Lanting Pavilion is a potential sub station access to the master station 23 daily traffic soared

Lanting Pavilion is a potential sub station access to the master station 23 daily traffic soared

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[editor’s note] the main small electronic products MiniinTheBaox is the Lanting Pavilion set potential master station, another main website promotion. The site advertised online sales of goods at wholesale prices. The Lanting Pavilion set potential is how to meet this part of the small wholesale customers for the purpose of site traffic promotion.

this paper by overseas community marketing service providers "close interaction" feeds, author Fu Zhiming.


Lanting Pavilion set potential MiniinTheBaox home page screenshot

billion state power network discovery, MiniinTheBaox has the following data is particularly noteworthy: the average daily flow of has exceeded Lanting Pavilion station 2/3; the average customer retention time over Lanting Pavilion in potential master station; about 1/3 traffic from direct access to the user from Spain; rapid traffic growth, reaching 21%.

The basic performance of



site traffic: 420 thousand passengers, the overall upward trend;

customer’s average residence time: 7 minutes and 18 seconds;

in the average browse pages pages: 9.18 pages;

website average jump rate: 42.20%.

comparison of the Lanting Pavilion collection of the main station basic flow data are as follows:

website daily flow: 610 thousand person time;

customer’s average residence time: 5 minutes and 23 seconds;

in the average browse pages pages: 7.25 pages;

website average bounce rate: 51.44%.

traffic source channel analysis:


can be seen from the figure of its customers are from which channels to visit the site.

direct access: 32.73%;

email marketing: 5.44%;

referral traffic: 17.77%;

search channels: 36.01%;

social networking site: 1.63%;

display advertising: 6.42%. domain name search, search results for the official website, Facebook page, the third party evaluation website to the website of the positive evaluation, the third party website on the website of the discount discount information, we can see that they have to "optimize" the domain name search attention.

referral traffic analysis


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