Fresh electricity supplier daily excellent fresh was 200 million yuan financing Tencent lead

Fresh electricity supplier daily excellent fresh was 200 million yuan financing Tencent lead

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[Abstract] daily and fresh by Xu Zhenghe Ceng Bin founded, two had more than ten years of work in Lenovo, Lenovo executives and served as wal.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on November 12th

mobile fresh business platform "daily and fresh" today announced that it received 200 million yuan B round of financing, the current round of financing led by Tencent, Zhejiang venture capital and other agencies jointly with the vote. However, Tencent technology can not confirm the specific amount of financing.

data show that the best daily fresh was in December 2014 by the letter of the capital of $5 million Angel round of financing; in May 2015, the daily excellent fresh by Tencent led investment, the light of the letter capital with the investment of $10 million A round of financing.

daily and fresh establishment is not long, the formal operation in December 2014, the founder of Xu Zhenghe Ceng Bin, at CEO and COO, the co-founder of the daily and fresh, two people have the Lenovo group worked for more than ten years, and served as Lenovo Wo Group executives.

this is also a new round of fresh electricity providers in the field of financing this year. September of this year, the community electricity supplier love bee announced the completion of the C round of $70 million financing, in May of this year, fresh electricity supplier orchards every day to get tens of millions of dollars in investment Jingdong.

at the beginning of this year, fresh electricity supplier had completed the life of the B round of tens of millions of dollars of investment, led by a well-known U.S. dollar fund, other funds with investment. According to Tencent science and technology, life will soon be completed a new round of financing, the total size will reach $100 million.

why fresh electricity supplier so hot Xu Zheng Tencent technology, which is mainly due to fresh electricity supplier is regarded as the last big piece of electricity supplier in the field of cake. Fresh electricity supplier market, high frequency, the original supply chain behind, more likely to be replaced by a new model.

it is reported that the fresh industry chain is long, the product from the origin of the table to consumers through layers of turnover. Consumer spending is higher than the origin of several times the price also can not buy high-quality fresh products, the most critical is the more fresh products are not timely distribution.

Integration of

compared to other sectors of the Internet, the current situation of fresh fields or All flowers bloom together. Xu Zheng said, mainly fresh electricity supplier development is still in the early stages of rapid development, the future will enter into the spring and Autumn period, and even large integration.

so, daily excellent fresh, love fresh bee, originally life, every day what is the difference between the orchard

Xu Zheng believes that the original life, the orchard every day PC and mobile terminal are daily and fresh, fresh love bee focuses more on the mobile terminal, wherein, the daily and fresh products to self oriented products, and mainly, love fresh bee couples convenience store shop home delivery.

Xu Zheng said that the development of relatively good daily relatively late, the business is mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and less than 10 cities, and 70% of female white-collar users. "However, the daily excellent fresh orders to break through 1 million single month"

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