2014 annual market point those worth noble domain name

2014 annual market point those worth noble domain name

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renamed China (eName.cn) December 30th hearing, imperceptibly, has been to the end of December, 2014 is fleeting, and in this year, the domestic domain name investment also gradually ushered in the most profitable era now, let’s take a look at this year, the domestic domain name investment within the circle of the most representative at the domain name what are the.

at the beginning of this year, the digital domain market continues to rise, especially since the second half of the year, less than one million yuan, more than ten million yuan level transaction domain name is not uncommon. Digital domain because of its universal, easy to remember, not by the industry and the advantages of geographical restrictions, and the acquisition and enabled by the terminal. In particular, the 2 digital.COM domain name, the number is more scarce, valuable.


: 2014 domestic high priced digital domain name chart

most scenic domain name: 37.com

recommended reason: universal, in line with the brand image, high-end atmosphere, more international

in March of this year, 37 to play the game company to spend $12 million acquisition of domain name 37.com, officially renamed the "37 Games", and enable 37.com to replace the original domain name 37wan.com, causing a hot industry, good scenery. Compared to the original domain name, 37.com is not only more concise and easy to remember, but also makes the "play the game on 37.com," this advertisement popular, is also more conducive to the internationalization of the game 37 avenue.

most wonderful domain name: 78.com

recommended reason: Shun Zi domain name, meaning good, easy to remember, easy to enter

is also the 2 digital domain name 78.com, suspected of being Guangdong Music Technology Co., Ltd. to buy the price of $13 million. 78.com is not only a boutique 2 digital domain name, but also the Shun Zi domain name, user-friendly memory input, reducing the user access threshold. The domain name 78.com is a homonym of chess, eat, etc., is a wonderful chess game site choice.

The biggest advantage of the

letter domain name is short, the shorter the length, the higher the value, the meaning of the combination of diversity, but also determines the value of the domain name differences. In the domain of the investment community, enterprises and investors have short domain name, the 2 letter domain is hot, the short enough and rich connotation, the commercial use of the advantages of wide, it was like a terminal. With the rapid development of the Internet, and enterprises pay more attention to the domain name, domain name has value of 2 letters.

figure: 2014 domestic high priced letter domain name chart

‘s "cock" domain name: L.CN

recommended reason: short, easy to remember, many, a wide range of

terminal station

single letter domain.CN global only 26, the number of rare, valuable, for the domestic terminal has.

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