2010 local portal network forum will be held in Thailand this month 23

2010 local portal network forum will be held in Thailand this month 23

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April 23, 2010, by the Communist Youth League Taizhou Municipal Committee, Tai Chi website jointly organized, PHPWind co sponsored the 2010 local portal forum will be held in Taizhou.

China’s Internet is entering a stage of rapid development. The root of the Internet is changing the way of life, behavior, thinking and mobilization of young people, and it has become an important way for young people to learn, live, entertain, understand and participate in society. Internet brings positive factors to the growth of young people, while the network amplification effect of network pornography, online games and social extreme social phenomenon also seriously harm the physical and mental health of young people.

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community network and network products and services vendors to assume more social responsibility, to explore the construction of virtual social network management, to strengthen the youth mobilization guide, serve the overall interests of local economic and social development, bigger and stronger local portal site


forum has invited the influential local portal site in Hefei, Wuxi forum, music and other well-known webmaster, IT industry veteran who attended on the road. Discussion on the social management innovation and the youth mobilization in the network age". The second day forum, the organizers also arranged the guests visited China medical city, Garden Expo, Qin Lake Wetland Park, a comprehensive display of Wenchang mountains of the prime state.

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