The successful opening of the domestic grain and oil stores need to pay attention to what

in the end will choose what kind of business opportunities, we tend to be serious and careful thinking, so that it will choose to make a real good business opportunities. After understanding, we found that the grain and oil store profits and sales are very good. Through the grain and oil to make money has always been a good shop project. Because you need to buy grain and oil friends will generally buy nearby, grain and oil store business can not be monopolized. This is also a lot of people think that the long-term stability of grain and oil stores can make money. Open grain and oil stores and will not overnight riches, but compared to other shop projects, the stability of the grain and oil store profits and long-term is unmatched by other shop projects. read more

Qingshan District the central enterprises entrepreneurial innovation project signing ceremony succe

innovative work to implement, to see the results, inspire more young people to entrepreneurship, Qingshan District, the central enterprises innovation project cooperation signing ceremony was held, the implementation of innovation, to better promote economic development.

2016 in February 24th, in response to the State Council "public entrepreneurship, innovation" appeal, the implementation of Wuhan city a valley plan, "Qingshan District Central Enterprises Wuhan entrepreneurial innovation center project cooperation agreement signing ceremony in the Sinosteel Wuhan safety and Environmental Protection Research Institute held a successful meeting room. read more

Small entrepreneurial shop monthly income 200 thousand

many people are looking for small business projects, so many people choose to shop from the start, started from 500 yuan, up to now about 190 thousand per month in sales, Liang Bo jade business bigger and bigger, he started from the first day of the online shop, they set up to make the business bigger and stronger the target. Now, Liang Bo has not only domestic buyers, but also a few large buyers abroad, to start a cross-border trade, 10% of gross domestic income is higher than the domestic one. read more

The importance of the store purchase

If you want to get a good profit, if you want to get a good profit, first of all, you will need to purchase

. Have a correct understanding of the goods, to be able to make your goods for the market to accept, get good sales results. If you are not very clear about this aspect, you can learn from the small series.

as a custom closet franchise operator, must have a clear understanding of the market trend, not only to sell goods, to purchase goods, as long as you can appeal, customers will naturally pay for it. Backlog is the biggest risk of business, so you get the goods when you want to see the market, to understand the urgent needs of people, so that they will not lose money because of the sale and purchase quantity should not be too much. In addition, custom wardrobe stores have its advantages, but also has its disadvantages. The advantage is that it has a theme environment, can be in a relatively short period of time to start visibility. Some custom wardrobe stores Tandaqiuquan, market positioning, but difficult to form their own theme, so it is difficult to have the stable source. read more

Opinions on the reform of household registration Suiqian children college entrance examination condi

in China, each will have a legal residence certificate issued by the state, at the same time, Chinese household registration system is to protect the rights and interests of citizens, recently, the State Council on further promoting the reform of household registration system is also introduced, let’s look at the details.

The State Council issued the day before

It is reported that at least
read more

Novice shop should pay attention to matters

novice shop, tend to blind operation, that the store the more complete the better? Is this really the case? Operating a store, you must have a core product, can not operate anything, what are the core products!

second points: the new store is not a baby. Much better?

this truth is not proficient in the United states. A name is "a good wardrobe". The United States is small that the name is more elegant, good. There is no limit to beauty, only the pursuit of more beautiful, so you will be more beautiful.

read more

Shop encounter friends and relatives to do shopping

set up shop to do business, there are strangers, and naturally there will be a lot of acquaintances, especially some of the more special relationship acquaintance, this time, the owners how to make this business? In short, the supermarket business process, we often encounter some acquaintances. How to operate, which has become a major problem plaguing countless people.

shop business acquaintances, there is a class is very special, such as their former boss, his child’s class teacher, or their relatives, or their own good friends. Faced with these people, how do we do it? In accordance with the payment of goods sold, or in accordance with the normal price to sell, or simply not a fee, do not give them? In response to these problems, the author with personal experience and talk about the views and practices for the reference and reference. read more

f you have these characteristics then start it

before we really choose to start a business, we will worry about whether they have the quality of entrepreneurs should have. If you are sitting in front of your desk and dreaming of starting your own business, let’s take a look at whether you have these characteristics.

1. you are beginning to pay attention to the signs associated with entrepreneurial traits. There is a lot of controversy about the characteristics of entrepreneurs is innate or acquired. No matter which side you agree with, you may be aware of the fact that you are showing some of the classic entrepreneurial traits. Maybe you are ready to start a business? read more

To the cosmetics shop named master three Xinshoubikan

, a cosmetics store can have popularity, has a relationship with many factors, in addition to the decoration style, other products and other factors, the key name is to attract consumers. How to give up the name cosmetics shop? Give up the name cosmetics shop need to master the following measure:

1. is a good name with the management of goods has a direct close contact, big and seductive, memorable, it will make your products more vitality, bring unexpected benefits.

2. use of popular elements, to the cosmetics shop named, often can get twice the result with half the effort. Maggie Cheung starred in the movie "in the mood for love" became popular, a cosmetics shop immediately renamed the "flower of life", and the other is different approaches but equally satisfactory results, a cosmetics shop named "Be There Or Be Square", there is a bar called simply "one rose cosmetics". Young people to buy cosmetics, with a more unique language, such as where to buy ah, is the mood for love? Or Be There Or Be Square? Or a Mei Cosmetics? These are clearly able to give young people to bring shopping topics of entertainment, it is easy to be accepted by young people in a short time. read more

How to carry out effective advertising in each period

opened a hamburger store is a lot of young people dream of wealth, but for a novice entrepreneurs still have some difficulty, because just opened popularity is not high, which requires strong publicity, in order to improve visibility. Let us see how the various stores open hamburger shop period to carry out effective advertising.

open the store before the opening of the ad

joined the hamburger in the month before the open, to carry out the propaganda, don’t wait for the opening to do propaganda on the night, ahead of the store’s hamburger tastes, characteristics, and the opening of the activities related to the specific opening time in advance to inform consumers. Some nice printed leaflets, propaganda page of the relevant information are stated, the design is also a propaganda propaganda page key problem, not only to highlight the characteristics of their own store, but also a unique design, can not be too monotonous, people are visual animal, for beautiful things will certainly appreciate beautiful advertising pages can also be left a deep impression to the consumer, can effectively increase the number of tourists. read more

Union aid month helping enterprise employees job overcapacity

The development of

city’s employment problem to solve the citizens of Anhui, Hefei held a "Union aid month" activities, build employment platform for more entrepreneurial groups, supporting capacity by enterprise employees job, good business services.

3 29 days, reporters from the Provincial Federation of trade unions was informed that the province during the employment assistance activities, trade unions organized a total of 389 special recruitment field, provides free employment services 308 thousand people across the region organized labor export 23 thousand people, held various forms of employment assistance activities, expand the "job, trade unions to help you" employment service brand. read more

Guangdong three free trade zone will levy tariffs

for the convenience of foreign trade, deepen reform and opening up policy in response to the call, many parts of the country have set up free trade zone in the pilot, the high-profile Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian free trade zone has been basically formed. Many people are concerned about the three free trade zone will levy tariffs? See below for details.

8 jointly announced the Guangdong, Tianjin and Fujian free trade zone of the import tax policy, these policies have been implemented since the date of the establishment of the FTA test area. read more

T entrepreneurial venture to open a dessert shop to earn millions

Now a lot of

business stories, by opening the dessert shop build up the family fortunes case also meet the eye everywhere. IT men start their own business dessert shop, even open four stores, into the million! How did he succeed? Today, the reporter interviewed the young man, we come together to listen to his entrepreneurial story.

2014 in the afternoon of June 30th, the Ku Kui went to Maple Lake freight market around, waiting to be sent from the coastal city of dessert ingredients.

check, single goods logistics, visual inspection and payment…… A series of the receiving process, the Ku Kui qingjushulu. He walked in the street before the opening of the shopping mall dessert shop, is looking forward to the arrival of these raw materials. read more

Where to open a hot pot restaurant to invest

comes as a result of really delicious, and secondly, the public’s preference, so that the market is now very hot pot, because of this, there will be countless entrepreneurs want to open a hot pot shop. However, the start-up business is the need for capital investment. So, open a hot pot restaurant where to invest?

equipment investment

hot pot shop equipment acquisition, must be established in the product category, grade, style before. When considering the new funding is more intense and other reasons, the principle should be based on multi purpose equipment as the main parameters of the purchase. In the purchase of equipment, we must pay attention to the quality of the equipment, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of products, dining environment, and thus affect the reputation of the hot pot restaurant. read more

What are the five key points of the successful opening of a milk tea shop

shop in the various options, the tea shop has been a lot of people like a form of entrepreneurship. Moreover, we all know to open a tea shop is a very simple thing, but to be successful but not a simple matter, so we should learn to how to open a tea shop, so I want to open a tea shop should pay attention to what? Do the following five points, shop continues to increase income is not a question, together!

a, shopping mall positioning

to open a tea shop, the first to survey and positioning of the tea market, tea shop, which you want to determine what people do business, and then according to your policy of customer opens a series of promotional activities, attract customers. Tea consumption group in spite of all young people, but with different shape class, consumption is not the same, such as white-collar love very good quality tea, pay attention to the environment, air and mood, while the students love fashion and the characteristics of elements, pay attention to commodity price, and easy and vivid feeling and so on. read more

10 GEM companies were suspended from listing

The rise

business boom, the start-ups are more and more companies listed on GEM, natural entrepreneurship is the goal of advancing, but the GEM listed company specific situation is like, a look!

with the number of fund companies have slashed geeya valuations, the GEM companies listed on the issue again recently attracted widespread attention, on one of the issues of concern in 2014 September, when the hail health branch, Prudential shares, Tianlong photoelectric 3 GEM companies collectively issued the risk of suspension of listing warning notice, lead the industry on the GEM companies to suspend the listing and delisting risk warning system set (ST) discussion. read more

Dessert stores three marketing skills

now with the people for the pursuit of quality of life is more and more high, dessert more and more consumers, the pursuit, this is a good development now the dessert market, dessert franchise has now become a very hot investment market, attracted the attention of entrepreneurs, but now business dessert stores competition, in fact, dessert franchise business is marketing skills, Xiao Bian today to share some dessert franchise business in the process of marketing skills, I hope to give you to help entrepreneurs. read more