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1 million advertising advertising week monthly purchase package

now, against two large advertisers Tesco network (, journey network ( jointly funded 1 million week, monthly advertising package to purchase in the billion, million advertising budget in November will be completed at the end of all procurement. Billion sales team is trying to negotiate with advertisers, there will be more and more advertisers to join, please look forward to.

this package, Zhou Baoyue advertising procurement, in favor of the book station, music station, web site, maternal and child station, digital station, IT information station, regional station, foreign language station, IT station, tourism website, etc.. If your site belongs to the above ads, will be more likely to get the favor of advertisers. read more

A grassroots rookie webmaster do stand 2 failed experience

station has been done for so long for others to do the station, is mainly to the enterprise website and promotion. In this line also made their own two websites, the empty do these 2 site failures.

The first site

do is for the domain name with their own name, personal blog, do the webmaster friends first website mostly personal independence blog (personal experience), because I was only used to do sales, and in the same company by sales for promotion, the company did not who knows the website of things, so these things can only rely on an individual way. Early know nothing that do domain name and space. At that time, it is cheaper to get a more than and 30 dollars a year on Taobao 100M Hongkong space, the domain name is also made on Taobao, it seems that is also the more than and 30. These are ready to go to get the site template drops, these are downloaded on the website drops, so the first independent blog was born. And then a day to update the article, OK also write some of their own work experience summary. This site’s ranking is also OK, one month after the PR update to 2 (I had to do for a few months or 1 PR Enterprise Station) when do the company attaches great importance to PR. Good times don’t last long, after a month, the space problem, ask them to call that space chant attack, a few days, waiting for a few days did not sound, the space was closed, was very angry, so do the first abortion. Then the summary of this station is not to covet cheap 1 years of more than and 30 dollars of space can be stabilized to go. read more

Wangzhuan is important goals and ideas

believes that the primary purpose of trying to do the webmaster every day is to make money, not to say how much you stand IP, your PR, your Alexa ranking is high, not earn money if you will still continue to complain, to continue your difficult course, the real money webmaster to silence to make money, no time to come here every day to the feeble, don’t care about here a few soft with do not go what the value of IP, I am very lazy, but too lazy to write something every day, since leaving school basically no written text, is also afraid of writing out of order for everyone to see, I basically every day is to learn some useful things for yourself. Of course, I also want to make money online. read more

Lu Songsong what do you do to make money

actually do this blog in addition to looking for a job, there is a purpose, that is to tell my customers: please believe that I am a website. The blog is more affinity than building a website, so I made a blog. Who would have thought, blog development faster than I expected. If a site is developing too fast, it will inevitably produce a variety of problems, which is a big problem to make money.

I made a mistake

in the last year, that is, the establishment of an independent blog for more than half a year, there are a lot of friends asked me, "loose, your blog on what profit?". I think to be silly, "reserved", don’t you never put ads. Gradually, I found that I am not rich two generations is not charity, I need to rely on the blog to make money to feed themselves, can not rely on the construction site to make a single physical labor to make money, to broaden the channels to make money. So, put on the advertising alliance is my only choice. read more

The first lesson and experience do Wangzhuan

since the beginning of the construction site within three or four months lost twenty thousand of their weight, nearly more than and 10, is really sad, make me embarrassed, this is the lost wife also folded, but as I do business have valuable experience, also absorbed many lessons.

I’d like to talk about it from the beginning:

I was born

programmers, since graduation has been engaged in the work of Java, most of the work is to do a web page, a full three years of work done. They do not have their own web site, like the computer will not play the game as funny, it is really a pity that their dream is to have their own website. read more

Lei Jun a dream is a simple matter to see if it can be put into practice

founder and CEO Lei Jun millet technology

TechWeb reported on November 25th news, millet technology founder and CEO Lei Jun talked about the dream, he said in a speech at Peking University, "a dream is a simple matter, the key is to have a dream, you can put into practice, how to practice."

himself as an example, Lei Jun said, "I was 40 years old when I was 18 years old, did not forget the dream, I try. Although I know that today’s millet is too early to say, it is too early to talk about beating apple, but the dream is always there, in case it achieved? read more

Some way has the characteristics of strong national Wangzhuan customs

is referred to as Wangzhuan, make money online. There are many ways such as in Wangzhuan, the majority of owners are most familiar with the page to add Google Adsense, Witkey task type Commission, the soft, great form is beyond shape who posted small ads, in charge of network survey etc.. It is too much, if you want to classify, then I am afraid that a considerable amount of work. But some Wangzhuan has Chinese features, only this one no branches, left Chinese you will be very difficult to see its shadow. read more

How to adjust the position of advertising to increase the click rate

as a webmaster, especially to rush through the alliance advertising to make money for the owners, CTR is also ashamed to say, so a few percent hit rate is not always satisfactory; so, what method can quickly improve the CTR? Is not only the advertising alliance, many owners also hope to the station content to find a good position, have what method can find out where is the gold position, the simple to talk about how to adjust the position of advertisement.

first, we recommend that you try to use the content to do the test, do a test page for advertising effects, do not directly adjust the alliance advertising, if advertising rates vary greatly, may bring unpredictable consequences. After the test will be adjusted to the appropriate position of the union advertising, so the effect will be more ideal. read more

Kingsoft Duba install alliance began to allow the new website to join the promotion


currently Duba statistical data systems have been adjusted up, after a period of operation, basic can guarantee stable data statistics, so from the beginning of February 18th, officially opened with the promotion of new Duba website, welcome webmaster to support the promotion of Kingsoft 2008.

Duba promotion team

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic! read more

The solution _ personal recommendation PN code not received

Google PIN confirmed by ordinary mail advertisement publisher address, convenient check the form of advertising revenue to pay, this is a good mechanism, can of course.


problem is due to various reasons, many owners are still unable to get through this channel PIN code, and some even repeat 3-7 times, delayed more than 3-6 months have not received a personal webmaster. From the point of view, it seems to be a $100, $200 in small numbers, but China now has 1 million 500 thousand a website, 120 million of Internet users, if you do not receive the number of webmaster PIN to 10%, that is 150 thousand per station site, $100, $15 million, about 112 million 500 thousand yuan, this number for China webmaster group, which is a lot of debt, its annual interest rate is 4 million. How to face the huge debt GOOGLE must find ways to pay, effectiveness, and guarantee payment of the fairness, timeliness of. read more

Business in 2013 to become the largest T circle is the trend

in addition to Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and other first-class IT acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions in 2013, the Internet and mobile Internet business for the hottest. Among them, the pace of entrepreneurs has moved beyond the IT circle, extended to the "fruit" and "industry, including Clay oven rolls" a friend of mine, but also by the Java Engineer to make captain decoration. Perhaps, programmers and engineers are selling Clay oven rolls, fruit is an exception, the IT of the circle business news can be heard without end. read more

What are some of the money making projects on the web

Wangzhuan way is very wide, there is every kind of Wangzhuan project forward to do so, our common Wangzhuan what


1: Click to make money:

industry known as PTC, is in accordance with the click to make money project, at present this kind of station to English click, a lot of people stop in the money industry, there has been a lot of Chinese make friends just by clicking the money to the ranks of tens of thousands of monthly income. Click on the money to make points in most of 1 cents in the direct of 0.5 cents, through the recommendation of the sub line click Commission 10%-100%. Click to make money without any threshold, operation process is much the same, do not need to know English German and French, as long as the operation of a station, the other station is a process. read more

How do make use of classified information to earn 20 thousand

said here is a local station I do provide service for the enterprise website, I registered using the union bound is also a hundred responses to a single call, their own independent domain name (, and then, I use their SEO technology "enterprise site optimization to Baidu’s natural ranking.

our network is not very developed in Quzhou, but for the company to provide web site construction is really a lot of ah. I got tens of thousands of cards, probably spent hundreds of dollars, I am in the national network data ( to buy a virtual host, set up a classified information website. I do not change the charge of ordinary classified information website strategy, I used to send 1 messages 1 dollars per day, then printing their own cards to tens of thousands of street, every day out of about 1000, basket, pedestrians, shops, residential and so on, is my goal, so from the beginning of the 10 days no one to send information on our website, now every day there are a few people. read more

5 mistakes in network marketing

  in the modern business operation and high tempo "network marketing" the sky cries a little misunderstanding, ordinary businesses will fall into the network marketing knowledge, or that, or the too high to be reached flinch; the blind trust, spend a lot of money on it did not see the effect. Simply put, network marketing is the Internet as a platform and tools for the company and product promotion, sales and after-sales service in a variety of ways. Network marketing not only has some common features of traditional marketing, but also because of the characteristics of the Internet itself, such as large amount of information dissemination and rapid communication, has its own unique advantages. In general, there are five misunderstandings in the network marketing: read more

Hong Kong people to the North Entrepreneurs the mainland needs to quit the most proud of the opportu

for Li Zongxin, the key to the success of its listing may not be how much of his agent products, but the role of the completion of the conversion, no longer dislocation.

According to the "twenty-first Century

" business review, Li Zongxin, Hongkong, 25 years old, who was young but has the forehead hair, the result is he created Shengsi network in May 29th successfully listed in Canada, successfully haunting "light ring president" the young of listed companies.

In an interview with read more

Five death tree internal entrepreneurial good shade dependence

Two days ago

everyone’s windmill net CEO Chen Xiaofeng issued a document summarizes internal entrepreneurial failure experiences, is really worth pondering: all internal entrepreneurial team, there is more emphasis on entrepreneurial project failure related to the environment, the problem between the entrepreneurial team and the boss’s interests and vision as a starting point, but less about entrepreneurial team the problem of its own. Xiaobian summed up a bit, there are several internal entrepreneurship dead law: read more

entrepreneurial Street garage coffee Entrepreneurial Arena

midsummer 2014, as the first flagship "pioneering cafe" concept of garage coffee, has been operating for three years, and in the spring of this year "under siege". Garage coffee is outside the street walk Haidian book city, the only two hundred meters of the street, a short span of three years has gathered 3W coffee, "entrepreneurs" dark horse global roadshow center, Pegasus brigade, Bingo coffee with the same garage coffee concept entrepreneurs gathering place.

always nest in Xin Ding Hotel 2 floor of the garage coffee, somewhat rough, than the elegant decoration, eye-catching position of newcomers, now somewhat shabby garage. read more

The gold stand binding of higher operation instance of my marketing needs

look at the title may not understand what it means, do not worry, I have a few times below the operating experience of the operation of the operating ideas, processes and key points:

1, host referrals – starting from the novice station

we all know that it will be difficult to host the old host other suppliers pull over here is a very difficult thing, the transfer of the server, which is related to the rankings, weight. If the site visit is not what big problem, in general, the webmaster is not transferred, even if the price is much cheaper. So, we have to seek new resources, novice Adsense is undoubtedly the first choice. And how to get over the novice webmaster? I am accustomed to starting from the demand. read more

Search engine advertising how to flow into customers

          remember the last mentioned to the search engine marketing objectives of the four levels, when it comes to search engine marketing is the transformation of the highest level. After all, the ultimate purpose of the enterprise is to make money, no customer traffic is no longer useless. Today, we have to explore how to make the flow to become your customers, in simple terms is how to attract consumers rather than visitors. Of course, we want to study today is to do business search engine advertising, how to improve the CPA, each click of the harvest. read more

Rookie about how he is earning 2000 off by Taobao


is one of the guest Wangzhuan the most popular in recent years for everyone. Due to the operation is relatively simple, the promotion of various forms, so the author also added at the beginning of this year, millions of Taobao passenger army". I just started to use the long tail keywords to do traffic, unexpectedly is that I would have been a hit select the keyword on the site, almost all can be used to do Taobao promotion long tail keywords off merchandise is all used, and watch their station "menacing" a two ranking is not blowing up, o the fish first deeply appreciate what is called "pear" read more