Blogs and podcasts who can go further

Blogs and podcasts who can go further

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      blog, English interpretation of Blogger or Weblogger, Chinese means "Web log", and later abbreviated to Blog, and Blogger (blog) is the person who wrote Blog. From the point of view of understanding, blog is a kind of expression of personal ideas, network links, content, in chronological order, and constantly updated publication". Simply say that the blog is a kind of people, these people are used to keep a diary on the internet.

      podcasting was born in 2003, also known as the "sound English blog", explains Podcasting, the word comes from Apple Computer " iPod" " radio " (broadcast) the compound word refers to a method distributed on the Internet and allow users to file subscribe to feed to automatically receive new files, or to a radio program produced by this method.

      if the "blog" is a web text diary, then the "podcast" is the network audio diary. Podcast is technically, on the "blog" text and pictures above, add sound, video. In a sense, blogs and podcasts, like Email, BBS, ICQ, are a form of network communication.

      careful observation, to blog and podcast based website a lot, each in their own expansion sites made almost 99% China fight at outrance, the operators are not profitable, some professional to do some professional blog, podcast, or both, then Chinese blogs and podcasts, who can go further? No one can say clearly, or even no answer, because the future development trend of blog and podcast is integration.

      blog and podcast had the same family, but performance is not the same way, in the blog podcast is adding audio or video elements. The business community has been popular integration and segmentation of two kinds of argument, the integration of the market segments, or the integration of market segmentation will lead to fatal failure. Many blog click on, you will find a lot of logs into the video or sound, that this blog is actually unintentionally blogs and podcasts of the organic integration, for all Blogger, convenient to operate, but also can effectively convey the information to visitors.

      now the Internet brings people life is convenient, humane, if in line with this principle, who will go further, negative will be eliminated by the market.

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