Domain name 10 life ganji com Pinyin ganji com won

Domain name 10 life ganji com Pinyin ganji com won

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the influence of the Internet is very wide, you can easily complete the home shopping, dining and other things, but also the first time to grasp all the new life offers, which, of course, the service life of the website to help small, according to the latest statistics, sorting out the 10 life service platform with the network traffic what is the the most appealing to the user’s domain name




: Top 10 life stations ranked Pinyin first is a local living information portal domestic active, its services include the massive useful information on local life / business services, housing rental and second-hand goods, covering all aspects of people’s lives, site selection, domain name is easy to remember the Larry domain, more favorable to the promotion of Web site operators, is more generous full set of domain name,, registered in 2001 with 10 years of registration time. Earlier, the advertising market turmoil, also makes Ganji become the media darling.

digital domain name: 58 city

58 city is a city to meet the needs of users of information network platform Interoperability Based on development oriented, multi platform information system life level, the name is Yao Jinbo returned overseas acquisitions in 2005, the site operation, the "58" for the brand name of a wide range of knowledge in China, the other suffix in rice farming on the hand, the domain name of value-added, domain name registered in 2003, now to 2016 renewals.

China Weather Network

grasp the weather forecast, more convenient travel. Chinese weather is a weather forecast, weather disaster warning and tourism information platform, a web enabled domain name system English domain name, weather is English words weather, meteorological Italy, platform for the international market, the prefix is also very desirable, but in the suffix is chosen Dujuhuiyan chose the country to further narrow the The user psychological distance, domain name in


creative domain row fourth

in daily life, who did not want to hurt small ailments and healthier life, the answer is not to be missed! Platform in the form of questions and answers to questions. It is communication, users and experts to exchange the right approach, domain name system digital platform + English creative domain name, ask is English "Q", 120 is the emergency of Italy, 120ask said that cure health >

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