Whether the medical industry can use electronic marketing

Whether the medical industry can use electronic marketing

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e-books on the Internet overwhelming, various industries are constantly emerging, the growing demand for e-books. The most popular is the story of a variety of novels, has been a favorite of many young people. And in a variety of industries, the author thinks that whether the medical industry can use e-books for marketing, to provide convenient and convenient medical knowledge for the user, and can be a very good package will of their own brand, resulting in a certain profit? For this question, the author proposes to view, inadequacies also hope you tell me.


e-book is mostly young

if more careful, you will find the subway bus, there are some young people who used to watch on the seat and the mobile phone, the screen is always crowded. In fact, it can not be denied that basically everyone will save some of the phone e-books, often waiting for the car, the car all the time alone play a role. For young people, as if there is a sense of force on e-books, is the best way to kill time. There are some students, will prepare some e-books to learn. So, this is the e-book marketing market.

e-books are now free

may be in front of the author said these, some people will say that now the books are free, few people will go to buy a fee, or to buy a fee is relatively small. So, how to make marketing free things? And, like the medical industry with e-book marketing will have value? Will have a certain income? In fact, I believe that the medical industry if the e-book marketing, can not rely on short-term effect. Because, we want to know, the medical industry, the use of e-book marketing is actually more for brand marketing, so when deciding to do e-book marketing need to consider long-term plan.

is like a private hospital before the hospital brand awareness, to create their own brand awareness using magazine marketing, is in the street, pedestrian street and other places where people send some advertising information. Private hospitals believe that this can enhance their brand awareness, but in fact will do their own brand is bad for this reason. Do not know if you have any concern about the content of the magazine, are some partial "yellow" text, take home at most when the novel, when you see the advertisement when there will be no sense.

real marketing is to allow users to value

in fact, the real marketing is to allow users to value. That is to learn and some public platform, I have seen before the bus company to do some manual, which covers all the way to the Qingdao bus route, you can easily from the manual to find the information you want, this is a kind of brand packaging. The private hospital if the use of such marketing, then, first of all, you want to start from the user, what kind of e-book is valuable, is the user will be used to. If >

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