Hospital promotion advertising rice and vegetable roll combination strategy

Hospital promotion advertising rice and vegetable roll combination strategy

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hospital network marketing for some time, found that simply by SEO or simply by doing PPC is effective, but the effect is not so obvious, it is often said in the do some degree of time will be the bottleneck.

, for example, the number of appointments per day to a certain extent is stable and there is always room for improvement. In view of such a situation, I would like to do in the hospital have encountered, perhaps everyone ran to a dead end. In fact, China’s medical industry, including medical services is far from the needs of patients, that is, there is no competition in the domestic medical market environment. Then take a look at Baidu, Google and other search engine just search keywords of several medical diseases will appear many hospitals together in fierce competition, some words like a click stream this price can reach dozens of pieces once in a common area, Shanghai and other places in the party is not to mention, then as a hospital network marketing is only PPC to burn, and this is not the case, I think the hospital advertising promotion is according to the actual situation of the later combination. Take me to the Hefei Friendship Hospital, the more diversified forms of advertising. In fact, no matter how the advertising, from the marketing point of view, there are only two purposes, one is to improve brand awareness, and the other is to improve the conversion rate.

so here’s how I do it:

1 health portal website

Why is

in the health of portal website do? Maybe a lot of people say the website is aimed at national, if the hospital is for local or regional, do website advertising all this door class is not a waste? In fact, it is the most important for the hospital reputation and services and technology. In these tens of thousands of daily traffic on the portal station advertising, exposure can be known, the influence of the brand is unknowingly increased. But in general this kind of advertising two or three health portal can be.

2 Baidu, Google and other PPC advertising

do network marketing, do PPC is inevitable, but how to data statistics and analysis is a learning. For Baidu I think we should do more than the keyword auction, Baidu theme promotion will not have to. For GG, I want to do to promote the theme better than the group Adwords effect, because when the majority of owners in the choice of advertising will choose GG, its website on the base, and a lower risk of cheating. For Baidu and GG, do a good job flow analysis and statistical analysis and statistical analysis of the SEO analysis is a good way, but also need to have enough manpower.

3 regional and regional advertising

Most of the

general hospital is the regional or regional, so ads played too far nor what others use, is generally not possible to see some sort of disease.

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