Domain name story Thunder brand hit the top five product domain name

Domain name story Thunder brand hit the top five product domain name

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today, the most popular topic is thunder postponed listing in the United States IPO, the thunder has been very want to be listed on NASDAQ in the United States, why in today’s thunder "from"? The original name, domain name is the master of thunder yesterday the cancellation of the record, the thunder of a series of domain names has become the focus of the industry, to five below, our domain name simple story understand the brand under the thunder. three generation domain name


at the end of 2002, the thunder’s founder Zou Shenglong and Mr. Cheng Hao teamed up to the Silicon Valley in the United States to create a "Thunderbolt" (i.e. thunder now the earliest predecessor), at the end of January 2003, home was formally established in Shenzhen City, the Three Generation Technology Development Co. Ltd., enable registration of the "three generation" Larry domain, the domain name is registered in January 27, 2003, 8 in the domain name registration time, where can access the page to jump to, in December 15th of the same year, the company registered with the, the domain name system in the company’s early overseas name, the domain name is jump.

thunder renamed reuse


May 2005, Shenzhen City, the three generation of science and technology development limited company officially changed its name to the Shenzhen city Xunlei Network Technology Ltd, referred to as the "Thunderbolt", after the thunder Larry domain domain name is registered, as early as January 12, 2004, it was renamed after the thunder enabled appropriate Larry domain, and the main focus of this brand, in 2006, the thunder two domain it has been developed since the development of thunder, focus on building the brand, has obvious to people for the enterprise, the thunder also on hand to hold the protection.

search dog Larry domain


is searching the thunder in recent years the introduction of a resource index, the main content of query in film, songs, games and video and other fields, the website is the official domain name enabled dog Larry, the domain name is the thunder acquired, the transaction amount up to now is still a mystery. The dog seems to be very popular prefix, as early as in 2000 when the domain name is registered, with 11 years of history and registered in 2002, after the is registered, CN, domain name registration open on the occasion, also attracted enthusiasts to domain name registration, the suffix > CN

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