Daily topic nternet battlefield moved to the living room to get together to do TV

Daily topic nternet battlefield moved to the living room to get together to do TV

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webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 11th news, millet 5 days after the release of smart TV, it ushered in the TV companies back. SKYWORTH and Alibaba launched a 1999 yuan smart TV, and at the conference directed millet products are still in the stone age". Yang Xiaojun, deputy general manager of SKYWORTH domestic marketing, even said that millet TV is a typical low-end design, compared with the professional home appliance manufacturers is the stone age encountered industrial civilization".

TV market is raging like a storm. Following the cross-border cooperation TCL teamed up with Iqiyi to open the traditional TV and Internet companies, SKYWORTH is a joint Alibaba, launched three "cool" brand of TV, millet, music and other pricing of Internet TV manufacturers. Now, two years before the start of the Internet boom is just a small mobile phone, Iqiyi, millet, music as a warm-up, ali…… Regardless of brand or mode of cooperation, more and more large screen Internet TV market imagination become xiangbobo, ought to bear the risk, Internet companies also need to come up with more positive persuasion.

was not too calm with millet into the smart TV industry and SKYWORTH counterattack, showing the atmosphere tendency. To some extent, SKYWORTH is on behalf of their own, but also on behalf of the television companies to the outside world to pass a message: in the product hardware, they are not afraid of millet. Traditional TV industry representatives do not even think millet TV product gene. Even if it is to make money by hardware, the distribution of goods in large capacity, customer service service, millet supply chain weaknesses in a short time is difficult to make up. On the price of millet seems to pick a less easy to deal with opponents. Almost all TV manufacturers can not forget the TV price war 10 years ago, because it directly led to the death of a large number of television companies. The price war, now living television companies, mostly out of the wholesale slaughter.

TV screens and the market is still stuck in the basic hardware and software separation of the competitive landscape: home appliance manufacturers into the tragic performance price competition, radio and television systems firmly control the content market. The lack of which patches which one TV screen lacks more flexible and more rich content sources, and the Internet needs as much as possible to show their integration expansion territory — a natural imagination, when technology is no longer a hindrance, this point appears to be more urgent.

at present, when the concept of smart TV more and more hot, young people in the television users are gradually reduced, and millet and music as the representative of the Internet business, is through the "Rice noodles", "fans" fan effect, will further carve up the young audience. In fact, the price advantage has become the outside world and ordinary users think the most powerful weapon Internet lore traditional electricity supplier manufacturers. The comparison between the price of PK has become a factor in the Internet business.

from the perspective of the development of Internet TV, the future will certainly be more and more clear, the invasion of Internet TV

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