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The effect of emotional and psychological health network female breast cancer

hide condition is not conducive to treatment

although the incidence of breast cancer in the first place in female malignant tumors, but the vast majority of early stage breast cancer can be cured. This requires patients to undergo surgery, chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, radiotherapy, such as a long process, in the course of treatment, in addition to the efforts of patients and medical staff, family and social care is very important.

each patient’s response to the disease will affect their mood, and ultimately affect the therapeutic effect. Some people have experienced insomnia before diagnosis, rapid weight loss, etc.. Lin Ying said, it is difficult to avoid, but can be with family and friends and patients communicate ease. > read more

The long term squeeze cleavage can lead to breast hyperplasia female health network

in addition, in the usual eat more soy beans and other foods, as well as kudzu root, pollen, propolis and other food for women to regulate endocrine, health chest are very good.

women in order to have a perfect chest, oneself can think of ways to use it. It is now popular " squeezing chest " his chest inward pressed to form a cleavage, but the long term is to reduce or prevent extrusion cleavage within the breast lymph circulation, local poor blood, resulting in hyperplasia of mammary glands, and for a long time chest restricted activity, will also affect the normal breathing. In addition, the crowded cleavage of the fiber bundle in breast and breast duct long-term pressure will affect the postpartum milk secretion and excretion, directly affect the future of nursing. read more

Thailand women don’t get fat breast secret female health network

fish with fresh papaya papaya 150 grams, 250 grams of fish slices; section, gutted, washed, cut into pieces, not scraping scales, and papaya slices and cook pot, add soy sauce, 10 grams, 3 grams of vinegar, ginger 5 grams, 5 grams of chopped green onion into the soup. Eat fish soup, 1 times a day, ate half a month, and promote breast development role.

  the flat chest, breast is too small and can not stand, is defective in female body. Malnutrition, the female hormone (estrogen) secretion is insufficient, can make mammary gland development is not flat chest. read more

Save the fall health network female nipple

prevention, starting from childhood

dysplasia papilla is composed of smooth muscle, and the opening of the tube. Therefore, if the papillary smooth muscle dysplasia, breast duct shortening, the smooth muscle fibrosis around the tube, the poor development of the mammary duct can not lead to the catheter, and so on.

pregnancy 12 weeks to do a medical examination, the doctor suddenly said that my nipple problems, must be corrected early, otherwise it will affect lactation. My nipples are not the same as others, but not in the skin. Why I don’t know, it seems from puberty bra has been such. Because it does not hurt does not itch, does not affect the life, plus I am embarrassed, so I did not see the doctor, until the pregnancy. The doctor said that my situation is still a mild depression, and now the treatment, or can achieve lactation. To this end, every morning, I wash with warm water in the morning and evening, and then pinch the nipple with his fingers pulled out. To the time of production, has seen a number of effects, the nipple revealed a small protrusion. Can not think of, baby or suck not to live, often hungry cried. Later, I was cruel, endured terrible pain let the baby suck the nipple, broken skin and scab, scab lost and broken skin. So after a month, the nipple finally highlight the big enough, the baby can suck up. I did not expect, did not care. Let me after having children suffered enough. read more

How much is the chest C cup the most attractive ‘s health network

plastic is used to describe the data at the most ideal breast appearance: two milk distance greater than 20 cm; breast basal surface 10-12 cm in diameter, from the substrate surface to the height of the nipple is 5-6 cm; breast tall and straight, ring difference is 17-20 cm; two nipple and sternal notch to form an equilateral triangle.

C is the most attractive

Chinese breast generally small

in fact, in the eyes of men, women’s breasts are not as big as possible. According to "India times" reported that the American computer scientist of the 1 billion website orgas ogi? The search results of the research conclusion said: the most attractive male female breasts C cup size is too small, the man will not feel sexy, too large will let men think "well", "scary". read more

Eat cold things causes dysmenorrhea after what female health network

after eating cool thing dysmenorrhoea? Through the above introduction you have to understand it? Girls in order to their own health and reproductive health, be sure to pay attention to all aspects of their menstrual period, do their own menstrual health work, so that their own safety

the reason why girls eat cold things dysmenorrhea

What is the reason of During the

1 women must pay attention to their diet during menstruation. The menstrual period must be careful not to eat cold things, don’t eat not easy to digest things, otherwise it may cause dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea occurred in the situation. In addition, women during menstruation also do not eat spicy spicy food, because these foods may cause excessive menstruation or menstruation. The menstrual period should also eat some laxative foods, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, peanuts, walnuts, sesame seed etc.. Of course, many people know, can eat some food during the menstrual blood, brown sugar water is the best drink during menstruation. read more

The first signs of breast hyperplasia alert health network

some women often feel breast swelling and aching, particularly, because there is no other discomfort, they generally do not go to the doctor. Some people actually naive to think that this can increase the beauty of women’s lines. As everyone knows, are likely to be swelling, pain initially showed hyperplasia of mammary glands. Some breast hyperplasia delay treatment may even cause lesions.

is the most popular female lovers sleeping woman underwear hot paper test how dirty she has 5 things the lower half of the enemy read more

Notice the things Meimei breast ptosis with what female health bra

What are the effects of


breast is a symbol of female sexy beauty, in order to maintain the beauty, then the breast care must not be less. When the phenomenon of sagging breasts do not worry, looking for their own bra is a good way to breast sagging bra with what you want to decide according to the actual situation.

breast sagging is often due to the relaxation of the muscles, while the chest is higher. Some people run for wearing a bra because feel uncomfortable, so often not wearing a bra to exercise, and exercise, breast sloshing badly, which also lead to breast sagging. To choose suitable bra, then according to the size of your chest, and for breast ptosis is serious, you can choose a larger size, which makes the correction of breast location and not feel very compact. So as not to cause poor blood circulation of the chest. Of course, if you want to appear to be more breast promotion ditch, then you can choose a small. So the breast will be squeezed very tall and straight. read more

A woman’s chest is most likely to old female Health Network

experts also monitor the body’s multi – stem stem cells – any combination of adult human body and broken stem cells. He found in human cells into stem cells results at the same time, the biological clock will be reset to "0" — which means a rebirth.

human genetics experts at University of California, the United States, the human body clock will affect the aging rate of the entire body, but its effect on the relative payment of each part of the body is different. The fastest way to deal with women is their breasts. read more

What are the methods of pregnant mother breast massage female health network


1, push massage breast

3, transverse massage breast

hot compress massage breast

side push breast massage is placed his hand on her cleavage and then push to the side on the right side of the breast to the armpit, and then open the fingers wrapped around the entire breast, and was pushed to the original position. Each side of the breast massage fifty times.

push massage is the specific practice of the left hand on the right side of the breast, and then the upper part of the breast massage to the root of the breast, and then the root of the breast massage to restore the breast in situ. Each side of the breast push massage fifty times. read more

Ten let the flat health network female breast imperceptibly

underwear with all kinds of chemical fiber Lycra nylon fabric, it looks stiff and many.

When the

in the sex hormone, estrogen and progesterone can promote the development of the breast, increase the fat accumulation of breast tissue.

Black 5: estrogen secretion is not a normal

physiological bilateral breast asymmetry with development to correct bad habits of the body, mature, or after repeated effective stimulation, when breast gonad axis and establish a stable biological feedback, on both sides of the breast will become more symmetrical, do not worry too much. read more

Six cups daily food so that raising the chest UP ‘s health network

3 walnut + nut + corn

1 qingsun + yam + liver

2 papaya + jujube + lotus seeds

chest size is too anxious, 6 dishes made of 17 kinds of food here will help you to have a full chest, charming figure. Although Sibu will not happen overnight, but as long as you step by step, it will usher in a surprise upgrade cup!

caution: the use of sunflower oil cooking the best, because sunflower oil is also rich in linolenic acid. When you eat this soup can not be excessive, it is recommended to eat three or four spoons a day. Otherwise it may be too much heat to cause obesity. read more

Touch the chest is helpful to improve the immunity of ‘s health network



first, from 21 PM to 23 when the lights. People have 5 sleep peaks a day. The first peak is at 23 in the evening. After missing, only in the second peak – at about 2 in the morning sleep, more importantly, when the arrival of the peak of sleep, the immune system’s ability to repair the strongest. If you can not fall asleep before 23, easily lead to decreased immunity to induce disease.

breast cancer mass in the early no obvious pain, do not even feel, only to the late local skin ulceration occurs when the pain symptoms, but this time often late. So be vigilant. read more

Female toilet massage can prevent breast hyperplasia of the breast female health network

in addition, summer perspiration, will increase the water soluble vitamins especially from vitamin C, so the summer people can eat some vitamin C, vitamin B rich foods. In general, when the body a lot of sweat or body temperature is too high, the water is best to supplement a small amount, multiple. The sodium supplement depends on how much sweat.

in recent years, the incidence of lung cancer in women in Shanghai has increased year by year. In Shanghai, there are more than 9000 new cases of lung cancer each year, of which women account for about 1/3. Experts said that inhaled fumes, second-hand smoke is a cause of female lung cancer. read more

Breast rubbing health network will not be hard or painful

(responsible editor: Teng Xiaolan)

look at the popular books of all types of health, you may often find such a statement: "first find the induration or pain points, and then repeatedly rubbing to disappear, in this way, the condition will be better……" Some foot massage shop opened in the streets and lanes, there are a lot of massage holds the same view, "specifically looking for a painful place to". So, there is no reason for these claims and practices?

however, after press produce pain is sometimes caused by pathology, sometimes it is a normal physiological response. The pain was severe and stimulating; the latter slightly more, we should pay attention to the difference. If a person does not have to rub on the feeling of a certain area or region of joint discomfort, pain, should go to the hospital for examination, 10 million can not take it as the point of pain rubbing. In the acute injury of fracture, muscle injury, traumatic injury, please do not touch the pain points, so as not to aggravate the condition. Suffering from skin diseases, subcutaneous congestion, swelling and other parts can also lead to touch a pain, then must not rub. read more