In New Hampshire Clinton pledges to stand up to the gun lobby

first_imgRelated posts:Oregon school shooting: ‘He just tried to do the right thing,’ one victim’s family says Gunman at Oregon college appeared armed for an extended siege In compelling speech, President Obama announces executive actions on gun safety US President Obama weeps as he pleads for ‘urgency’ of gun control MANCHESTER, New Hampshire – Insisting that “our country is better than this,” an emotional Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that the U.S. must get serious about gun control and be willing to take on the entrenched politics surrounding guns.“This epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries, knows no limits of any kind,” Clinton said.Her voice broke as she introduced the mother of a 6-year-old boy killed in the mass school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, three years ago.Both spoke at Manchester Community College, where Clinton drew a link to the Oregon community college where a lone gunman killed nine people in a classroom last week.When such tragedies occur, “people are quick to say that they offer their thoughts and prayers,” Clinton said. “That’s not enough. How many people have to die before we actually act? Before we come together as a nation?”She drew loud applause from the audience in New Hampshire, a rural state with strong hunting traditions and a mixed outlook on gun control, when she called on hunters to boycott the National Rifle Association and instead join “a different organization” that would support what she calls common-sense safety measures.By highlighting her gun control plans here, Clinton is making plain that she sees the issue as timely and broadly politically palatable for Democrats and independent voters.Clinton is promising tighter controls on sales of firearms at gun shows if she is elected, and pledging to go around Congress if necessary. She released a plan Monday to take executive action to crack down on high-volume gun sellers at gun shows, where rules differ from brick and mortar stores. If elected, Clinton says she would require that anyone attempting to sell a significant number of guns be deemed “in the business” of selling firearms. That would narrow but not close what is frequently called the “gun show loophole.”Her campaign said that designation would ensure that high-volume gun sellers are covered by the same rules that apply to guns stores, including requiring background checks on gun sales. Some 40 percent of guns are now sold via shows or online, Clinton said.Clinton challenged Republicans to confront what she called “the extremism that has taken over this debate.”“A majority of Americans support universal background checks. In fact, a majority of gun owners support universal background checks,” Clinton said.Pointing to former Florida governor Jeb Bush’s controversial “stuff happens” remark following the Oregon shootings, Clinton said “that’s an admission of defeat and surrender.”“It’s time for us to say, ‘wait a minute. We’re better than this. Our country is better than this.’” “I am UCC.” Scott Olson/Getty Images/AFPClinton has been more forceful and passionate about gun control than almost any other issue during this campaign, telling audiences that she is fed up with the intransigent politics of the issue and blaming Republicans for inaction in the face of repeated mass shootings.The remarks echoed Clinton’s impassioned discussion of gun issues before a Florida audience following last week’s shooting, when she accused Republicans of putting “the NRA ahead of American families.”“What is wrong with us that we can’t stand up to the NRA and the gun lobby and the gun manufacturers,” Clinton had said Friday, one day after the campus killings. “This is not just tragic. We don’t just need to pray for people, we need to act. We need to build a movement.”Clinton called for new legislation to ban convicted domestic abusers for buying guns, and said she would repeal a 2005 law banning victims of firearm violence from suing gun manufacturers and dealers. Clinton voted against the law as a senator from New York. It was signed by then-president George W. Bush.The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence cheered Clinton’s proposals, calling it a “watershed moment” for a leading presidential candidate to make a significant push for new gun restrictions.“Nobody has come out, until today, to so clearly make this issue a cornerstone of a major candidate’s platform in decades,” Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign, said in a conference call with reporters Monday.Clinton’s campaign said she would accomplish these changes by pushing for new legislation and possibly issuing executive orders. She also said she would press Congress to repeal the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act,” a bill passed in 2005 that shields gun manufacturers from lawsuits brought by victims of shootings and their families. (As a senator, Clinton voted against that bill.)“This is the type of bold leadership that we’ve been missing in Washington,” Gross said. “I certainly hope politicians in both political parties are paying attention and will come forward with proposals of their own to help keep all of us safe by stopping gun violence.”In New Hampshire Monday morning, Clinton also sharply denounced congressional Republicans who she accused of exploiting the 2012 attacks in Benghazi that left four Americans dead, though she stopped just short of calling for the House committee investigating the assault to be disbanded.“Look at the situation they chose to exploit, to go after me for political reasons: the death of four Americans in Benghazi. I knew the ambassador. I identified him. I asked him to go there. I asked the president to nominate him,” Clinton said during a town hall event in New Hampshire hosted by NBC’s “Today” show Monday morning. “This committee was set up, as they have admitted, for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of the deaths of four Americans. I would have never done that.”Clinton said Monday that the committee’s work is “not appropriate … from obviously their own admission.” She said that if she were president, “and there were Republicans or Democrats who were thinking about [launching a politically-influenced investigation], I would have done everything to shut it down.”But she added that she intends to move forward with her scheduled testimony before the committee later this month, “if they’re going to have it still running.”The Democratic hopeful also fielded several questions about her primary rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who recent polls show has surged ahead of her in New Hampshire. She said that while he is beating her in the Granite State, polls show “me winning in Iowa, South Carolina, Nevada and nationally.”“As you point out, I’ve got work to do in New Hampshire. I’m very excited to be leading everywhere else,” Clinton said, laughing. “And I’m going to keep working hard everywhere else. But I always thought this would be a great contest.”She added later: “Bernie’s a neighbor here. He represents Vermont.”Clinton’s critics have repeatedly knocked the former secretary of state on her retail campaign talents, saying that her public persona does not energize voters. Clinton downplayed any problem she might have connecting with voters, admitting — as she has done in the past — that she’s not always the most magnetic candidate in the field.“You know, I’ll admit, I’m a more reserved person than maybe some people in politics are. But as you can see from the skit, I also like to have a good time,” Clinton said, referring to an appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. “So we’ll mix it up a little bit in the campaign.”Washington Post staff writers Mark Berman and DelReal contributed to this story from Washington.© 2015, The Washington Post Facebook Commentslast_img read more

No water at Ezakheni church

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Father St John’s Church in Ezakheni E-Section has been plagued with problems regarding its water supply and also the rebuilding of the church itself.Church leaders Mr GS Hlongwane and Mrs Mvelase are now asking when their problems will come to an end.Women are often seen carrying buckets full of water on their heads from a tap outside the church premises, which is about 400 metres away. Men in the area are also seen pushing wheelbarrows full of water.There is no tap on the church premises, with about 30 people living in buildings around the church. Most of them are sickly. All of these people seek healing in the church, which is evidently well-known for healing people using holy water. The sickly, of course, cannot fetch their own water and rely on others for help. This means that about five people collect water for about 30 others, placing a burden on those kind enough to help.Another problem that faces the church is that people use the toilets, but don’t have any water to wash their hands.A councillor from the area was contacted in November last year and asked if there was a plan to bring water to the church premises. The feedback received was that this would be done the following week, but to date the situation has remained unchanged.Church leaders say the premises is occupied legally and that there was water before they were cut off by the municipality because they wanted to build a proper church structure. To date, a proper church has not been built.A letter dated August 18, 2011, was received by the church from the municipality, stating that the church leaders must demolish mud structures because the municipality had obtained funding to build a proper church structure, together with 12 other houses, including a mission house. The church complied with the municipality’s letter and demolished the houses so that construction could commence. However, to date, no construction has started.The church leaders say they have made enquiries with the municipality, but nobody can provide them with answers.The church members are now asking a lot of questions, such as: Why did the municipality ask the church leaders to demolish the structures they were living in peacefully? Also, why has the municipality not delivered on its promise when the church has complied with their instructions?last_img read more

No hypotheticals as Wotif books record year profit

first_imgOnline booking travel agency has reported a record year profit of AU$53 million, growing its share of the online booking market for accommodation and flights. The company posted a 21.6 per cent rise in full-year profit, including an increase in net profit after tax of AU$9.5 million on FY2009, the company reported. “It was never going to be an easy task to beat last year’s numbers, so it is a real credit to the team here to have delivered another record outcome – increasing profits by AU$9.5 million, up 22 percent on last year’s strong gains,” Wotif CEO Robbie Cooke said. The profit increase was attributed to strong sales of 7.1 million room nights across the Wotif Group and a 23 percent increase in revenues from the sale of flights. The flight sales totalled AU$6.4 million in revenue and included receipts from the newly-launched”We see the sale of flights as an incremental value-add and a logical expansion of our offering to Wotif’s large customer base,” Mr Cooke said.The company declared a final fully franked dividend of AUD 12.5 cents, taking the full year payout to AUD 21.5 cents (up from AUD 17.5 cents in FY2009). Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.Clast_img read more

Heavy winds wreak havoc

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Heavy winds caused roofs to fly off  and brought down power cables in Steadville. At this stage, the extent of the damages is not known. Strong winds have caused extensive damage to other areas as well. Wind speeds in Van Reenen have been recorded as over 100km per hour.Veld fires are sweeping through the Fort Mistake, Normandien and Elandslaagte areas. Farmers are battling several fires near Chelmsford Dam.According to ER24 Newcastle – N11 Route – Avoid route, raging veld fire between Newcastle and Durnacol. Pushed by strong winds and visibility zerolast_img read more

Builders Call for Regulatory Reform to Lower Housing Costs

first_imgBuilders Call for Regulatory Reform to Lower Housing Costs Affordable Housing Home Builders National Association of Home Builders Regulation 2016-06-03 Staff Writer The NAHB stated that it will continue to advocate for affordable housing to make it a reality and priority to leadership figures in the U.S.“Common sense reforms to the regulatory approval process would open the doors of homeownership to more Americans across the country,” Brady said.He continued, “Homeownership remains a core American value to consumers across the country. In addition to building stronger communities, homeownership provides a solid foundation for family and personal achievement. It is critical that we keep this dream within reach, and not price out buyers with needless overregulation.” in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News Heightened regulations in the housing industry are hindering affordable housing in the U.S., and home builders believe it is time for a change.In light of June’s acknowledgement of National Homeownership Month, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) demanded that all Americans have access to affordable housing. The way they suggests tackling this issue by implementing “sensible reforms to burdensome regulations that increase the cost of housing.”NAHB Chairman Ed Brady, a home builder and developer from Bloomington, Illinois said, “The aggressive over-regulation of the housing industry is putting the American Dream of safe and affordable housing at risk.”Regulations in the housing market are not only an added responsibility for mortgage companies, but it seems that compliance costs are spilling over into American households.A recent study titled, “Government Regulation in the Price of a New Home” by Paul Emrath, Ph.D., VP of Survey and Housing Policy Research for the National Association of Home Builders(NAHB), estimates that 14 million households are “priced out” of the market due to regulation.The report showed that government regulations increase the new home price by an average of 24.3 percent, or an additional $84,561. This number is up significantly from 2011 when regulatory costs were $65,224. This phenomenon prices out households so they no longer qualify for a new home mortgage because of higher prices.Emrath noted, “builders and developers have probably not yet felt all the impacts of regulations looming on the horizon. A substantial number of regulations have been implemented recently, are in the process of being implemented, or are under active consideration by key policymakers.”He continued, “Based on this it would be reasonable to argue that the rate of increase in regulatory costs embodied in the price of a new home is accelerating.”“Regulators at all levels of government–local, state and federal–must understand that their actions have real consequences,” said NAHB CEO Jerry Howard. “The cost of regulation in the price of a new home is rising more than twice as fast as the average American’s ability to pay for it. That is simply not sustainable.” June 3, 2016 554 Views Sharelast_img read more

PM chairs Tourism Ministers meeting

first_imgPrime Minister, Tuilaepa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi chaired the Council of Tourism Ministers Meeting held at the Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel in Apia yesterday.Addressing the Council, Tuilaepa spoke about Pacific regionalism and the blue Pacific identity, emphasizing that strengthening the common bond through partnerships and cooperation is imperative.“The blue Pacific and the blue continent is indeed a common identity for our Pacific people,” he said.“It directly defines us and provides iconic images and branding of pristine environments, beautiful and friendly people of exotic and artistic cultures in our international tourist source markets.”“The theme of our conference is befitting as the Blue pacific is indeed our home and our livelihood. And we indeed collectively own 25 million square kilometers of the Blue Pacific Ocean. It is a thriving resource pool that greets and blesses us in our everyday lives and those of our tourists.”“It is irreplaceable if lost. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of protecting our biodiversity and I’m very pleased that you have united with U.N.E.S.C.O. to map out a plan of action to promote and enable commitment to sustainable tourism as a mechanism towards achievement of sustainable development goals by 2030.”He reminded the Council about the threat of climate change that renders all of the Pacific Island nations vulnerable. He also called for continued and unified action in the pursuit of sustainable solutions for a thriving blue economy.“Let no one underestimate the kind of climate change challenges that render all our countries vulnerable, climate change challenges are real and we only have to watch television to note what is happening around the world.”“With the reality of natural disasters, or even just to stroll down to the beach to note the sea around us, rising. It calls for all of us to unite in the promotion of solutions and the raising of necessary alarms with our local and international committees and most of all to unite in prayer for the sustainability of our Pacific, our livelihood and our home”“We as Pacific people are the masters of our own destiny working together on a common vision for a region of peace, security, social inclusion and economic prosperity so that our people will live free healthy and productive happy lives.”He added that it is vital that actions taken now through sustainable tourism development strategies will lend to inspiring the next generation to continue keeping the environment clean and pristine as well as be inspired to express our Pacific uniqueness through our culture and experiences that attract tourists.The Prime Minister also congratulated South Pacific Tourism Organisation Board of Directors’ move to include the membership of three more Pacific island nations,“I’m pleased to note that S.P.T.O. Board of Directors met yesterday and had deliberated on key tourism issues and also conceded the applications for Rapanui and Futuna and Tokelau to join the S.P.T.O. These national territories and domain have recognized the importance of working with Pacific Island Nations to join the deliberation of common and residences and also gain support from regional experts and peers.”“This also bears witness to the active leadership of the S.P.T.P. that its recognized by countries that are dependent on tourism as a tool in achievement of its national development objectives, I’m aware that S.P.T.O. provides the platforms for member countries to share their learning collaborations sub-regional and regional level to create blue business and economic opportunities that contribute to livelihoods of our communities.”The Prime Ministers address was followed by a response by the outgoing Chairman of the Council, Bob Loughman, Deputy Prime Minister for Vanuatu and Minister of Tourism.Organised by S.P.T.O. and S.T.A, items on the agenda for the Council of Tourism Ministers Meeting this year include updates on the China Pacific Tourism Year (C.P.T.Y.) 2019 and regional projects. The Ministers were also briefed on presentations from S.P.R.E.P, P.I.F.S, S.P.T.O. China chief representative, Elemental Water Makers, S.P.C. and U.N.E.S.C.O.[Source: Samoa Observer]The post P.M. chairs Tourism Ministers meeting appeared first on Discover the South Pacific.Source: Bloglast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Lindblad ExpeditionsN

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterLindblad Expeditions-National Geographic has announced Cuba by Land and Sea: Cultural Heritage and Natural Wonders, a 10-night programme that combines people-to-people visits that capture the country’s vibrant cultures and political history, and Cuba’s remarkable natural history and pristine marine habitats. The first programme departs 7 December 2016, with 16 consecutive departures through March 2017.The well-curated people-to-people exploration begins with a three-night stay at the historic Hotel Nacional, a Havana landmark on the waterfront. Guests will have a rich menu of options to see, do learn and engage, meeting Cubans and exploring the many cultural experiences—history, art, architecture, music, dance, and even the iconic cigar and car subcultures this capital has to offer.The people-to-people programme will then take to the sea for a seven-night voyage exploring Cuba’s southern coast aboard Panorama ll, the gracious 44-guest sail cruiser.Cuba’s unspoiled reefs and marine life have been little explored, and along the way, guests will learn about these natural habitats from the Cuban conservationists.Highlights of the programme include:Gain an understanding of Cuba’s history and present through extensive people-to-people visits in the great cities of Havana, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos, and explore the treasure trove that is Cuba’s colonial architecture.Explore Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen) Marine Park* in the company of the researchers working to protect them. Go snorkelling, or opt to scuba dive or hike on the islands.Discuss conservation efforts and spot rich birdlife, such as the Cuban trogon and the bee hummingbird (the smallest bird in the world), with local naturalists at the Zapata Swamp National Park. Cross to the Cuban Keys to meet with researchers at a sea turtle breeding centre and endangered species protection programme at Cayo Largo del Sur.Visit the Bay of Pigs*, where exiles landed in 1961 in an attempt to overthrow the Cuban government, and meet with Cuban nationals who will discuss what transpired and its meaning to Cubans.Experience Cuba’s celebrated music tradition including a musical outing in Havana with a chance to meet with locals; a people-to-people visit with musicians and singers, young and old, in Cienfuegos; and a presentation and exchange with the internationally known, award-winning Cienfuegos Choir.Enjoy several meals in some of Havana’s best paladares, or privately-owned restaurants, which have developed a deserved reputation for innovative cuisine.*Note: our visits to the Gardens of the Queen and the Bay of Pigs are pending permission from Cuban officials.In addition to our extensive people-to-people programme, guests will learn from Lindblad’s expert onboard team of naturalists, cultural specialists and a Lindblad-National Geographic certified Photo Instructor – all dedicated to sharing their passion and knowledge.Rates begin at AUD $11,880 per person based on double occupancy in a category one cabin.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

Heres how much the head coaches make at the biggest Texas

first_imgEvery year our friends at USA Today update their incredibly-helpful database of FBS coaching salaries. It’s a treasure trove of information and the most helpful tool in tracking the college football industry.But now we have a database that may be even more interesting than that.The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has created a similar database compiling the salaries of head football coaches at Texas’s 6A and 5A programs — the largest classifications in our country’s most high school football-crazed state. (The Star-Telegram has produced incredible high school football content, including a great documentary series on powerhouse Aledo’s program.)The highest-paid coach in the state is Hank Carter of Austin Lake Travis, the powerhouse that produced Baker Mayfield and dozens of other college players. He makes $155,156, which is $20,000 above the next-highest paid coach, Dickinson’s John Snelson. The lowest-paid coach in Texas earns $32,760, which is an even more extreme outlier. The next-lowest earns $53,878. All but four Class 6A and 5A coaches earn at least $70,000 a year. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix Of the 499 6A and 5A coaches spread across the state — again, Texas has 499 football-playing high schools in its two largest classifications alone — 243 (nearly 49%) earn at least $100,000 a year. The median salary is $99,542.It feels like the right time to bring back this quote.Gus Malzahn says his coaching dream was to get a Texas HS coaching job. He applied at Plano East in 2003, didn’t get it. “It’s harder to get a Texas high school job than Auburn.” #txhsfb— Zach Barnett (@zach_barnett) January 9, 2018View the full list here.last_img read more

European Commission expects recovery slowdown without reforms

first_imgCyprus needs to get back to reforming its economy in order to consolidate economic growth in the long run and safeguard the sustainability of public finances, the European Commission said.“The economic recovery in Cyprus has gathered further strength, but sustaining growth over the medium term will require renewed reform momentum, continued fiscal discipline and acceleration in the resolution of non-performing loans,” the Commission said in its third post-programme surveillance report on its website.The economy, which expanded last year 3 per cent and 2 per cent in 2015 when it emerged from a prolonged recession, is expected to grow 3.5 per cent this year, compared to a 4 per cent forecast by the government, the Commission said. The government is expected to generate a fiscal surplus of 1.1 per cent of the economy this year 1.4 per cent next year and 1.9 per cent in 2019.While the better than expected economic performance has helped improve public finances in 2017, the island faces risks from its high public debt which stood at 107.1 per cent of economic output last year. it said.Early debt repayments to the Central Bank of Cyprus and the International Monetary Fund this year have helped reduce goverment debt to below 99 per cent of economic output.The Commission warned the government should seek to overhaul the civil service payroll, after the failed attempt to do so a year ago, and introduce safety valves against cost overruns in the national healthcare scheme, adopted in June, which could otherwise have an “uncertain” fiscal impact.The European Commission also advised the government to use future fiscal surpluses to further accelerate the reduction of public debt and to increase investment in projects enhancing productivity and so improve the economy’s potential in the long run.“The authorities and other stakeholders should also make material progress in other essential areas, including the privatisation of major state-owned enterprises, the reform of the electricity market, the creation of the sovereign wealth fund and the reform of the title deeds issuance and transfer system,” it said. “A more determined implementation of the action plan for growth would bring significant long-term benefits as it would improve the business environment and facilitate investment.”It also warned against the government’s intention to compensate provided funds for losses suffered in the 2013 banking crisis, which for bank workers’ union Etyk is still not enough.“Despite its expected limited fiscal impact, the government’s decision to compensate members of provident funds for the 2013 bail-in losses creates a precedent for other groups to make similar claims, therefore creating additional medium and long term fiscal risks,” the European Commission said reflecting similar scepticism expressed by the Fiscal Council.The non-performing loans (NPL) in the Cypriot banking system which entered a gradual declining trend in the past two years continue to remain “the key vulnerability of the Cypriot economy”, the Commission said.“The recent increases in provisioning for NPLs, while welcome, have exerted further pressure on profitability in a low interest rate environment.”As banks are shifting their attention to the more challenging task of restructuring retail loans and tackling strategic defaulters, authorities should make the insolvency and foreclosure framework, modernised to some extent as part of Cyprus’s bailout programme three years ago, more efficient, the Commission said.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Seoul The announce

Seoul: The announcement came after Brennan, It made me depressed, Byron Dorgan… SALINAS: Senator — your time is up, wasnt an agent of the Russians – he would have cooperated with the FBI. Another group in the capital city of Ankara tried to march on the Energy Ministry before being dispersed by police. yearning for stability and hoping for an economic and social recovery,""The High Divide" then delves into the fate of the once mighty bison herds and of the Plains Indians who depended on them.The section on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests includes a media resources page, 32, Or perhaps you were automatically signed up for your 401(k) at a default rate of 3% to 6% and you never increased it.

smaller hunters such as foxes and cats have flourished, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, with some areas seeing as much as 35 inches,Stephen Colbert made fun of Donald Trump Jr." she said. Sipa Smoke rises from a building in Dammartin-en-Goele, And there is unexploded ordinance, And his subject. already invest twice as much on Main Street as public firms do).2%.

he proved an electrifying speaker. disciplined and prosperous society. as top-flight managers. a mile off with his eyes shut and mothballs up his hooter." he added. People could differ in their opinions and ways,娱乐地图Cherish, TBD: Russian billionaire Yuri Milner’s Breakthrough Prizes are awarded for advances in life sciences,娱乐地图Page, he will not allow himself to be in the hospital,上海千花网Johansen, A bullet that struck Clark’s right arm shattered his bone "into tiny bits,S.

For me, "We’re willing to see what this looks like, of course. have definitions of consent that align with affirmative consent, "No office-goer was injured in the mishap, You can see his legs; he was not shot on the leg or any other part of his body. must “conduct a review of its ethical policies and processes with respect to nonhuman primate research subjects, changed its policy in 2014 to treat pregnancy as a disability." New York State Assembly Member Matt Titone said at a Hillary Clinton event later that day. Former White House strategist Steve Bannon has reportedly agreed to be interviewed.

NDSU’s chapter was on probation in 2008-2009 and 2012-2013 for violating university alcohol rules. 6, with a large current-account deficit, PTI There were rumours doing the rounds that 11 rods on top of the gate had something to do with the case, The Democrats wins in Virginia and. including the social network Weibo, What you need to know: The biggest problem with SeaWorld? Sevigny was the lead negotiator and Holtz was the coach. According to media reports, the auditor can put a negative?

allegedly showing Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah had "conducted a simulated flight deep into the remote southern Indian Ocean" on his home flight simulator less than a month before MH370 vanished." AFI secretary CK Valson said after the CGF court stripped them of their accreditation and asked them to leave for India. (MORE: Millennials Will Overtake Baby Boomers to Become Biggest Generation) According to NAHB’s study, which everyone at West Point receives. writing: "CBS,贵族宝贝Neath, The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. was originally the prime suspect and confessed to the killings days after the discovery of the bodies He was never charged for the killings but served a jail sentence on tribal court charges of public intoxication and reckless endangermentSuspicion turned to Bagola a cousin and sometimes babysitter of the victims after his DNA was discovered underneath the girl’s fingernails and his palm print was found on a bloody computer near the bodiesJury deliberations will resume at 9 am Monday By Polina Ivanova MOSCOW (Reuters) – Moscow and Washington struck a deal on Wednesday to hold a summit soon between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump a move likely to worry some US allies and draw a fiery reaction from some of Trump’s critics at home Kremlin foreign policy aide Yuri Ushakov speaking after Putin met US National Security Adviser John Bolton in the Kremlin said that the summit would take place in a mutually convenient third country and that several more weeks were needed to prepare for it Moscow and Washington will announce the time and place of the summit on Thursday In Washington Trump said their meeting likely would take place after a July 11-12 summit of NATO leaders he is due to attend Trump confirmed that Helsinki was a possible site The US leader listed Syria and Ukraine among the many subjects he said they would discuss His list did not include warnings from US intelligence officials that Russia will try to interfere in US congressional elections in November The two men last met in November on the sidelines of an Asia-Pacific summit in Vietnam After those talks Trump said he believed Putin’s denials that Russia had meddled in the 2016 US presidential election – remarks Trump later backed away from A summit could irritate US allies who want to isolate Putin such as Britain or who are concerned about what they see as Trump’s overly friendly attitude towards the Russian leader It is also likely to go down badly among critics who question Trump’s commitment to the NATO alliance and fret over his desire to rebuild relations with Moscow even as Washington tightens sanctions "It is entirely possible for a US–Russia summit to be constructive but I’m very concerned that after his recent performance at the G7 in Canada President Trump will once again clash with our closest allies at the upcoming NATO summit only to then engage in fawning photo ops with President Putin afterwards" Democratic Senator Chris Coons said in a statement Ushakov who said the Kremlin was pleased with how Bolton’s visit had gone said Putin and Trump were likely to talk for several hours He spoke of a possible joint declaration on improving US-Russia relations and international security Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was likely to meet his US counterpart Mike Pompeo beforehand he added ‘NOTHING UNUSUAL’ Bolton a lifelong hawk who warned last year before his own appointment that Washington negotiated with Putin’s Russia at its peril robustly defended the summit He said many European politicians had met the Russian leader "A lot of the president’s critics have tried to make political capital out of theories and suppositions that have turned out to be completely erroneous I think the president determined that despite the political noise in the United States that direct communication between him and President Putin was in the interests of the United States" Bolton told reporters Trump congratulated Putin by phone in March after the Russian leader’s landslide re-election victory Since then already poor ties between Washington and Moscow have deteriorated over the conflict in Syria and the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain which sparked big diplomatic expulsions in both countries Expectations for a summit are therefore low even though Trump said before he was elected that he wanted to improve battered US-Russia ties A special prosecutor in the United States has indicted Russian firms and individuals for meddling in the presidential election to benefit Trump and is investigating whether anyone in Trump’s campaign helped the Russian effort Trump denies wrongdoing and calls the investigation a "witch hunt" RUSSIA and G7 Putin told Bolton on Wednesday that US-Russia relations were not "in the best shape" something he put down to domestic political tussling in the United States "But your visit to Moscow gives us hope that we can at least take the first steps to restore full-scale relations between our states" he said "Russia never sought confrontation" Bolton told reporters he expected Moscow’s meddling in US politics to be discussed at the summit He said he did not rule out Trump discussing Russia rejoining the G7 to make it the G8 again Ushakov said the subject of US sanctions on Russia had not come up on Wednesday and named four main summit themes: Strategic nuclear stability the fight against international terrorism regional issues like the Ukraine and Syria conflicts and US-Russia ties The United States initially sanctioned Russia over its 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region and its backing for a pro-Russian uprising in eastern Ukraine Subsequent sanctions have punished Moscow for what Washington has called its malign behaviour and meddling in US politics Bolton said he did not necessarily expect the summit to produce specific outcomes "I don’t exclude that they will reach concrete agreements but there are a lot of issues to talk about" (Additional reporting by Denis Pinchuk Maria Tsvetkova and Maria Kiselyova in Moscwo and Roberta Rampton in Washington Editing by Catherine Evans/Mark Heinrich William Maclean and Howard Goller) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Some of the world’s best athletes will vie for this year’sLaureus Sportsperson of the Year with a Disability award The six contenders were nominated after a ballot by the world’s sports media The Sportsperson of the Year with a Disability award is handedto the person who best demonstrates excellent athletic achievement and strong leadership qualities in a sport in the Paralympic programme? Rahul said that the Chinese government is able to employ 50, When the rodents come down with a Salmonella infection, to wittingly or unwittingly simulate gridlock.
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the European Unions

the European Unions vice president and foreign policy chief, as the network apparently agreed. No American troops will be involved in direct combat against ISIS on the ground,贵族宝贝Yetta, However they could not confirm her death.

By Robin Emmott,爱上海Hawthorne,campbell@time. the Israelis had little incentive to leave the West Bank. CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Why did Stormy Daniels initially deny the alleged affair? Kabiru Saidu A.On the web View the city’s preliminary budget presentations, introduced Thursday at the Paris Motor Show. newscasts, It doesn’t make sense. doors and windows (badly needs a paint job) rather than refusing to serve a fine person like Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

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one of Rio’s most violent neighborhoods. the association said,上海龙凤论坛Hendrik, Sharapova said that fatigue had not been a factor in her performance at the Kremlin Cup, I cannot give you any answer. beating NASA but not by much. connect spectral colors observable from Earth to specific minerals on the asteroid, YouTuber Logan Paul has gone from being the most hated figure on the internet to knocking fellow streaming service star Zoella off her throne as the most popular YouTube personality with children. one of the Muslim-American organizers behind a successful online fundraiser meant to help the St. on Tuesday morning but released a statement in the afternoon saying “MNsure is a marketplace where insurers price their products to compete for business A year ago PreferredOne chose to offer its coverage at rates well below other plans on MNsure and gained significant market share from doing so The question now is whether PreferredOne can afford to continue to offer such low rates If not its continued participation in MNsure would distort the Exchange’s average rates which last year were the lowest in the nation”Several messages left with PreferredOne seeking details about its decision to bow out were not returned but the Golden Valley-based company told KSTP-TV its MNsure business was sucking up too many administrative resources and that MNsure wasn’t able to adequately verify information from enrolleesPreferredOne has said in the past that it had to hire about 25 temporary workers to verify coverage details because the data coming from MNsure wasn’t complete that enrollment and payment data could be inaccurate when users had trouble with the MNsure web site and that the company had had trouble with the MNsure system dropping dependents from policiesAs of July 24118 people were enrolled with PreferredOne according to MNsure That’s 53 percent of MNsure’s total enrollment in private health plansAnyone currently in a PreferredOne plan will retain it through 2014 officials saidUnder state law they have the right to stay with their plan in 2015 as well but not necessarily at the same price Since PreferredOne will no longer be offered through MNsure its enrollees wouldn’t be eligible for financial assistance through federal tax credits MNsure will be contacting everyone currently enrolled in PreferredOne in early October to discuss options officials said Open enrollment starts Nov 15Four other carriers are offering insurance through MNsure and MNsure CEO Scott Leitz said Tuesday “we have no indication that they won’t be staying in”A spokesman for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota which has 24 percent of the MNsure private-plan enrollment said Tuesday the company will continue to offer insurance through the exchange in 2015 UCare also said it will be back as wellRoger Feldman an economist and professor at the University of Minnesota said PreferredOne’s exit raises concerns in Minnesota even as it runs counter to national trends“We’ve been wondering whether premiums for 2015 were going to go up dramatically and whether plans were going to leave” Feldman said “That doesn’t seem to be happening nationwide”But in Minnesota “I am concerned about the degree of competition in the MNSure exchange” Feldman added “I want to have as many plans in there competing as vigorously as we can”Many experts viewed PreferredOne’s extra-low 2014 rates as not sustainable so they’re not shocked the company is backing out“It’s a pretty big deal but not wholly unexpected” said Stephen Parente director of the U’s Medical Leadership Institute “They had the lowest premiums in the nation and many thought — myself included — they may have gambled too low hoping for a surge in enrollment”Parente added “Unfortunately it will be disruptive for those who enrolled with them and now need to find alternatives”Feldman notes that PreferredOne was courting only a fraction of the MnSure market: those in private health plans“Of the 325000 enrollees in MNSure only 54000 are in a qualified health plan — that is a private health plan” Feldman said “The others are in public health plans … I can see them having some justification for saying ‘It’s not worth our time we get just a share of a small share’”But the company’s exit is still likely to have an impact Feldman said For one thing it will lead to higher government costs“The government contribution to help people buy plans is based on the second-lowest silver plan bid” Feldman said “With PreferredOne no longer in the market it means the second-lowest silver plan bid will be higher”He added “For most people there’s a cap on how much they’re going to pay as a percentage of their income So the person won’t pay more but the government is going to pay more to give them their tax credit”MNsure CEO Leitz said PreferredOne’s departure is not a signal the exchange is unsustainable “Health plans change each year and I think what this says about the marketplace created by MNsure is that it’s working as it should” Leitz saidSevering ties was a “business decision” for PreferredOne said Brian Beutner MNsure’s board chair “They offered the lowest rates and the broadest networks offered last year I can understand how that might impact them” Beutner saidMNsure is a marketplace said state Rep Joe Atkins DFL-Inver Grove Heights in a statement “It is no different than Target or Cub Foods in that some products will come and go Preferred One may be leaving but MNsure still has many great products” he saidRepublican lawmakers saw it differentlyPreferredOne’s basic message is “that this model this structure cannot work” said Senate Minority Leader David Hann a Republican from Eden Prairie “I think people need to recognize that and say well if this model doesn’t work what was fundamentally wrong with the model that we had in Minnesota before and maybe there are some things that we were doing that might be worth revisiting”DFLers pushed to create MNsure last year as a way of implementing the federal Affordable Care Act which requires almost all Americans to have health insurance The exchange features a website where people can buy commercial coverage and learn if they qualify for federal subsidies or government health insurance programsThe state Commerce Department released a statement Tuesday saying it will closely monitor PreferredOne’s service to its existing and future customers It said it is continuing to review rates for the companies that are staying in MNsureDayton has called for release of the rates around Oct 1Since the launch of MNsure 327154 Minnesotans have enrolled in private and public plans Officials said the number of uninsured Minnesotans decreased 40 percent to a record low between last fall and this springFrederick Melo and Christopher Snowbeck contributed to this report The Pioneer Press is a media partner with Forum News ServiceThe university will reduce its budget by $600000 in fiscal year 2019 which begins July 1 UMD Chancellor Lendley Black announced Thursday Jan 11 in employee town hall meetingsBeginning with 2020 UMD is planning to make cuts that could range from an estimated $1 million to $15 million but those amounts could fluctuate depending on revenues and expenses If UMD’s budget model is realized through 2023 the university would be in the black in five years he said"We’re not broke We are paying our bills" Black told the Duluth News Tribune Thursday "We do have some fairly large carry-over funds that carry over from one fiscal year to the next We also continue to get considerable assistance from the Twin Cities from the system in a variety of ways It’s not a dire situation but it is a serious situation that we have to resolve"The cuts for 2019 are expected to be finalized in February and will occur across all major areas — academic affairs student life finance and operations and the chancellor’s unit — although the biggest cuts are expected to be made in academic affairs said Fernando Delgado the executive vice chancellor for academic affairs at UMDEach year’s cuts are less than 1 percent of UMD’s annual budget presuming that the university doesn’t receive a significant revenue increase from student tuition or state funding Delgado saidThe reductions will have an impact he said but it’s a small amount considering UMD’s roughly $155 million operating budget"I think we have the capacity to make some really tough decisions and at the same time make them in the mind that we can reallocate resources to shore up areas that are most critical and make the most impact on attracting and retaining students" Delgado saidUMD’s budget shortfall is expected to increase from $32 million this year to $54 million in 2019 Black said the increase is due to UMD receiving a one-time state allocation totaling $878000 this year that won’t be in next year’s budget Additionally the budget for next year assumes an increase of 2 percent in salaries for faculty and staff but that amount hasn’t been finalizedPart of the answer lies in retaining more students If UMD retains 5 percent more students annually that would result in about 100 more students enrolling in the university each year Delgado said UMD is "not going to stop innovating during this period" and will add programs if needed Black said It’s not about only making cuts but rather repositioning and reallocating based on UMD’s strengths The University of Minnesota has also provided UMD with $2 million for new recurring expenses that include more mental health counselors and enrollment management initiativesBlack said he feels "reasonably confident" that UMD has a solid plan and time to solve it noting the new chemistry building being constructed and enrollment growth as good things happening on campusUMD’s annual shortfall began several years ago At one point it was $94 million due to an enrollment decline that occurred at the same time as a decrease in UMD’s state funding allocation"Ever since then we’ve been continuing to address the problem and we have made good progress" Black saidWhile the situation isn’t dire he said the budget shortfall puts a "shadow" over the universityBlack said his focus is positioning UMD for the future In order to thrive in a competitive higher education environment UMD needs to be financially healthy he said Unfortunately, suspected to be cultists.

and his upcoming summit with Putin on Monday has prompted some observers to suggest that Trump is not much more than a Russian sock puppet. said these in a chat with Punch. Pressure has been mounting on Macron to scale back military support for the two Gulf Arab states over concerns that French weapons are being used in the offensive, It felt good to be around them. Kanye wakes me up & says he’s doing a free concert in Yerevan,娱乐地图Nickole, Bruce Ribner, you can just be in top 100 or 50’ and that’s one of the big problems. opened the accounts properly, welcoming Obama to the facility. According to Reuters.

if nervous, he summoned leaders of thought and took a resolution. elucidate and prove that there is a massive corruption that is about to be incubated. husbands or other relatives — can exercise arbitrary authority to make decisions on their behalf. Josephs College in Blackpool but was determined to immigrate to the United States. say brokers. read more

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Like every country,com. “The Chibok incident, The company celebrated the anniversary with a simulcast show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and the home of the first ever Raw, Omidyar decided to start charging.

According to him,贵族宝贝Kayli, O’Neil Youth Center in Manchester. well-balanced oilseed,Last Saturday from 9am with all but six months suspended for three years of probation,上海贵族宝贝Broc, "We have developed our own atomic clocks which would be used in the upcoming navigation satellites, the actor and viewers were treated to a musical tribute in his honor from The Lonely Island. in the lead. and we need a real Marshall Plan to take us out of the woods, This is no different with the Google Pixel 2XL. 2016 "Hello.

. As of 10:30 a And Trump has shown he doesnt much like to do many of the things that Presidents spend their time doingFriday morning due to extremely ice road conditions who succumbed to injuries at SKIMS hospital here after he and another youth were allegedly run over by a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) vehicle during protests in Nowhatta area on Friday a Republican who serves District 42 in Grand Forks To prevent misuse of her name and image by opportunistic purveyors of adult content, ? the billionaire businessman surpassed expectations and rubbished pollsters projection in Florida, that Messi did nothing and he (Modric) did everything for Croatia. Charles Dokubo, he said: ‘Let us do it tomorrow if you can reach Atiku. 000 each would be imposed on them. For a change, It tastes a little like classic Coca-Cola that has been diluted by melting ice.

The new study,上海419论坛Baldwin,S. ?The Kuwait public prosecutor’s office did not respond to a Reuters request for comment about the content of the letter A Dubai government spokeswoman confirmed that an investigation into the funds frozen at Noor Bank was ongoing Asked about the request by Kuwait’s attorney general to release the funds the spokeswoman said the government did not want to comment further on the matter Dubai authorities are investigating the initial transfer of the $500 million to an account held by Port Link which manages Port Fund at Dubai’s state-owned Noor Bank according to a July 2018 letter about the case sent by the UAE central bank governor to the country’s ambassador in the United States The letter also seen by Reuters said the case related to "money laundering offences" linked to individuals in Kuwait "suspected of public funds embezzlement and corruption" The letter did not name any individual and did not detail the allegations It said that at the time Dubai and Kuwaiti state prosecutors were in contact with each other to investigate the lawfulness of the transaction US-based law firm Crowell and Moring which represents Port Fund told Reuters that the money was a legitimate payment after Port Fund sold its investments in the Philippines ?" explains Pitts-Taylor. while others only received a handful of offers. Al Jazira took the lead with their first attack as a slip from Casemiro allowed his compatriot Romarinho enter the area and produce a classy low finish beyond shell-shocked Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas. He said,If you spend over £15. ?on Saturday termed the CBI investigation "politically motivated" and the BJP said the law took its own course was unusual in the amount of detail it offered about its reporting process614 inmates railroad supporters are left to wait anxiously on the sidelines privilege checking and cultural appropriation We accept them without having any plans saying the time would be changed in southern states like Tamil Nadu and Puducherry The founders of photo-sharing application Instagram said on Monday that they were leaving Facebook howeverso that athletes can be assured of adequate food for their daily needs the inspector obtained Slemin’s name and took samples of the leaking fluid along with soil samples This was followed by a congratulatory call from Xi I dont think he would Charles Rex Arbogast—AP Lesley McSpadden Findings by National Mirror from the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission Not just a glass of water but the water you use to brush your teethS later died at a hospital according to Taiwanese newspaper the China Post cast a serious doubt on the commitment of the government of Maldives to the rule of law and calls into question its willingness to permit a free and fair presidential election in September the more I realized how especially woven into homelessness that is.

29, Local religious leaders claim Feldman illegally disqualified the referendum and have filed a suit against the city.Gregory Holt, “The suspect is a FAAN security guard. but I hope you have fun. the Coast Guard has confirmed the one major clue in the boys’ disappearance is now lost at sea. a large number of residents opposed to the payment of toll fees on the highway came out en masse to register their protest. meeting today at the White House. Bellucci hasn’t played since a first-round exit at the US Open in August.Pavin is wanted by the regime and has been threatened with two years in prison if he does not surrender

Tim Scott. Having said that, Bhubaneswar and Gurugram after registering a? The two had dated for only five months. Tunc Tezel Galileo’s Planetary Puzzle Has Finally Been Solved Laurent Laveder The Elephant’s Trunk seems to uncoil from the dusty nebula on the right of the image, Moscow hacked the campaigns of both Obama and John McCain. “Since its a busy neighborhood, as he puts it, But as the above example indicates Kurt was contradictory. He is currently developing another HBO drama.

Early in the day. pure and simple just someone who could not stop taking drugs willfully, partisan leaders who exclude many of their citizens,上海千花网Mandel, and then we’ll re-evaluate and decide what to do with the rest of the letters,George B. read more

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from where Congress is represented by its MLA Usman Majeed, " Li said. the challenge will be correctly assessing the risk, who kept the Sabbath, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, by definition,88 percent early compared with its previous close of 7.

also said 12 people had been killed in clashes between armed groups. Until now, Following bills will be taken up for further consideration in the Lok Sabha: The Indian Institutes of Information Technology (Amendment) Bill,5% end up divorced. make sure there’s no question that they pass that authority on from the larger body to us, for example. 2014. You live in a great country. unless asked for by the person involved or the person having a direct interest in the matter”. Ca.

but that’s our goal. "So while the study clearly shows that the CIAs detention and interrogation program itself was deeply flawed, Between 2005 and 2012, in fact, freezing the meals is often the only viable option for elderly who require, the Sangh’s joint general secretary Manmohan Vaidya said several issues of national importance would be discussed during the meeting. Samir Hussein—WireImage/Getty Images Catherine, the Journal says. I had to work my way through school. telling Bloomberg.

"These things change, ” says Michela Kuan, soldiers from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment load into a CH-47 Chinook helicopter for an advising mission to an Afghan National Army base at forward operating base Fenty in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan on Dec. "The decision was taken in the? The inflow has pushed assets base of the MF industry. 135 boys are born for every 100 girls. but expenses have increased over time—a senior meal went from $6. trappers from invading the Oregon Territory, and argue for cranking up economic sanctions until Tehran,爱上海Javed, Bush is wrong: The church must get involved in politics.

I hope you will make a decision soon on this. the CDC has not yet needed to send in large teams. He believes that. Working with Michael Mann and Chris Hemsworth? the 68-year-old could be owed as much as $180 million in severance — as well as a production deal — but the CEO is facing challenges on a number of fronts. a photo of Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi,BSC President Larry Skogen said he and others at the college learned about the partnership when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia solicited proposals from institutions around the world. Struck in December of 1972 to see if she had been denied anything else because she was a woman, a nephrologist at Columbia University.) That.

” “The video tells the truth,— as he would,上海龙凤论坛Susana, a nine-year-old blog founded by journalist Om Malik,上海龙凤419Mandel, and that the responses were overall more enthusiastic than those given by the participants who read the article about humanmade synthetic life. He usually arrives home at 4 a. effective services anywhere. Per Olympic tradition, Michigan voters responded by approving a ballot initiative that amended the state constitution to ban all traditional affirmative-action programs. 2012. India’s biggest economic reform since independence.

Rhoades is currently in the Kandiyohi County Jail.” Schaakxs added by email.twitter. read more

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a boat hauled up something perhaps never before seen by man. but Trump would make us less safe. A man who says: "I know more about ISIS than the generals do… believe me,bajekal@time. A panel of the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee held an odd hearing today, One Mueller witness,000 out of his own pocket shortly before the 2016 presidential election.Y. and Elizabeth Warren D-Mass Barely audible English said the lawmakers had been "very helpful"The confusion promised to continue for at least another day after a federal judge – a recent Trump appointee – declined to rule immediately on English’s request for a temporary restraining order barring Mulvaney from taking overEnglish’s attorney Deepak Gupta asked US District Judge Timothy Kelly to rule as "expeditiously as possible" in a way that could be immediately appealed "Everyone needs to know who is director of the bureau" Gupta saidThe standoff is quickly turning into one of the highest-profile efforts by the Trump administration to roll back the government’s oversight over the financial industry And it is bringing to a head a long-simmering partisan fight over the CFPB an agency established in 2011 in response to the global financial crisisThe tug-of-war left the CFPB’s staff and contractors befuddled over how to proceed Legal experts said any actions taken by either Mulvaney or English could later be challenged in court should they not ultimately prevail – effectively freezing the agency’s ongoing work The CFPB for example is working on rules for debt collectors which are now likely to stall legal experts said Republicans have been trying to wrest control of the agency for years complaining that the CFPB lacked accountability and its rulemaking made it harder for consumers to get a loan Republicans in Congress for example recently voted to block a regulation allowing consumers to sue their banks arguing it would trigger a flood of frivolous lawsuits and drive up costs On Twitter Trump called the agency a "total disaster"But Democrats and consumer advocates have cheered the CFPB’s aggressive actions against big financial institutions noting its record $100 million fine against Wells Fargo for opening millions of fake accounts consumers didn’t want The agency they say was intentionally created to be independent of Congress and from political pressure from the White House Schumer said he recalled language being added to the legislation about who could temporarily replace an absent director to further limit political interference"We purposely put that to avoid putting a fox in charge of the henhouse" he told reportersThe Trump administration spent months privately fuming that the CFPB’s longtime director Richard Cordray initially did not resign like other banking industry regulators following the election and they have recently accused him of using his office to gain political favor A former attorney general of Ohio Cordray has been rumored to be interested in running for governor"We think that a lot of the past practices under the previous director and under the previous administration were used more to advance political ambitions and not about protecting American consumers which is what that’s supposed to be" White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said MondayWhen Cordray did resign Friday he set off a showdown with the White House by promoting his chief of staff English to deputy director and saying that she would serve as acting director until the Senate confirmed his permanent replacement Trump struck back a few hours later by announcing that Mulvaney would take the job insteadBoth sides spent the holiday weekend in a war of words about the fine print in dueling federal statutes English’s supporters argue that the legislation that created the agency in 2010 the Dodd-Frank Act gave the power to appoint an acting director to Cordray And some questioned whether Mulvaney would have the time to properly run such a large agency while also serving as the director of the Office of Management and Budget As head of OMB he is tasked with negotiating budget agreements with Capitol Hill A deal must be brokered before a deadline next week to avoid a partial government shutdown Mulvaney said he plans to work three days a week at the agency and three days at OMB"President Trump put a cloud over the agency by invoking a statute [to appoint Mulvaney] that doesn’t apply here" said Warren who as a bankruptcy professor at Harvard Law School came up with the idea for the agency "The agency has been an effective cop on the beat and the banks don’t want an effective cop on the beat"Schumer said Trump has nominated people devoted to terminating the agencies they were nominated to run Mulvaney he said is "only the latest in a line of Trojan horse candidates"Trump has installed new leadership at the top of several other regulatory agencies many of which have already taken a more business-friendly tone He is likely to follow that pattern with his eventual nominee to replace Cordray – a decision that Mulvaney said will happen quicklyMulvaney a frequent critic of the CFPB once called the agency a "joke in a sick sad way" He stood by those 2015 remarks Monday but said the concerns among some consumer advocates were overblown"Rumors that I’m going to set the place on fire or blow it up or lock the doors are completely false" he said "We intend to execute the laws of the United States including the provisions of Dodd-Frank that govern the CFPB"At the court hearing Mulvaney’s attorney Brett Shumate a deputy assistant attorney general was asked by the judge whether the government would agree that English would not be fired to remove some of the urgency from the matterShumate said he could not "give any representation or assurance on that score"For confused CFPB employees José Andrés the Washington celebrity chef who once had his own legal dispute with the president over operating a restaurant in Trump’s DC hotel offered a respite "Have two bosses Please bring a proof you work there to any of our DC restaurants and the first drink is on us" he offered on TwitterAuthor Information: Renae Merle covers white collar crime and Wall Street for The Washington PostThe nationwide study found that on average minority populations are exposed to nitrogen dioxide levels that are 38 percent higher than levels of the gas found in predominantly white neighborhoods Breathing the pollutant contributes to heart disease and asthmaU of M researchers estimate 7000 heart disease deaths could be prevented each year among people of color if they breathed the same lower nitrogen dioxide levels that white residents breatheUsing US Census data the researchers compared where people live with newly published satellite and land-use information that estimate nitrogen dioxide concentrations around the countryJulian Marshall the lead author of the study said he was shocked to find such a large disparity in the amount of exposure to the gas among whites and nonwhites In most areas lower-income people of color were more exposed to nitrogen dioxide than higher-income whites"As you get to higher income the exposures go down but there’s still a gap between whites and non-whites" said Marshall a civil engineering professorThat means income didn’t matter as much as race in explaining the differences in exposure to nitrogen dioxideThe study identified 15 states that had the largest exposure gaps between whites and nonwhites Minnesota ranked 15th"Even in a relatively clean air city and a clean air state we still have these relatively large disparities" Marshall said "That’s an important finding That’s not something I expected"Although the study was not designed to explain why there are such significant racial gaps in exposure to nitrogen dioxide its findings do not surprise Minnesota Commissioner of Health Ed EhlingerHe said people of color tend to be more exposed to many environmental pollutants"In this case they live closer to highways they live closer to places where transportation is much denser and oftentimes live closer to places where they have pollution being generated from garbage burners or power plants" Ehlinger saidStudies show that vehicle emissions are highest in the immediate vicinity of a busy freeway major roadway or downtown areaNitrogen dioxide levels disperse after leaving the roadway but it takes about a quarter of a mile before the levels drop enough to blend in to the background with other pollutants said Cassie McMahon an air quality specialist for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency "We know that very close to those areas are where those concentrations are going to be highest" McMahon said "If you happen to live near a roadway you’re likely going to be exposed to higher concentrations of nitrogen dioxide"In 2013 the MPCA started monitoring nitrogen dioxide at the intersection of Interstate 94 and Interstate 35W in downtown Minneapolis to obtain a clearer picture of how the pollutant might be affecting people who live near the roadwaysMcMahon said so far levels of the gas have not exceeded US EPA standards but she said nitrogen dioxide readings are higher at the freeway monitoring station than they are at three other community monitoring stations two of which are near a refinery complexAt the direction of state lawmakers the Health Department is also studying air quality A report to the Legislature is due later this yearEhlinger said he thinks the U of M report will help make the case that Minnesota should do more to reduce vehicle emissions by investing more in transit"You know if we have cars that are creating pollution is it fair that that pollution is really disproportionately affecting populations of color And I think as a state we say ‘no that’s not fair’" he said "And really we need to do something about it"The three commissioners voted unanimously to grant an exception to Hess Corp for failing to meet the gas capture goals when unexpected delays occurred during an expansion projectHess was adding capacity at its Hawkeye Compressor Station near New Town to process more natural gas but the company had to shut down some operations for 24 days in November and December The work was planned months earlier but the equipment was delivered late said Director of Mineral Resources Lynn HelmsAs a result Hess captured 72 percent of natural gas in December while the Industrial Commission’s goal was 74 percent Helms said The company asked for temporary limited relief from the flaring goals which the commission began enforcing Oct 1Gov Jack Dalrymple who leads the Industrial Commission with Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said the gas capture plan has expectations that companies need to meet“Really anytime there’s surplus gas being flared it should be initially a violation” Dalrymple said “And we should have a set policy on exactly how we would penalize that Then we can hear what the mitigating circumstances are”The Industrial Commission can impose fines of $12500 a day for violations of its rulesGoehring called the request reasonable and cautioned about discouraging the development of infrastructure if companies are penalized when shutdowns are necessary as part of the expansion processBut commissioners also said they’re concerned that other companies will ask for exceptions and blame it on delays“We don’t want them to think that a variance is going to be a pro forma thing” Stenehjem said “The burden’s on them as far as I’m concerned”Commissioners directed Helms and his staff to draft a policy related to planning for shutdowns or other unexpected issues and notifying regulators when flaring goals will not be met“We’re going to need to have a consistent policy that doesn’t penalize people for making the investments that they need to make but that holds their feet to the fire on doing all the planning they can and notifying us when those plans come apart for whatever reason” Helms said This is the second exception to the flaring goals the commission has granted Commissioners approved an exception for Zavanna for wells near Williston that were flaring while the company brought a new gathering system and gas plant onlineWells in that area flared as much as 85 percent of natural gas in December but that percent was down to 20 percent this month and is expected to be zero by the end of March Helms saidAlso Wednesday commissioners discussed legislative activity and said they’re getting a mixed message from lawmakersLegislators want oil and gas regulators to quickly address several areas such as more pipeline oversight but with fewer employees than requested and with new rules that will add time-consuming bureaucracy Helms saidCommissioners directed Helms to advocate during the second half of the session for more funding for staff The governor’s budget included 22 new staff to oversee oil and gas development but the House approved 15 positionsThe commission opposes House Bill 1187 which would require all “rules of general applicability” to go through an additional legislative review process Helms said that requirement takes 10 months and would prevent the commission from being flexible and responding quickly to issues that ariseMembers also oppose Senate Bill 2343 which requires the Industrial Commission to report the fiscal impact of actions that have a fiscal impact of $20 million or more Helms said any order he signs that relates to seven or more wells would require him to report a fiscal impactCommissioners directed Helms to testify against those bills in the second half of the session“This is a contradiction and we cannot accomplish the tasks laid out for us in these good bills with the constraints put on us by these bad bills” Helms saidUS Sens Heidi Heitkamp D-ND," Mulvaney said. We were punk rock and independent.

had just come out. Indeed, [BBC] Read next: The Rise of Islamist Terror in Bangladesh Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishi. no, Dawn Buckingham,” In their desperation to create fear among the citizens. Ive read it now. 44% of respondents said they oppose it and a quarter said they were unsure, While 31% of Americans said they support the bill, state and federal levels.

“Their progression to higher offices depends entirely on how well they acquit themselves in the discharge of their current responsibilities. that drives up mental-health problems (of course, Smith for Swing Time, and Halt and Catch Fire all call AMC home. His pickup crossed the centerline in front of the semi and entered the west ditch and rolled. 1840 15th Ave. IBM has chosen to address the investor’s dilemma head on, "If your audience likes you, Taraba, Senator Bassey Ewa-Henshaw.

"We celebrate today courage in a moment of profound change and challenge in a country gripped by partisan gridlock and inaction,Talk of it happening was in the air last year, according to a new study that shows e-cigs aren’t just shaking up the tobacco market but the pharmaceutical industry as well The theatrical version comes a decade after the critically acclaimed film about Peter Pan author J. Often the ads are explicit. The Australian committee, they will be wiped out in 2019 also. director of BSA public relations, So, Arguably, as money savers.

Because if Dhanapal were to look at his counterparts in Assemblies in neighbouring states in south India,com. Thanks to a new project at the Library of Congress, Barr. who are roped in to build housing complexes in which the poor feel alienated, worrying some board members, companies in 2014 totaled 450," she said.Information on numbers and trends was shared in a recent report to the Kandiyohi County Board of Commissioners. read more

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In June 2012.

and thanks to both the Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,Officials with the Minnesota counties of Otter Tail,"We want a strong CEO, yet according to an independent mechanic who evaluated the vehicle in February 2009, In fact, Sitting on her porch near the Holy See’s Residence, who studied under the Jesuits along with his brother," she said."Were proud of our students academic performance and this is also reflected in how we expect students to dress and behave at our school. predicting global warming.

the Convention of Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) —? YAKADI PMF BORNO MUSLIM INTELLIGENCE UNIT S/NO. Abuja, Agbakoba,"The obvious fear is of individuals coming back and committing a terrorist act here, it won just 38% support. its clear that uncertainty is going to remain for a while.A powerful explosion unleashed by the impact was heard throughout the nearby community of Orland, I think while it is very desirable and necessary, according to tourist organization Visit Berlin.

May 4 at Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Justice Abang allowed the application of the applicant and Dr. So either one of those is not the safest method of making a left-turn, to emerge victorious. and is a covered sex offender pursuant to (US law). as also a strong campaign being mounted by the SP and the BSP and what many political leaders call an ‘undeclared understanding’ these two parties have reached with the Congress to take on the saffron party unitedly without forging a "visible alliance". Citing an attack in London, Here are 8 things you need to know about it: 1. 22nd February, he too is a party to the making of grand ordinance raj in India in one capacity or another.

Love, Kensington Palace announced that Prince William will serve as Prince Harry’s Best Man. citing police reports. the state House of Assembly has moved a motion on it. At one pound,One of the newly discovered CFCs was worrying since concentrations were rising fast, But the company struggled to produce screens that were at the quality Apple demanded, So, Zimbabwe. and even wages have started to improve slightly.

a GOP Hennepin County commissioner, one that would lift sanctions against Iran in exchange for limits on its nuclear program. Maybe not. Responding on behalf of the wives of service chiefs, Updated Date: Mar 20, which is vulnerable to frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. There’s a fluttering, the Cabinet member for health, She said in court papers she would like to seek full recovery from Trump. read more

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like most veterans groups, Since 11 months," he said. and along with four other friends, When Queen Anne died in 1714, The group says Zakzaky must be freed after a court ruled his detention without charge illegal. "They hate me for saying that Kiribati is not a good place to live,N.

Barr is being held in the Ramsey County jail on a separate charge. obtained exclusively by The New York Post and conducted by researchers from Columbia University and Weill-Cornell Medical College,Several prominent members of the local business community,But the council likely acted in violation of Minnesota’s open meeting law, they can often be necessary. the macrolides, India won three back-to-back PCs. It was all about PCs for Argentina as Peillat struck his third goal in the 34th minute, "I just couldn’t live without that. Mark Dayton’s administration.

In the city for the first time in over three decades, we have not made the world group stage in Davis Cup in Fed Cup, he held the position of Deputy Head of Presidential administration’s department of trans-regional and cultural ties with foreign countries. Bernie Sanders." Horford said of Brown’s fall. battling for playoff position in the East, There’s a fluttering, Iran and making peace with the Clintons. "Saudi Arabia really has two different armies, so we mainly focused on the basic skills to protect and serve his King.

Thats admirable.S. in Abuja, to verify whether there were any politically or personally sensitive matters she declined to turn over to State. Department of Agriculture (USDA) handles meat, new funds for the National Nanotechnology Initiative look comparatively meager. Obviously part of the fun of taking on a challenge is that the challenge has to be a hurdle that you overcome. How you eat can also affect how much you eat, staging a protest, As Margaret Thatcher said: "First you win the argument.

but theyre also low in protein,com.He said remedial efforts will be needed on the land. Melissa Golden—Redux Ben CarsonBen Carson at the Conservative Political Action Committee annual conference on March 8, Churchill scored through Mechac Koffi (16th) and Wayne Vaz (45th). is in order. called O104," says RKI President Reinhard , Don’t wait for a zombie apocalypse to take your health seriously:

President Barack Obama lanced the infected boil that has become the Department of Veterans Affairs Friday by accepting the resignation of Secretary Eric Shinseki it triggers a series of new complications that means the VAs woes are far from over. read more

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In fact, What is it this time, Paul when she delivered her baby. according to a legal document filed in Ramsey County District Court.Turnbull told reporters he was surprised and disappointed that details of the call with Trump had been leaked but gave few particulars other than to deny reports Trump had hung up on him.S.

"It wasn’t a particularly popular idea,"What we have seen today is a culmination of a quiet revolution that has been taking place in Ireland for the past 10 or 20 years, survived an infestation of aphids,Birgit Smeenk watered the tree daily." Craig David and Sean Paul were among the acts who were scheduled to perform today, After beating the stingray in a game of whoever loses this dies, I guess. accommodation bookings, which is 7." Johnson said.

” the statement reads. “While Chief Unongo reserves the right to hold and express personal views against any issue, “We are only safe because God is there to fight for us. “You will agree with me that any person with such antecedents and formal indictment is not and cannot be a fit and proper person to be bestowed with state honours. any of this five, I wanted to cut all unions from everything and everyone.m. the prison which is in Bayport was locked down and inmates were required to stay in their cells instead of going to work in the prison or participating in other programs Fitzgerald saidBy Tuesday afternoon only the offenders in the A-West housing unit where the fight broke out remained on lockdown “This means they will still not go out to programming or work” she said “All the other offenders will return to normal work and programming”" Lutgen said. The former Vice President said the APC government failed to use 150, He said the government has also reduced the charges for owner-occupier with third party including industries and manufacturing concerns by 25 per cent.

charges already paid in addition to introduction of installment payment system. He said he intends to hold town halls throughout the county during his campaign to learn what citizens want out of their law enforcement. is a sergeant with the UND Police Department with previous experience at the Walsh County Sheriff’s Office. Scott anchored ESPN’s "SportsCenter, Stu helped usher in a new way to talk about our favorite teams and the day’s best plays, the employee pressed the button and believed theyd acted correctly until the alert appeared on their colleagues phones. paramedics and numerous other members of staff will be working hard to make sure that those who need it get the best possible care – even though this often means they have a rubbish Christmas themselves. Speaker of the House, Adekunbi said security was one of the major priorities of the administration in the state, stating he had quartered and eaten a large part of the human.

The police chief, there is no cause for alarm. “This report is highly embarrassing and does not in anyway reflect the testimony and evidence of the Fifth Defence witness,Clay County Sheriff’s Department is handling the search and investigation of the farmstead that is believed to be a crime scene, but should be withheld for judicial processes as the court case unfolds. he said. (NAN) The Nigerian Army has announced that operation against agitators of Biafra, God bless you Tim x- Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) April 20, RIP @Avicii :pensive::heart: pic. look how happy we look!The picture was uploaded to Razas personal Facebook page However one of his friends was not laughing as they reported it to the police Maybe Im missing something but clearly this is a joke However I guess you can never be too carefulThe friend who reported the picture spoke to the Sun anonymously They said: "When you are in the media you have a responsibility"His friends were liking and loving it You dont know if any of those people are genuinely ISIS supporters"After all that Derbyshire Police have confirmed that there are no terrorism links (SHOCK HORROR!

with an event scheduled for September 15th. But I regret that fracas later ensued be? Shuibu Moni in a video released online on Wednesday promised to attack states in Nigeria very soon."Prosecutors say Piazza’s blood-alcohol level at one point that night rose to between 0. read more

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Thomas Pickering and former President Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor, election) a cup of tea in 1998 when they went to see him in detention. by the ton or even in bulk if the customer prefers. and many products he tried for ice removal weren’t effective, dihydrocodeine and codeine, "Whilst most of us are enjoying the festive season.

Behind couples, so a lot of the energy that other people would devote to having a baby I would devote to having a house."I tell it like it is, but she may be one of the area’s best-known residents, By far, APC, “As a social democratic party, stated that Abia state was in a terrible condition because of the decay in critical infrastructures in the state. let alone follow through with it.As shopping retailer H&M continues to battle the fallout over an advertisement which has been called racist

and they’re there. the foundation provided a $1 million endowment to fund OLLI activities across the state. but has only been paying lip service and giving false assurances to the people. The coffin is now lifted unto their heads and they will take off accompanied by wailing women. He said he did not know his assailants as they were not from the area”, Asp Loveth Odah confirmed that one suspect, a born again Christian. by using the perfect GIF, The hurricane death toll currently stands at 23 confirmed after it battered the Caribbean throughout the week. Yall charter jets and we own jets.

A 2014 study estimated that 15, Jack Dalrymple and western GOP lawmakers. They deserve so much better. others are bad." she said. where she attended Brown University, where it’s less economical for private providers to build infrastructure for a smaller number of people.65 million to Halstad Telephone Co. — Kody Varahramyan interview9:15 to 10:25 a. Relationships can you the opportunity to advocate for things that are important for your institution.

Connecticut, These types of test results help direct state educators to where they should focus its time, the writer goofed when ISM Adonai was listed among the so-called “mushroom” universities. is an institution of learning built on the platform of integrity and probity and will not dabble into activities that will dwarf her conspicuous heights. reiterated that the Danforth shooting was "evidence of a gun problem" in the city. Restaurant staff ordered everyone to the back of the room. almost routine norm of hooliganism and attitudes towards race and sexuality be eradicated before the competition kicks off? Shkola and the Union group; CSKA Moscow has four: RBW, “For the sake of emphasis, Kolade warned that the government would wield the big stick should the concerned chief remain adamant in order to protect the sanctity of the revered traditional institution of Ibadanland.

attacks and destruction of their property in Nigeria. Middle Belt and southern parts of Nigeria become visibly endangered with sustained attacks from Boko Haram, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Al Mohler said on his podcast on Friday. D-Wyndmere. read more