Utilizing Teletherapy to Address the Therapy Needs of Military Families

first_imgTeletherapy, therapy using a web-based platform, is being used across the country and internationally to help address the therapy shortage. Parents and schools are using teletherapy to access skilled therapists in their schools or homes by just a click of a link.DotCom Therapy® is one of the companies that is working to address the shortage and the needs of military schools and families around the country. DotCom Therapy was founded by two Speech-Language Pathologists two years ago and has recently expanded from only providing skilled speech therapy services to also providing occupational therapy and mental health services in schools and homes nationwide. We interviewed Emily Olsen, Licensed Clinical Social Worker for DotCom Therapy, to gain insight on this innovative therapy modality.Describe your current role.I provide individual and group counseling along with mental health services to elementary through high school students in a school district that has a large military family population, and has one of their schools on the army base. What’s your favorite part of your current job? I LOVE working with students. It is so fun to work with a first grader and use my imagination and help her navigate through some of the tough emotions she deals with and then work with a high school student who needs help managing and expressing his anger in a healthy way. It is a special time during their day to step away from their peers and teachers, and just spend time talking and working things out. It is so rewarding!Tell us about experiences you have had working with military families.I often interact with families who have moved a lot, which has helped them to be adaptable, resilient and disciplined. These students often are very self aware, understand the importance of family, and have a strong community network to rely on. How did you come to work with military families?I had my first interaction with military families about 12 years ago when a relative of mine was serving in the Army. I learned during that time how strong these families are. I then went to work professionally with military families in my role as a Social Worker for Dotcom Therapy.  It seems that military families have their biological families and then also their extended families of circumstance (being bonded by their involvement with the military).  I believe that the support network for military families is unmatched.From your experience, how are military families similar and different from other types of families? How do you change your practice between families? I know that when I see a student who comes from a military family there will be additional challenges that this student will have most likely faced at their young age (i.e., deployment of a loved one, frequent moves to new posts/schools/churches, and uncertainty of their future). I also know that these students will have many strengths including: adaptability, resilience, strong community support, self-awareness, and advanced maturity in some cases. When working with all families, military or civilian, it is important to remember to not enter into the therapeutic relationship with preconceived notions; it is my job to let these families and students teach me about themselves. They have their own unique story, struggles and strengths, and that is where I need to start. As providers, how can we support military parents who are deployed or away frequently due to trainings/school?   From my standpoint in my role, I like to communicate with family members however is easiest and works best for them. I am flexible in knowing that communication may not always be easy or consistent due to the work they do, but it does not mean that family members do not want to know how their child is doing. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to keep those communication lines open. The executive Director of DotCom Therapy, Elise Mitchell, a certified speech-language pathologist says this about the use of teletherapy with military schools and families: “By using this remote, encrypted-platform, we are able to efficiently get to these students and pair them with a specialist because location is no longer a barrier. We are able to ensure that military students and families have access to an autism specialist, a bilingual therapist, a therapist who also has a husband in the military and understands that community etc….essentially whatever the school or family needs in their skilled therapist. It is very rewarding to meet the therapy needs of these families who are doing so much for our country.”To learn more about DotCom Therapy, visit www.dotcomtherapy.comThis post was edited by Robyn DiPietro-Wells & Michaelene Ostrosky, PhD, members of the MFLN FD Early Intervention team, which aims to support the development of professionals working with military families. thethelast_img read more

8 Ways to Create Digital Distortion in After Effects

first_imgThese 8 tools are a great way to give your footage digital distortion in After Effects.Adding distortion to your footage is a quick way to make your videos look awesome. In days past, motion designers had to create digital distortion in After Effects by hand, but now there are many helpful tools that we can use to create distortion and each has its own unique advantages. In the following post we’ll breakdown eight ways to create digital distortion in After Effects.1. Digital Distortion Free After Effects TemplateCreated By: RocketStockPrice: FreeYou can create free digital distortion in After Effects using this template from RocketStock. Essentially the template uses a series of compositions to add distortion using only native effects, so you don’t need to install anything. Simply open the free template and drop your footage into the ‘Drop Footage Here’ Composition and your distorted footage will be outputted into a final composition. The free After Effects template can be customized using a series of sliders that adjust various effects like turbulence, color bars, and noise.Here’s a quick demo of the various features in the free AE Template:DOWNLOAD FREE AFTER EFFECTS TEMPLATE2. Dojo Glitch ScriptCreated By: CreativeDojoPrice: Pay what you likeThe CreativeDojo is not only a great place to learn the basics of After Effects, but you can also find a big selection of useful tools that VinhSon has created himself. With this awesome Glitch Script for After Effects, users can easily create customizable glitch effects by simply pressing a button. Simply select your composition and click ‘Generate Glitch’ and AE will create a composition with a control layer which can be adjusted in a similar way to the free RocketStock template. This template is great for creating RGB chromatic aberrations.DOWNLOAD FREE AFTER EFFECTS SCRIPT(Quick Note: While VinhSon is happy to give his glitch script away for free, why not donate a few bucks to help him out?)3. Fractal Noise TechniqueCreated By: Aharon Rabinowitz of Red GiantPrice: FreeThis technique pioneered by Aharon Rabinowitz of Red Giant shows us how to create a distorted glitch box effect using native tools in After Effects. The technique is essentially a combination of the fractal noise effect mixed with a displacement map. It’s a pretty ingenious way to create distortion quickly. The tutorial also features a Red Giant tool called Holomatrix, but we’ll discus more about that below. If you know of any ways to take this distortion technique to the next level please share in the comments below. The following tutorial shows us how this distortion technique is accomplished. 5. TwitchCreated By: Video CopilotPrice: $49When it comes to glitch plugins in After Effects, Twitch is where it all began. Created by Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot, Twitch allows users to create glitch effects with a simple plugin. The glitch effects that you get with Twitch would be categorized as more organic than the others found on this list, but the end result is impressive nonetheless. 4. Stock Footage + Displacement MapTechnique By: GeorgiiouPrice: VariesSometimes it can be easier create a distortion effect in After Effects be simply integrating digital distortion video with your composition. While this technique isn’t super customizable, it is incredibly easy to do. In a similar approach to the previous technique, you could integrate stock footage of a digital distortion with your composition. There are a lot of places to find such footage, like this example video from ShutterStock. Having a wide variety of footage is important if you decide to go that route.This tutorial by Georgiiou shows us how to use this technique to quickly create distorted footage. 6. Holomatrix via Red Giant UniverseCreated By: Red GiantPrice: $99 a YearHolomatrix is a plugin developed by Red Giant used to simulate a hologram-like effect in After Effects. The style created by Holomatrix is more like a futuristic style distortion, but it should do in most circumstances. The cool thing about Holomatrix is it can be simply dragged and dropped onto your layers! No extra steps! Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, this effect can’t be purchased without a subscription to the Red Giant Universe which includes dozens of other great tools and plugins as well. 8. TV Distortion BundleCreated By: RowbytePrice: $149.99The TV Distortion Bundle is another good option if you are looking to create a distorted TV effect in After Effects. The bundle includes Data Glitch, Bad TV, Separate RGB, Dot Pixels, and TV Pixels — all plugin’s that can be easily applied to your footage. The cool thing about the TV Distortion Bundle is the fact that these distortions can work in both After Effects and Premiere. Don’t let the high price-point scare you — these effects are great! Want to learn more about creating distortion effects in After Effects? Check out a few of the following resource:Digital TV ‘Cliff Effect’ Distortion – via Creative CowCool After Effects Tutorial: Distorted Type & Data Glitch – via PremiumBeatFree After Effects Template: Digital Distortion – via RocketStockKnow of any other great distortion tools in After Effects? Share in the comments below. 7. Glitch via Red Giant UniverseCreated By: Red GiantPrice: $99 a YearFor a more TV style glitch, you can use the Glitch plugin developed like Red Giant. Glitch has very similar effect controllers to that of the RocketStock template. However, Red Giant’s Glitch is a plugin that can be used with any layer without opening or importing a separate project. Glitch focuses on colored bar distortion rather than sharp distortions. So if you are looking to get a good ‘signal’ distortion this plugin might be for you. Red Giant offers a free trial of their Universe subscription so you can try these tools before you buy.last_img read more

Hardik Patel places set of demands before Congress for lending support

first_imgPatel quota stir leader Hardik Patel has put forward a set of demands before the Congress, including an assurance about reservation for the Patidars in government jobs and educational institutions, as a condition for supporting the party in the Gujarat Assembly polls. Sources in the Congress party said Patel sought a maximum number of tickets for Patidar candidates in constituencies where the community has dominant presence.The 24-year-old spearhead of ‘Patidar Anamat Andolan’, during his talks with Congress’ in-charge for Gujarat Ashok Gehlot on Monday sought greater representation in the party’s organisational set up for politically influential Patels, who hitherto backed the BJP, they said.Mr. Patel, sources said, termed the representation of Patels in the Congress’ organisational structure in Gujarat as “minimal”.The Patidar community leader pitched for constitutional protection to the provision of reservation for them so as to preclude a judicial review. “Had a good meeting with Hardik Patel and his colleagues,” Mr. Gehlot tweeted last night.Mr. Patel, who is not eligible to contest either an Assembly or Lok Sabha election as the minimum age for it is 25 years, also told mediapersons that he had gone to a hotel here to meet Mr. Gehlot, a former Rajasthan chief minister, and present his demands before the Congress party.Alpesh Thakor, a prominent backward class leader and ’Gujarat Kshatriya Thakor Sena convenor’, had joined the Congress in the presence of its vice president Rahul Gandhi on Monday. Roping in Patel’s organisation may further bolster the Congress’ efforts to retake Gujarat from the BJP, which has ruled the State without a break for over 22 years now. Speculation was rife on Monday that Mr. Patel had also met Rahul Gandhi, who was present inside the hotel when he was holding talks with Mr. Gehlot.Mr. Patel, who had denied having met Mr. Gandhi, said on Tuesday that he would meet the Congress leader during his next tour of the State. TV channels aired CCTV footage from outside the 5 star hotel which showed Mr. Patel entering and leaving the hotel. Soon after the footage was released, Mr. Gehlot tweeted that Mr. Patel had come to meet him, and in a series of posts on the microblogging website accused the BJP government of snooping on them.“The rooms which hv been booked in my name are being checked. We are openly saying, we have met them n will keep meeting them in future too,” he said.“Why CCTV footage was taken by IB n police from Hotel? Is the right to privacy, sole proprietorship of JayAmitShah?” Mr. Gehlot said in another tweet.Hardik alleged in a tweet: “BJP is expert in snooping. They used to snoop on Sanjay Joshi (BJP leader) and now they are snooping on me.” The BJP has been calling Mr. Patel an “agent” of the Congress who was trying to “mislead” people of his community. Congress spokesman Manish Doshi said Hardik Patel was told that, if voted to power, a survey would be conducted to provide reservation to the community without touching the 49% quotas for the Scheduled Castes, Schedule Tribes and Other Backward Classes. He said Mr. Patel was also assured that action would be taken against police officials who committed “atrocities” against Patidars during their quota stir in August 2015. Mr. Doshi said an assurance was also made to him that the kin of those who were killed during the agitation will be adequately compensated. Ten people had been killed in police action when the quota stir turned violent.last_img read more

Dutch Tourist Dies After Jumping Off Train in Rajasthan

first_imgA Dutch tourist died on Jan. 2 at Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan when he jumped off a moving train.Erik Johannes, 54, and his friend from the United Kingdom had boarded the New Delhi-bound Jan Shatabdi Express when they had to take a train headed to Agra. They were going to see the Taj Mahal. Realizing their mistake, the duo decided to jump off the moving train but Johannes suffered head trauma. His friend escaped without any major injuries.“The incident took place this morning at the main railway station in Rajasthan’s Sawai Madhopur district when Johannes and his friend boarded a wrong train that was headed to the Indian capital instead of Agra on the opposite direction,” local police official Giga Ram said, according to Xinhua. “Both realized their mistake when the train started moving and jumped off. They fell down on the platform. While Johannes died on the spot after sustaining fatal head injuries, his friend escaped unhurt. He was rushed to a hospital but was declared brought dead,” he added.A case was registered and the Netherlands embassy in New Delhi was informed about the death of Johannes.“We have kept the body in a local mortuary for his family members to arrive in this country,” another official told Xinhua.The two tourists had gone to Sawai Madhopur on Jan. 1 and were headed to Agra the next day.A Dutch tourist dead, a UK tourist injured after they allegedly jumped from a moving train in #Rajasthan‘s Sawai Madhopur. Police begin investigation— ANI (@ANI) January 2, 2018Last month, an Australian tourist was killed in a road accident due to a vehicle pile-up in Uttar Pradesh when he was headed to Agra. A series of vehicles collided due to limited visibility on Dec. 21, 2017 on the Yamuna Expressway.Suniti Singh, the Superintendent of Police, Rural, Gautam Budh Nagar district, said that a roadways bus collided with a truck, which hit a bullet bike on which Australian tourist Mathew, and his friends Ian Bog and Cowalt were going to Agra. He received head injury and was declared dead at the Kailash Hospital in Noida.The Delhi-Jaipur-Agra route is popular among tourists as they come to visit the palaces and forts of Rajasthan, the Taj Mahal in Agra and historical monuments in Delhi. The foreign tourist arrivals until June 2017 for the year 2017 was 8.80 million, a growth of 9.7 per cent, according to Indian tourism department statistics. Related ItemsAgraRajasthanTourismlast_img read more

Guts ‘N’ Glory: Archery flop show highlights need for sweeping changes in set-up

first_imgManisha Malhotra, CEO, Mittal Champions TrustThere are sports, and then there are pressure cooker sports.Precision sports fall in the second category. In these events, it doesn’t matter what you have done in your life; you need to shine in the two-hour window at the Olympics. These are the sports where we see the most upsets.India’s archers, one of whom was number one in the world, are the prime examples. Both the men’s and women’s teams were also ranked in the top-three.But the archers turned out to be a big disappointment. It was tough to watch them fail, but the fact that they failed so miserably was heartbreaking.How can the world number one not even put up a contest against the number 37 ranked archer? That is the beauty of sport- even the underdog can have his day. Unfortunately for us, this Olympics, we were not the underdogs.The way archery works is quite simple: there is a qualification round where the scores determine “seedings”, followed by a straight knock-out draw that pits the number one seed against the number 64, and so on.We didn’t fare very well in the qualification round, which didn’t put us in the driver seat, but we were not in that bad a position either.In the team events, the women drew Denmark, after which they would’ve played Korea. But they didn’t even show up! It’s hard to blame anyone, but the fact that we hardly even competed puzzled everyone. The men drew Japan- to play the USA- and failed to clear the first hurdle, although theirs was a closer contest.Individually, world number one Deepika Kumari shot the best out of all Indian archers and was seeded seventh, she was slated to play the 37th seed from Great Britain and it was not exactly a tough match.advertisementSo the million dollar question is: What happened?It doesn’t matter that they lost, but the way they lost is something even me, who has been watching them day in and day out, cannot believe. They were one of my favorites going into the Olympics, so I too am scratching my head.Everyone is saying it was the “pressure”, but really, both these teams have performed under pressure. They have been in the medals at the World Championships and four World Cups. So it’s not like they are basket cases.My theory is that we didn’t surround our athletes with a good enough team. The Archery Federation of India had insisted that this time they would go to the Olympics with their own coaches and support staff to help the team.But the truth is that when you have your life on the line, you need experience. We don’t have any home-grown coaches who know much about top-level competition, and so, there was no one for our athletes to fall back on.We need to alter the way we choose teams. Till now we have been choosing the best in country; now we need to choose people who may not be the best in India, but who can win internationally.I think India is a peculiar country where we have athletes who do so well at home, but cannot replicate the results internationally. It is now time to stop thinking about how to groom the best in India and work with international standard in mind.last_img read more

(Reopens SPB3)

first_imgSindhu said what has been most admirable about Sainas feats has been her fighting spirit. “She has a very good fighting spirit every time she sets foot on court. You have to learn this from her.” Looking back at the foot injury and her comeback, Sindhu said she has lost this year some close games after missing a number of tournaments last year. “I have come back after the foot injury. I did not play most of the tournaments last year. This year, I have been losing in the quarterfinals. There have been good matches which I have lost by just a few points. Its a very good learning experience. Sometimes its disappointing, but I feel there are many more tournaments to come and I will do my best,” said Sindhu. She also talked about the special insole she is going to be fitted with. “I have a flat foot. I had this stress fracture and for safety I am putting this insole. It is really fitting my leg. The stress fracture (of right foot) happened because I dont have proper arch (on my foot). “Now its perfectly alright. There is no pain. The injury happened one year ago. I just wanted to prevent (injury). Earlier, when I started playing after injury, I was a bit scared (of getting injured again), but not now. Injuries are part of (sportspersons) life,” explained Sindhu. The shuttler said she was looking forward to seeing sporting greats from other disciplines, especially athletics, where Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt will be attempting to clinch yet another 100m gold medal, performing at Rio. “In each sport there will be some legends. I have seen Bolt in the Commonwealth Games but not clicked a picture in Glasgow. I would like to watch athletics. Its really fast — the 100 metres race. I (also) look up to (watching) swimming. It will be a great thing that there are so many legends coming and taking part. I would love meeting them.” PTI SSR SDL CM CM BASadvertisementlast_img read more

A sign for Juventus’ future, 17-year-old Moise Kean scores winner

first_imgJuventus ended the Serie A with a sign of the future as 17-year-old Moise Kean scored a stoppage-time winner in a 2-1 comeback victory over Bologna on Saturday.A second-half substitute, Kean connected on a difficult header following a free kick from Miralem Pjanic.It was the first Serie A goal for Kean, who was making just his third appearance in the Italian league. In November, Kean became the first player born in this millennium to appear in Serie A.Paulo Dybala equalized for Juventus in the 70th with a rebound following a shot from Gonzalo Higuain, after Bologna’s Saphir Taider opened the scoring with a splendid shot from beyond the area following the break.”We needed to end well and did it in the best way possible, with a great last half-hour,” Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri said.Juventus had already clinched a record sixth straight Serie A title and will be looking to complete a treble against Real Madrid in the Champions League final next Saturday.”We’re ready for a great final,” Allegri said. “At this point we need to save up a lot of energy and then expend it all in the final. We’ve got to be attentive to details and then of course you need a bit of good luck.”Juventus moved seven points clear of second-placed Roma, which hosts Genoa on Sunday in the final match of Francesco Totti’s 25-year career with the Giallorossi.Usual Juventus starters Gianluigi Buffon, Leonardo Bonucci and Mario Mandzukic were rested.advertisementBefore kickoff, there was a brief clash between Bologna fans and police upon the arrival of Juventus’ bus at the stadium.Also, Atalanta beat Chievo Verona 1-0 to move two points ahead of Lazio into fourth place, which would be a club record.Lazio visits relegation-threatened Crotone on Sunday.The Atlanta scorer was Alejandro “Papu” Gomez, who recently received his first call-up to Argentina.last_img read more

Wizards Mystify The Nets, 99-90

first_imgNEW YORK — The big men were a big disappointment in Washington. Nene and Marcin Gortat quickly made up for that.Nene scored 20 points, three other Washington big men were in double figures, and the Wizards beat the Brooklyn Nets 99-90 on Saturday night to split their home-and-home series.Overpowered by Brook Lopez on Jan. 16 in their building, the Wizards bounced back behind 10 points and 16 rebounds from Gortat, and strong bench efforts from Kris Humphries (13 points) and Kevin Seraphin (12).“We knew that it’s going to be a tough game for us but end of the day, me and Nene, we believe we are one of the most dominant big men in the league and unfortunately we didn’t play that way yesterday,” Gortat said. “Today was a little bit different. We dominated the game and we helped our team to win this game.”Bradley Beal finished with 17 points, nine rebounds and eight assists for the Wizards, who shot 52 percent from the field to overcome their 14-of-27 effort from the free throw line.Jarrett Jack had 22 points and eight assists for the Nets. They had snapped a seven-game losing streak with their 102-80 victory Jan. 16, when Nene and Gortat combined for just 15 points.Lopez scored 26 points off the bench in that game and had 13 by halftime of this one. But the Wizards held him to two points after the break and turned around the game with an 18-2 run in the third quarter.“Tonight obviously they came in here a little bit more desperate knowing that we went into Washington last night and got a win. We knew we were going to get their best shot today but I thought we played great,” Nets forward Joe Johnson said. “I just think down the stretch we couldn’t get stops and we couldn’t make the shots to get us over the hump.”The Nets led 51-50 after a close first half in which neither team led by more than five. A good start to the third quarter had them ahead 63-56 five minutes into the period. But Nene and Gortat began wearing them down, scoring 10 straight to go ahead 66-63 when Nene dunked forcefully between Kevin Garnett and Lopez.Jack stopped the run with a basket, but Washington answered with eight more in a row to build a 74-65 advantage on Rasual Butler’s basket.Brooklyn tied it at 81 early in the fourth before Seraphin had two baskets and Humphries another in an 8-2 burst that made it 89-83 midway through the period, and Nene had a three-point play about 3 minutes later after the Nets had cut it to three.The backcourt of John Wall and Beal gets most of the attention, but Gortat said people shouldn’t forget how good Washington’s forwards are.“I don’t really pay attention to what people think about our team and stuff like that,” Humphries said. “For me it’s just doing what we’ve got to do. We lost last game so this was a must-win for us.”(BRIAN MAHONEY, AP Basketball Writer) TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Injured player turns coach, guides Saurav Ghosal and Joshna Chinappa to historic Asian success

first_imgWith the national team without a head coach for more than a year, Indian stars Saurav Ghosal and Joshna Chinappa had to rely on injured teammate Harinder Pal Sandhu for coaching advice en route their historic triumph at the Asian Individual Squash Championship in Kuala Lumpur.Sandhu, who is an active player and Ghosal’s best friend, was sitting courtside when the 10th-ranked Indian outplayed the reigning Asian Games champion Leo Au in straight games to become the first male from India to win the continental title on Sunday night.But this time, Sandhu was not sitting as a teammate but as the ‘official’ coach travelling with the squad.Though Sandhu, who is recovering from a serious back injury, did really well for a makeshift arrangement, national coach Cyrus Poncha did not travel with the team for one of the most important events of the year.However, the scenario is not new in Indian squash as the players had to bank on each other’s advice during the Asian Games last year, creating an embarrassing situation for travelling support staff comprising Poncha and Bhuvneshwari Kumari.When asked why Poncha did not travel with the team to Kuala Lumpur, especially when the team doesn’t have a foreign coach since March 2018, Indian squash federation (SRFI) president Debendranath Sarangi sounded clueless.”National coach Poncha was very much with the team,” Sarangi told PTI.However, the players, including Ghosal, who were in Kuala Lumpur, confirmed they had not seen Poncha around during the competition.Poncha, who was conspicuous by his absence in Malaysia, had told PTI last month that the SRFI had decided to rope in foreign coaches on an event to event basis rather than having one full-time, which is the norm in major Indian sports federations.advertisementA foreign expert was supposed to travel with the contingent to Kuala Lumpur but Sarangi said he is still awaiting sports ministry’s approval on the appointment.”There are elections going on in the country and the government is busy. We hope to get the sanction in the next couple of weeks and when the next event comes, there will be a foreign coach travelling with the squad,” said the SRFI chief when asked why no coach has been hired in more than a year.Ghosal and Chinappa, arguably the finest players to have come out of India, produced their A game to beat their highly-rated opponents. Chinappa defended the women’s singles crown by beating long-time rival Annie Au for the first time since September 2017.Choosing not to comment on the coach-less conundrum, Ghosal said it was good to have Sandhu by the courtside.”He is my best friend and knows my game inside out. I had spoken to David Palmer (his personal coach and former world number one) before the final and Sandhu knew what he had discussed. He knows what I can do on the court and it surely helped me,” Ghosal said.”It was a good coaching stint for him but it is something he can explore after retiring from professional squash. Hoping he is back on court soon,” he added.Chinappa too credited Sandhu and physio Dimple for keeping her in good shape.”Honestly, it was amazing to have Harry (Sandhu) as coach. He is an active player who could not take part due to his injury but was really professional as a coach. He in fact started preparing with me one week in advance and being my mixed doubles partner, knows my game really well,” she said.Also Read | Kedar Jadhav ruled out of IPL 2019 playoffs due to injuryAlso Read | IPL 2019: Warner, Rabada and Russell chart-toppers after league stageAlso Seelast_img read more

Gundy Talks About (Not) Leaving

first_imgPhoto Attribution: US PresswirePhoto Attribution: US PresswireRobert Allen did a terrific job with this interview yesterday and got some of the most candid quotes we’ve seen from Gundy in a while.I wanted to clip some of those, pare them down, and bring you my thoughts along with them…let’s jump in.Well, it’s not a comfortable situation for anybody, but the truth of the matter is that Mike Gundy and his family love Oklahoma State, and our children like being in Stillwater and we have family that is healthy and within an hour’s drive and that’s not ever going to change.I love him going third person right off the bat. Also the “that’s not ever going to change” part is going to be broken down like the Zapruder film on OrangePower.com, they’ll need backup servers.The decisions that I make in any part of our program that deal with my future and my family’s future becomes public information and that is where we have an issue.You get paid $3M+ to deal with this “issue.”There is a lot of talk out there about the relationship between myself and Coach Holder, and it was discouraging to me but we weren’t in a position with him and myself to get out and hold a press conference and try to clear the air because one, I don’t think it is necessary and I don’t think Coach Holder feels any different.How was it not necessary? If part of your job as the head coach and athletic director is to strengthen a fan base, why wouldn’t you want to hold this press conference?Ninety-five percent of the discussions that Coach Holder and I have that have to do with Oklahoma State football, we agree on. He’s been very good to me and I am very fortunate to be in the situation that I am.[cut to Kliff Kingsbury nodding so hard his head rolls off his neck].Just because Kristen and I have a disagreement doesn’t mean we aren’t buddies. She has an opinion and I have an opinion and eventually we have to work together and make it happen.There is not a scale to evaluate how much I love his husband-wife analogies.That was discouraging and disappointing to me because there was so much talk about it and there is nothing we can really do about it. I have expressed my opinion on who I think we should schedule and Coach (Holder) has his opinion and we try to meet half way. Ultimately, he’s the boss and I work for him and for the Board of Regents and for the President of the University. They can tell me what to do at any time and if I’m going to be at Oklahoma State then I say, ‘yes sir,’ and if I don’t then I need to try and go find a job somewhere else.I think the point is that if the head coach has to ask repeatedly, he is going to find a job elsewhere.Chat rooms, (the) internet, Facebook, talk radio, and Twitter is what pays the bills,” said Gundy of the coverage these situations receive. “We can turn on ESPN or Fox and any of these television shows when we are getting ready to go work out or to practice on our TV. I listen to them often and I think that guy is so far in leftfield that it is amazing that he is even on the air, but that is what pays the bills.Blogs, Michael, you forgot about blogs. And chat rooms…? This isn’t 1997…I never thought that I would have to publicly come out and say this is the relationship that we have, but times are changing. Offensive football is changing, recruiting is changing, so maybe this is a time for me to say that was all blown way out of proportion and the panic button never needed to be hit. There was never a time for the panic button to be hit.Disagree.That is really the way I feel and Oklahoma State has a foundation here for success in the long term. It is never going to be easy. If it were easy then everybody would be doing it. The relationships aren’t where people can’t work together. The whole thing got blown way out of proportion, and hopefully we’ve put that to rest and we can continue to move forward.Really, the way you feel about all of this is dependent upon two things:1. Whether or not you believe Gundy actually interviewed with Arkansas and Tennessee2. Whether or not you believe Gundy when he says that his relationship with Holder is OK.I choose to believe he did interview and that their relationship still sucks no matter what he says. I also believe that if this wasn’t OSU and if Gundy didn’t have family around, he would have been gone a few years ago.No matter your perception though, it’s clear that a rift has been had and I’m not so sure it’s going anywhere anytime soon…If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

Cong demands Apex court takes note of accident involving Unnao rape survivor

first_imgNew Delhi: The Congress on Monday demanded that the Supreme Court takes note of the accident involving the Unnao rape survivor and intervenes in the rape case, in which an UP BJP MLA is an accused.In the Sunday accident, a car carrying the 19-year-old woman, who has accused BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar of rape, her family and lawyer was hit by a speeding truck in Rae Bareli. While her two family members were killed in the accident, she and her lawyer were critically injured. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari alleged the voice of the victim was being suppressed. “We demand that the SC takes note of the incident involving the Unnao rape victim. The ‘miscarriage of justice’ taking place… and the voice of victims being suppressed will stop only when the apex court directly intervenes and takes note of the entire inquiry into the Unnao rape case,” he said. The demand came on a day when the UP government said it is ready to order a CBI probe into the road accident in Rae Bareli. The mother of the rape survivor has alleged the accident is a conspiracy to wipe out her family. Also referring to a retired Army captain beaten to death, the Congress spokesperson said, “The law-and-order situation is going out of control …crime are on the rise each passing day.”last_img read more

Ohio State baseball hoping to get back on track in Big Ten

After dropping two of three games to Michigan State last weekend, the Ohio State baseball team (18-8, 4-2 Big Ten) is hoping to get back on track for its third Big Ten weekend series as it travels to face Minnesota. OSU coach Greg Beals is hoping his team can bounce back from last weekend’s series. “We had an opportunity to take the Michigan State series and it’s disappointing we blew it,” Beals said. “Good thing is, we have games this week to get back to winning.” OSU has been trying to work on its winning mindset for a few weeks. “It’s just the mentality of all eight innings, man,” said senior shortstop Kirby Pellant. “The pitching has been there all year and the defense has been there all year and finally the bats are starting to come around.” The Buckeyes beat Youngstown State Tuesday night in Columbus in a 3-0 shutout and took down Miami (Ohio) in a 1-0 shutout Wednesday night. Beals said this week’s games were important for the Buckeyes in preparing for more conference play. “The week games get our guys a lot of at-bats,” Beals said. “They help position players get in the groove and they allow our pitchers to get extended innings.” The Minnesota Golden Gophers are 17-12 and 2-1 in Big Ten play on the year. Minnesota redshirt junior infielder Dan Olinger is a guy to keep an eye on for the Golden Gophers, batting .314 with 14 RBIs and a .984 fielding percentage. Junior pitcher Tom Windle has 1.44 ERA with 45 strikeouts and a 4-2 record in 50 innings pitched. Windle has been named Big Ten Pitcher of the Week twice this season. Minnesota will be opening the brand new Siebert Field for this series, having played its previous home games at the Metrodome. An OSU series win brings the team that much closer to capturing the conference title. While it’s still early in the season for talk of the Big Ten Championship, it has been on some of the players’ minds for weeks. “When I was a true freshman, that was the last time we won the Big Ten Championship, so I know what that feels like,” said OSU redshirt senior outfielder Joe Ciamacco. “I’m putting everything out there for the team this year. I want us to win this season. I want to bring back the winning tradition to Ohio State. We haven’t had it here in a while.” OSU is set to take the field against the Golden Gophers at 4:05 p.m. Friday at Siebert Field in Minneapolis. read more

Coburg Greek Festival a success

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram One of the most popular smaller scale festivals that bring together the members of Melbourne’s Greek Orthodox Community is the annual Greek Festival in Coburg, held by The Presentation of Our Lord Greek Orthodox Church.On Sunday 4 February members of the local parish and Hellenic tradition afficionados gathered on the grounds of the Victoria Street church and celebrated their Greekness at a feast from 11.00 am till 6.00 pm. Now in its 34th year, the festival was made possible with the help of volunteers and sponsors who made sure attendees could enjoy delicious treats such as souvlaki and classic Greek sweets, with cold frappe and soft drinks. There were also several dancing performances from traditional dance groups and daring guests to the sound of Greek music and cooking demonstrations.The family-friendly event catered for the younger members of the community with children’s entertainment, interactive play, and activities including a carousel and a mini-fun park.Melbournians could also walk through an array of stalls and pop-up stores sporting souvenirs from Greece and products from local manufacturers.last_img read more

GMO labeling debate shifts to Olympia

first_imgSEATTLE — Months after Washington voters narrowly rejected an initiative requiring labeling of genetically modified foods, lawmakers are reviving the GMO debate in Olympia.One bill would require labeling genetically engineered salmon for sale, even though federal regulators have not yet approved any genetically modified animals for food. Another bill requires many foods containing GMOs to carry a label.The debate comes as the U.S. Department of Agriculture is considering approval of an apple engineered not to brown. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is also weighing an application for a genetically modified salmon that grows twice as fast as normal.In Olympia, a public hearing is scheduled Friday in the House Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources on House Bill 2143. That measure also would prohibit genetically engineered finfish from being produced in state waters.last_img read more

56 plan to review their company car policy

first_imgMore than half (56%) of employer respondents plan to review their company car policy in the next year, according to research by Willis Towers Watson.Its 2016 Company car benefits survey, which surveyed 1,187 UK organisations, also found that 51% of respondents that offer company cars enable staff to opt for an environmentally-friendly vehicle.The research also found:Three-quarters (75%) of respondents offer a company car as a benefit.A quarter (25%) of respondents only provide a car allowance option to staff.41% place a CO2-emissions limit on cars available to staff through a company car scheme.Less than one in ten (7%) respondents run trade-down policies to encourage the use of more fuel-efficient cars.Around a third (30%) of respondents encourage staff to travel less and make use of tools such as web-conferencing, and 16% encourage employees to work from home.Lisa Grunditz, senior consultant in Willis Towers Watson’s data service team, said: “The growth in greener-car options has been driven by the increased tax burden that many countries have placed on vehicles with higher CO2 emissions. The introduction of tax policies based on carbon-emission levels has meant that lower-emitting, or environmentally-friendly, vehicles have become more affordable than higher-emitting alternatives.“Company car schemes and car allowances are increasingly used as a tool to reward staff in a more competitive way while introducing greater flexibility, which employees are increasingly demanding in all areas of compensation. In the UK, the choice of whether to have a car or take an allowance is an important element of this.”last_img read more

Tuesday AM Update Swan Lake Fire Continues To Close In On 100000

first_imgMop up operations continue to extinguish areas of heat on the southern edge as firefighters work towards full containment along the Sterling Highway. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享While growth on the Swan Lake Fire has slowed down, it continues to burn at higher elevations towards the east and popular recreation sites on the Kenai Peninsula. The fire is estimated at 99,086 acres with 406 personnel on staff and remains at 14% containment.The fire is continuing to move into the Mystery Creek, Thurman Creek, and Chickaloon River drainages. Fire movement through the black spruce is being influenced by topography and wind direction. There will be a public meeting on Wednesday, July 10, at 6 p.m. at the Cooper Landing Elementary School. Efforts to hold the fire along the ENSTAR pipeline and the Chickaloon River continue to be successful on the north end of the fire. Jim Cahill, with the Incident Management Team: “On the north end of the fire where it is still burning up the slopes and gaining elevations, that is our strategy is that it will run out of fuel on those higher elevations and slow up.” center_img Cahill: “We have all sorts of resources along the highway, like heavy equipment that has been constructing check lines along the powerline corridor and on that part of the highway. We are using a number of helicopters to hit hotspots near the highway. The fire is visible from some parts of the highway.”  Fire crews will be assessing public recreation cabins along the Resurrection Pass Trail for possible point protection should the fire reach the trail. A partial closure of the trail has been implemented by the Chugach National Forest.last_img read more

VSS Predicts Total Communication Industry Spending to Grow 41 Percent in 2011

first_imgThe influence of digital media is strong in this year’s forecast, as VSS reports, “Time spent with the internet, including traditional media brand-related digital and pure-play platforms – covering usage at home, school and work – increased 6.0% in 2010 to 397 hours per person…Time spent with mobile media in 2010 soared 49.7% to 77 hours per person, thanks in large part to increased smartphone penetration.”With the influx of tablets into the mobile market (including the newly released Amazon Kindle Fire device), time spent with wireless media in 2011 is expected to spike 35.3 percent, cumulating in 104 hours spent per person The Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS) firm releases its 25th edition of its Communications Industry Forecast for 2011-2015. According to the VSS report, the total communications industry will grow 4.1 percent during this period to $1.120 trillion.The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to increase 5.5 percent from 2010 to 2015.Of the four main sectors within the report (Advertising, Institutional End-User, Consumer End-User and Marketing Services), Institutional End-User spending will experience the most rapid increase in 2011; this sector is projected to grow 5.3 percent to $507.33 billion this year. However, the sector predicted to have the biggest CAGR increase during the forecast period is the Advertising Revenue Stream. Expected to grow 6 percent by 2015, this Stream is marked to hit $245.29 billion. This stream is heavily influenced by pure-play mobile advertising spending, which is bolstered by mobile ad networks, “increased computer tablet penetration” and additional mobile services. VSS defines pure-play services as “spending generated by companies that provide advertising, access, information and entertainment exclusively through an online service.” The second largest increase for 2011 is predicted to be the Consumer End-User Revenue Stream, expected to rise 3.4 percent to $194.37 billion.center_img B-to-b promotional spending is predicted to climb 3 percent through 2015, amounting to $23.96 billion. VSS attributes this growth to a push in promotional products.The Digital Jumplast_img read more

Vivo partners Energous for wireless overtheair charging

first_img Share your voice Tags reading • Vivo partners Energous for wireless over-the-air charging Jul 9 • Killer cameras and battery life might meet their match in the Note 10 Jun 29 • Galaxy S10 5G, OnePlus 7 Pro LG V50 ThinQ 5G: Why you shouldn’t rush to buy a 5G phone Mobile World Congress 2019 May 13 • Galaxy S10E vs. iPhone XR: Every spec compared Mobile World Congress 2019 See All 0 Post a comment • Jun 1 • The Nubia Alpha looks like either a house arrest bracelet or Batman’s phone Vivo’s upcoming phones could likely feature over-the-air wireless charging. Aloysius Low/CNET Phones from Chinese phone maker Vivo will soon have a pretty cool feature.Powered by Energous’ WattUp wireless charging tech, Vivo phones could soon tap onto radio frequency to recharge their batteries, and there’s no need to place them on a charging mat to do so, as WattUp is able to do over-the-air charging. While there’s no word on when you’ll be able to see a Vivo phone with this feature, but in the fast moving competitive world of the Chinese phone market, it’s likely Vivo will quickly release a phone featuring this tech to get a leg up over its other rivals.In other news, Energous also announced a new fast charging solution that delivers up to 20 watts of power. Energous says it’s even possible to go higher. As the system doesn’t use coils, the company claims it’s easier to manufacture and integrate its solution into multiple devices. “With the addition of our fast charging 20-watt solution, we are providing our customers with a full spectrum portfolio of products that include contact-based and distance charging, as well as low power and high-power options,” Energous President Stephen R. Rizzone said in a press statement.The Energous WattUp solutions will be on display at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.  Phones Tech Industrylast_img read more

Zirkle first musher into Galena Sass first to leave

first_img(Photo by Zachariah Hughes/KSKA)Iditarod veteran Aliy Zirkle and Brent Sass have been playing leapfrog down the river so far today.Sass was the first musher to leave Ruby in today’s early morning hours. But he ceded the lead when Zirkle overtook him as he camped along the trail between checkpoints.Zirkle held onto the lead until Galena, where she is currently stopped. Now Sass is back in the lead after spending just five minutes at the checkpoint before continuing on toward Nulato.A handful of other mushers are in the middle of the 50-mile run between the first two Yukon River checkpoints, including Mitch Seavey, Noah Burmeister and Robert Sorlie.last_img read more