After the completion of the 170 million yuan financing koala FM ready to start the layout of the car

After the completion of the 170 million yuan financing koala FM ready to start the layout of the car

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news June 21st, car language media group’s network audio service platform koala FM announced obtain Jun linked capital and other investment 170 million yuan of investment, investment in capital acted as exclusive financial advisor in this round of financing.


FM as the network audio service platform, which covers many types of news, finance, entertainment, funny and automotive audio programs and audiobooks and pop music, its service covers the mobile phone terminal, terminal, and PC terminal boxes and other audio and video channels, currently more than 160 million users.

car language Media Group founder and CEO, koala FM founder Yu Qingmu said: "after two years of exploration and research, we determine the car networking market will complete the primitive accumulation in 2016, 2017 will accelerate the development, 2018 will usher in the outbreak. Koala FM we as an important layout in the field of vehicle networking, but behind the strong cash flow business, we on the audio understanding and operation ability, as well as for advertisers and vehicle groups to understand and grasp, is our core strengths. Thanks to the recognition of new and old investors, the current round of financing after the koala FM will further expand the layout of the car networking."

it is understood that the car networking scenarios, car audio background, as of now, the koala FM has reached a strategic cooperation with nearly 50 car brands, covering more than 90% of the joint venture, and luxury brand cars, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo, MINI, Land Rover, Ford, Jaguar, Cadillac, etc.. In addition, the koala FM and mainstream pre installed TSP, hardware manufacturers, after loading program providers have launched a depth of customization cooperation.

round of investment lead investor, Jun linked capital Liu Zehui said: "we recognise the koala FM team for the car of fragments of time content and product operation ability, and in the current market situation, already broke its unique competitive advantage, this investment is the koala FM, Jun linked capital in the cultural industry the layout of the important time."

this round of financing, the koala FM will be partners to create a full channel audio advertising platform, with car language media group to traditional radio advertising experience, advertisers and advertising monitoring mechanism, users and partners to achieve commercial realization and transport.

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