Set top box Roku refinancing 25 million force to pick Google Amazon

Set top box Roku refinancing 25 million force to pick Google Amazon

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[Abstract]]Roku has raised a total of $153 million to build partnerships and expand consumer markets.

BI Chinese station on October 23rd reported

according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently released a document shows that the set-top box company Roku has just carried out a new round of financing activities, raised $25 million in funding.

last year, Roku has conducted a larger financing activities, financing amount of $60 million. The company used the money to build a new partnership and continue to expand its consumer market share. Despite its growing competition from companies such as apple, Microsoft, Google and SONY.

Roku spokesman said in a statement on the new round of financing, said: "we have just completed a series of financing, which provides us with additional development funds. We have announced the relevant information in the documents filed with the securities and Exchange Commission, no additional information will be announced."

so far, Roku total financing of $153 million.

Roku has mentioned Monroe wind investment company submitted to the securities and Exchange Commission (Menlo Ventures) executive director Sean Carolan (Shawn T. Carolan), which means that Monroe investment company may participate in this investment.

has changed a lot since Roku raised $60 million last year, and the competition has become increasingly fierce. Amazon has entered the set-top box market, Google has also launched a new support Android TV set-top box. Roku seems to be taking the place of cable TV set-top boxes that are being replaced by cable providers. (Le Xue)

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