic moisturizer. Municipal Bureau of parks and gardens should be responsible for all parks and green belt sprinkler operation on the north and south two mountains on the surface of the green water. Second, the Municipal Construction Committee joint Urban Management Bureau and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of the city’s construction site and the entrance of the dragnet investigation. City real estate bureau of the city’s demolition site dragnet investigation, the site can not be ordered to spray irrigation work stoppage, no cover for the demolition site supervision. Third, the city environmental protection bureau to unite the four area, mobilize the community to clean up all the residents of the courtyard to ensure that the roof and the courtyard clean. Fourth, we should give full play to the role of grid to control air pollution, to the city residents do report atmospheric air, do you want to quickly reflect the problem to various departments, and each department is responsible for the implementation, not the implementation of the relevant regional leaders will be held responsible. Fifth, the full implementation of the ban on coal downtown area, must complete the annual 809 tons of steam coal to gas fired boilers tasks, within the city limits to the total elimination of soot furnace; all the power to prohibit the burning of inferior coal, the intersection checkpoints to strengthen inspection of low quality coal. (author: Jiang Yaqin) read more

Our province multi pronged approach to the full employment and poverty alleviation action


" has strong efforts to achieve rural medical security for the target of "employment, a rich, a cure; a person, a bunch of out of poverty, get ready for a new round of battle poverty alleviation and development to make a positive contribution" – reporter recently from the province’s human resources and social security system of poverty alleviation work mobilization meeting I was informed that the province will be a multi pronged approach to start a comprehensive employment and poverty alleviation medical action. read more

Ge Yun coffee can add more fun to your leisure life

what is happiness, happiness is not given to you by the outside world, but by your mood created. We always dream that one day in the future to have what specific things, because that can bring you what you want to feel, for example: Fantasy in the Baltic Sea, in the mysterious and romantic Danish port, carefree and content hiding in a cafe, basking in the sun with a cup of coffee? Don’t dim, don’t screen, as long as the sun! The unrealistic? Not as long as you want to have, because you really want is to bring you comfort and enjoy the comfortable feeling. Can’t you find a place where you want to be able to give you this feeling? Ge Yun cafe can let you feel here is perfect, the urban workers return to slow life, open heart land of idyllic beauty. read more

New initiatives and new regulations regulate business assets

Recently, the municipal government issued the "Interim Measures" of the management of state-owned assets for external use of municipal administrative institutions of Xining City, this is a new measure of the reform of state-owned assets management in our city, to safeguard the security and integrity of state-owned assets and prevent the loss of state-owned assets, improve the efficiency of the assets to lay the foundation for the promotion, effectively solve the city’s state owned foreign assets the use of standardized management, long-term asset management bottleneck in our city has played a positive role. read more