Share the evolution history of the new marketing channel marketing to accumulate fans toil

Share the evolution history of the new marketing channel marketing to accumulate fans toil

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in 2003, I built a forum, when using forum program called crystal forum is a TXT text to the database when the forum, on the right when many forums are using TXT as the database, because the database with MYSQL when the host are more expensive, so the lightweight PHP forum is used when the TXT text database. Then I started to use the ofStar forum system, is now used by the Alibaba in the acquisition of phpwind forum, the forum when I upgraded to phpwind, the year is a forum system outbreak period, I remember it as if it is 05, 06 years or so, many sites have begun to build their own forum, there are many areas of the forum is that during the period of doing. So the forum began to become the main marketing channels, when the fire is not what SEO, SEM, then the most fire is the forum marketing. I remember most of the forum are not what information supervision, personnel management, all moderators are free online recruitment, we are using the part-time job to maintain, so advertising posts survive for a long time, I sent dozens of forum a day can bring a few thousand IP, as long as you work hard, basic flow it is not a problem, this is my first time to contact the marketing is really hard work and toil.


two years ago, I took part in a line marketing salon, a boss is very straightforward said, marketing is the massive advertising, as long as the advertising information covering sales to a certain extent, there is absolutely no problem, he invited dozens of people, every day is full of advertising information, so he is successful, no network marketing what is the secret mass advertising. Until now, there are still many companies still feel that as long as a certain amount of advertising information, you can control the user’s eye. Their idea is simple, sent 100 messages to bring 5 customers, the 1000 is 50 customers, send more customers more, so every day to arrange their employees to the hair, as long as the number of sales decline has increased every day they released. You can use the software to send with the software, software to send out a large number of people to please, it is the essence of marketing to maximize the toil. Now, there are some friends on WeChat asked me, their boss is still useful?

is now the Internet is no longer can barbaric growth era, not you send information to the user can only passively accept the era, now users have started to have their right to choose the information, they can choose not to see your information.

before the user in terms of Internet information is some official media, to the search engine Baidu search results of Baidu’s algorithm, SEO practitioners, or just mentioned the massive information business control, users almost do not have the right to choose how much information.

when micro-blog appears, users began to get the right to choose information, they can focus on their favorite account to get their favorite

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