Top 2016 total financing 2 billion 200 million Macropodus no financing plan

Top 2016 total financing 2 billion 200 million Macropodus no financing plan

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today there are rumors that the Tencent investment Betta live is negotiating a sum of 1 billion yuan (about $145 million) financing, will enable the company to reach $1 billion 200 million valuation.


, a high-level network said today on Leidi Betta, Betta total in 2016 2 billion 200 million financing, currently sufficient cash reserves, good profit, not short-term financing plan.

, according to informed sources, the fish in C round of financing exceeded $1 billion 200 million valuation, the valuation of $1 billion 200 million is not accurate.

March 2016, Betta TV completed $100 million (about 670 million yuan) B round of financing, the Tencent invested 400 million yuan investment led, A round investors with Sequoia Capital investment.

in August 2016, they announced the acquisition of 1 billion 500 million C round of financing, Phoenix capital lead investor, Tencent. As of now this year a total of more than 2 billion yuan fund-raising macropodus.

November 2011, DDT 2016 – star Chinese Huaxing list, for the first time in paradise.

Betta CEO Chen Shaojie has said that the future is live value penetration in various industries, now do a lot of cars they live, all the cars can live show. In the future, this kind of space may exceed the value of network performance.

for a long time, the outside world that only live show and live beauty, in this regard, Chen Shaojie said that the show and beauty live in Betta TV live on only 4%.

also has a lot of financial live in fish such as treasure to Vanke shareholders will live, when 600 thousand people watched by macropodus.

Chen Shaojie said, "we believe that a road, pass out various kinds of information through the way we live, let the light gradually Betta platform into a platform."

has become the representative of current, Betta Internet companies in Hubei, Wuhan Optics Valley high hopes, hope to become BATD in D.

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