The network ordering platform first ticket U S network was fined 28 thousand

The network ordering platform first ticket U S network was fined 28 thousand

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network ordering platform for undocumented catering convenience, let its health worrying food provided to consumers, many times after the interview is still no rectification, Hangzhou Market Supervision Bureau this time to online ordering platform, the real thing. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that the Hangzhou municipal market authority has made a fine of $28 thousand administrative penalty for the u.s.. This is after two interviews ordering website and require rectification, out of the Hangzhou municipal market supervision bureau of the first ticket.

in August this year, the Hangzhou nine Lotus Village area undocumented catering small workshops engaged in online meal ordering events appear in newspapers, the Hangzhou municipal market authority of administrative interviews in Hangzhou on network ordering platform in August 27th, October 29th the two meeting, pointed out several dining platform "license is not complete" and "super scope" and "not to shine light bright card" and "publicity website address and business registration information does not meet" and other issues, and on-site to use web page screenshot proof requirements of rectification.

yesterday, the Hangzhou municipal market authority informed the recent online ordering platform, check the rectification. Time in the past month, from the rectification of the network ordering platform, the rectification effect is not ideal.

Xihu District Market Supervision Bureau in the area of network platform "U.S. net" verification, sorting out the area 24 operating in the online meal ordering platform unlicensed restaurants list, then inform the U.S. sales network platform, and issued the order rectification notice, asking them to give good access and prevent undocumented the food and beverage products into the market. But after the inspectors found that the United States take away the food and beverage outlets in the network release of information as well as businesses do not have the qualifications to engage in food takeaway.

network monitoring detachment responsible person said, according to the online inspection situation, a U.S. network is not in accordance with the provisions of affiliate review and registration, establishment registration files and open license information, in violation of the "measures" the provisions of article twenty-third of the network transaction management. Xihu District Hangzhou market authority has made a fine of 28 thousand yuan administrative penalties.

other Zhuhang network ordering platform also have poor rectification situation. "Hungry" website is also home to 37 using the platform to carry out online ordering service undocumented businesses. Hangzhou Market Supervision Bureau in November 18th to the company headquarters in Shanghai for inspection, made a list of online meal ordering business in Hangzhou a total of 112 (with illumination and without illumination). As of yesterday, according to the hungry, the list of businesses provided by the opening of the branch has banned 4 unlicensed restaurants.

in addition, the inspectors of Amoy little random sample of 3 households on the platform, found that 3 companies operating 720000 failed to provide valid license information.

point me in the business shop page prominently publicized license information, good rectification. Next, the regulatory authorities will verify the license information.

at present, market supervision departments have poor rectification ordering platform responsible person issued rectification notice, request level >

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