Baidu crisis Youxian new high trust boat turned over to say

Baidu crisis Youxian new high trust boat turned over to say

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in recent days, Wei Zexi incident caused widespread concern in the community and continued fermentation. Students suffering from cancer and the tragic death of Wei Zexi, and he was posting said, because of their trust Baidu to promote the release of medical information and delaying the timing of the treatment.

is the first "buy Post Bar incident", and is the last month of copyright infringement Post Bar writer, and is now the "Wei Zexi" event, Baidu often have problems, it will make people questioned the rationality of this business model. In the rapid development of the Internet today, Baidu has been the benchmark for the search engine advertising how to adjust their pace of development has been a concern of the community.

in recent years, the Internet search industry PPC, dragons and fishes jumbled together the electricity supplier fake issues, Internet Financial deposits and suspected of illegal fund-raising fraud, exposed the barbaric growth of the internet. This is the current domestic Internet industry, there are obvious problems of public and private anomie and governance disorder, if not improved, the next encounter the same problem may be electricity providers, social networking sites, etc..

first of all, in this case, we can see: Putian Hospital Department of Baidu, the relevant regulatory authorities, and the Department of The Second Hospital of Beijing Armed Force contract shall bear responsibility. Among them, the The Second Hospital of Beijing Armed Force and the Putian Department of the hospital as the main core responsibility, Baidu and regulatory authorities for the joint and several liability.

at the beginning of the surprise, which actually turned out to be another army hospital, who dare so rampant in the Empire, is not some small? Although the beginning is a veteran, but still feel that the military hospital water, even life can be such a thing that is not responsible for, not too hurrtful?

and Baidu today’s experience, Google has suffered in the United states. However, Google ultimately rely on a unique business model and government regulation, through the difficulties, regain the trust of users.

subsequently, Google has established an automated ad filtering mechanism, each year up to tens of millions of illegal advertising. This incident triggered a huge response in the U.S. Internet industry. The U.S. government’s punishment shows the regulatory attitude, that is, illegal medical advertising, advertising sites will show joint liability.

but according to China’s current law, the maximum penalty is only a few tens of thousands, compared with the huge amount of online advertising revenue, far from touching the site’s determination to change, so this thing is still frequent occurrence.

competitive ranking support

PPC word no longer is the official Baidu, saying its reputation as "promotion". However, the fact that the name can not be changed is that Baidu’s revenue is still relying on PPC network marketing revenue, which, Putian Department of medical advertising is a big customer.

2015, Baidu search service revenue reached 55 billion 700 million yuan, compared to 2014 of 43 billion 700 million >

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