Grand practice to combat piracy commitment cloud Pavilion website owners were arrested

Grand practice to combat piracy commitment cloud Pavilion website owners were arrested

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May 5th news: according to Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang said he had been in the grand literature in the micro-blog cloud court novel website has been arrested. After a lapse of January, Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang forwarded the day of micro-blog, said the practice has been carried out to combat rampant piracy commitments, the cloud pavilion has been arrested. But Hou Xiaoqiang did not disclose the details of the arrest of the person in charge of the cloud Pavilion in micro-blog.

at the beginning of April, in the 520 grand novels and many more from the cracked pirated literature case, Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang in the novel station after micro-blog said to not weaken Shanda’s determination to combat piracy. Then a man named "cloud Pavilion novel" micro-blog users to comment on this Hou Xiaoqiang provocation, he said in a micro-blog "piracy literature station is endless, I can kick off the grand literature?", and even play free starting point novel advertising slogan "the latest and fastest of all in the cloud Pavilion novel network". To this provocation, Hou Xiaoqiang was in the micro-blog said it would respond to the perfect Yunxuan court novel webmaster rampant provocation, and ask the legal department immediately follow up survey of piracy "cloud Pavilion novels".



editor found that the current cloud Xuan Ge novel website can still open. Due to the domain name and domain name registrar of cloud Xuan novel website are in foreign countries. Although Hou Xiaoqiang said the cloud Xuan Ge novel site owners have been arrested, but still can not prevent the cloud of the novel website piracy.

it is reported that Hou Xiaoqiang has said "network literature piracy is a theft in a flagrant way, not only to the original network literature website has caused significant economic losses, also caused the network creator effort is more important to cast to waste, bring a very negative impact to the development of the network literature industry." Shanda literature attaches great importance to the fight against piracy.

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