Kun Peng Theory why do they have to shop millet line because the old floating on the nternet is not

Kun Peng Theory why do they have to shop millet line because the old floating on the nternet is not

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from the beginning of 2016, or indeed said from the beginning of the second half of 2015, with the outbreak of online brand began to enter the line, open land, such as millet, starry, three squirrels, Yin, etc.. Why is this? Why in a bad mouthing the line, these clever line Daniel but old-fashioned up


one, we see the true face of the Internet

in the capital, media, online brands, fueling Yunshanwuzhao Internet, especially mobile Internet was the deification to an incapable of further increase the degree of pancakes, a sweet potato Internet plus were worth double, several billion valuation is not a dream! Non internet companies is to be fooled mentioning the Internet immediately awe do not hate three thanks to nine call of the ceremony, but with O2O have drained, with one Internet myth shattered, as the country to vigorously promote the Internet plus, the Internet and mobile Internet has finally been unveiled a time four spectators booed, but it made the original half is the technology and tools you can use it! Can I use him to use, everyone can use, with its many benefits, such as: the broader market, the long tail is longer and the promotion More efficient, more convenient service interaction, etc., but it can not shake the core of the business, can only play a role in promoting. What is the core of business?

products and services!

channel will no longer be king, products and services will be king!

two, the traditional big brands have embarked on the line

in people gradually clear, the traditional big brands is no longer attached to to dominate their life and death to go to open an online store burned buns, they would like to see, just like the previous treatment line, so many channels, I said into, why oneself from upstream to downstream take as long as? Their product is good, strong brand, good service platform, and then cattle, it also must have a good product, I still have to beg settled! So we see Ali and Jingdong for UNIQLO battle, see Ali to national brands to invite trouble, see Tmall and Jingdong for the well-known brand support and connivance so, now…… for the traditional big brands, Tmall or Taobao Jingdong he Suning, but my online channel only, some people say that the online channel cost is high, also have team , also have to pay the service fee advertising, offline channels are not a sample?

traditional brand size, visibility, accumulation not only in the past few years the rise of online brand can be compared, for example, three squirrels are cattle, 2 billion a year, but compared with the traditional food enterprises every year tens of billions of dollars, not really! Just like millet, then cattle can not be compared with HUAWEI




model is the weakness of industry and technology

Kun Peng believes that online brands have the most

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