The fifth session of the general assembly to give ten stationmaster activities start registration

The fifth session of the general assembly to give ten stationmaster activities start registration

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e-businessmen conference has been successfully held four sessions, after 4 years of hard work and China Alibaba Electronic Commerce Association, will China ten network to establish a nationwide selection of credibility and influence, with authority, impartiality and uniqueness of real manufacturing network all over the country star wave, reach every corner China business. The title of the ten network operators has become Chinese and global businessmen concerned honor.

webmaster, you are not a site builders, but also the use of the network to achieve the value of the leader. Now, the title of the first network extended to 2008 from the webmaster body -, network selection will be increased Chinese ten big webmaster selection.

in 2008 the selection of the ten owners will be officially launched for all the owners of the selection, open enrollment, will be divided into two rounds: the first round of public voting network, the second round of expert evaluation. The award-winning webmaster not only get involved in global network selection of entry, but also obtain the network promotion reward million

!Because the

network to the General Assembly’s official website and official website is finally released, the mom in consultation with the Alibaba group, advance online registration ("sneak" for one or two days), Please intend to attend the webmaster to sign up, your website and your deeds will appear in the ten sub station selection officer online for the first time!

  this event was officially launched on February 25, 2008, ending in June 5, 2008.

      February 25th -5 14
    application stage;   February 25th -5 month 15 days public vote stage: choose the top 30, including "YAHOO webmaster world" site 15, Ali mother joined the site 15;
      May 16th -5 26 experts review + public vote stage: choose the top 10, including "YAHOO webmaster world" site 5, Ali mother joined the site 5;
      winners announced & May 27th -6 5; Awards: top 30 finalists for the webmaster and "ten stationmaster" certificate and bonus or a prize; "ten station" will be pushed to the group "network conference", continue to participate in the "global ten network" selection.

registration address        registration is actually an opportunity for publicity.

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