Google for the first time to manually modify the search results ranking for advertising

Google for the first time to manually modify the search results ranking for advertising

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March 1st news, according to foreign media reports, for the time being, Google’s own intervention in the latest ranking of the latest challenge, the company on Thursday its search engine work again defended.

earlier, Brussels against Google complaints from three companies to investigate whether Google search rankings and related advertising deal, unfair treatment of some competitors.


official ranking system staff Amit Singhal Thursday said in a blog, with respect to human intervention in the ranking results produced by the algorithm of Google ranking results with better quality and more relevant. But he admits that Google’s system is far from perfect.

and other Google executives this week that Google ranking system to spare no effort to "non artificial" in nature, trying to convince critics of Google in the search results is not favoring certain sites will not deliberately set them in the negative. Julia, senior adviser to Google Europe, ·, (Julia Holtz) told the media in Brussels on Wednesday: "we never make a ‘white list’ or ‘blacklist’."

, however, the latest evidence emerged on Thursday that Google employees sometimes do interfere with the system, at least in its keyword advertising business. This is a business that automatically determines the location of the ads in search results.

One of the

to Brussels to complain about Google, British price comparison service, Foundem, to produce two letters that appeared to be from Google Adwords employee e-mail, which discussed the "white list" approach, is to improve through a search result ranking system.

A Google spokesman declined to comment on Foundem’s appeal, but admitted that Google would sometimes artificially modify the ranking of search results in order to reduce the distortion of the results of the

. The spokesman did not disclose how high the frequency of such modifications occurred, but said it was rare.

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