Sina micro blog launched micro station network micro blog automatically generated content website

Sina micro blog launched micro station network micro blog automatically generated content website

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webmaster network June 12th news, today in small and medium-sized enterprises to build the industrial chain as the theme of micro-blog, micro-blog, Sina network CNNIC strategic cooperation conference, network and Sina announced the micro-blog and CNNIC jointly launched for SMEs "micro network station" products. The special application of micro station as a network and Sina micro-blog jointly launched the micro-blog website and will interact with the user, can be automatically generated form the micro-blog website graphic content, and the micro station content with micro-blog sync, mobile access and support a variety of terminals. Civilink’s official website said the small and medium-sized enterprise users only need five seconds can be automatically generated with the official micro-blog interactive website, micro-blog also launched the through-train service, small and medium-sized enterprises can also record data automatically into the real name of sina enterprise micro-blog certification, faster opening of sina micro-blog, micro-blog to enjoy the show and interactive marketing services more abundant.


wheat bag wheat friends micro station demo


seven TOP micro tide demonstration station


easy fruit micro station demo

nets for micro station application at the same time also launched the "micro domain name" related products. Charge 88 yuan / year of use fees, the use of analytical bundled, real name that the record in the form, so that the user will be micro station and CN domain name or "China" domain name binding. Through the application of micro station, small and medium enterprises and the webmaster can be more convenient to automatically convert micro-blog content into the site, the layout is simple and beautiful. For small and medium enterprises and the owners in the development of micro-blog marketing at the same time, provides a new marketing channels, the enterprise products and services to better display to the user.

it is understood that the user access to the micro station, you can forward comments like micro-blog, the content will be imported into micro-blog again. Improve the scope of interactivity and information dissemination. At present, there are more than three hundred million domestic micro-blog users, daily micro-blog information production and access as well as the speed of information dissemination has subverted the traditional website. Micro-blog brand marketing is affecting the traditional small and medium enterprises and webmasters. While the nets as the largest domain registration and hosting service providers, also has a large enterprise and webmasters users. The launch of the micro station means that the traditional site to further strengthen ties with micro-blog, micro-blog marketing and enterprise site provides a new idea. (text / triumphantly source: A5 station network)

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