How to optimize enterprise website

How to optimize enterprise website

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based on the previous research on enterprise web site planning, and development from the perspective of network marketing, after the completion of corporate website, we need to plan early enterprise website effect is analyzed according to the results of the analysis we can see that the plan is accurate, and then make the necessary adjustments, in order to achieve the maximization of enterprise website glory camp.

enterprise website analysis is based on the enterprise website marketing analysis system, or the enterprise website marketing statistical analysis system.

enterprise website marketing after statistical analysis system analysis, will search engine marketing situation, to the enterprise website Web site structure, keyword, flow and the source of website content rationality has a very good understanding, and then to optimize the corporate website. The enterprise website optimization mainly consists of the following steps:

a. Website structure optimization.

At present

enterprise website structure is the home page, company profile, product information, recruitment information, contact information. These same basic structure can put the website as a simple brochure, did not play the marketing network. Now we have the structure of.

network marketing angle to optimize enterprise website

1 website internal link optimization.

for the connection between each of the pages of the site, don’t go on the navigation bar, but to try to appear connected to the page content, which induced visitors step by step to look at, and send you E-MAIL about.


here to remember every detail. That is when he induced to send E-MAIL to you, don’t leave a direct mail address, should leave a "contact us > > >" hyperlinks. Of course not link to another page, but your mailbox anyway. This, the perspective of the viewer to coherence from one to start. To ensure the coherence of the hyperlink structure.

2 plus a FAQ column.

FAQ please make interactive as well.

Most of the current

enterprise website are not FAQ columns. The general enterprise present their products, will encounter some common problems. The enterprise is best to think of the problem and the answer in advance, make a page. This is conducive to the readers more easily understand their products, and to promote business cooperation.

3 web file directory optimization.

there are many websites throughout the site are placed in a directory. This is a very reasonable form. Each column of the site should have a reasonable directory, the directory name and also the best fit to do keyword strategy, it can make your website files organized in one hand, find the amendment >

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