The lecture was not doing well the product manager Wu Xiaobo pass

The lecture was not doing well the product manager Wu Xiaobo pass

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as the first financial and financial circles, Wu Xiaobo recently wronged.

the habit of selling and selling the cultural businessman, launched a product big idea of the cafeteria, is a group of people who want to open a lecture, to teach high net worth crowd learning culture, improve ideological quality.

, however, poor sales, sold two tickets.

this "heavy blow" favored in the entrepreneur groups Wu was injured, lamenting the wealth class "spiritual support, not with the words of Ginsberg notes his depressed, frustrated and disappointed:" I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness".

lecture tickets can not afford to sell, no culture in the end is Wu Xiaobo or the masses (mainly refers to the high net worth population)

listen to lectures = culture?

let’s Laibaba this lecture on what it is.

according to Wu Xiaobo’s description, this proposal comes from investors, such as Xu Xiaoping, who, etc.. These elite believes that there are a lot of entrepreneurs after 80’s success, but also became a "unicorn" (the company valuation of more than $1 billion), but they are in the lack of humanistic quality is very serious, "I really hope they don’t mind apart from business model and KPI, and without his knowledge." Bao fan said.

package where the proposed led by Wu Xiaobo to open a personal language class, fill the brain regularly to young entrepreneurs.

overall, the starting point of this lecture is the lecture "melatonin", to help Wu Xiaobo in the eyes of customers (successful entrepreneurs, including the already completed accumulation of entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals) brain.

for the value of the product, Wu Xiaobo very confident, "a five hour class, absolutely is the depth of dry cargo, There was no parallel in history. teaching."

see here, I am deeply shocked, five hours of teaching is "the depth of the There was no parallel in history." four years of journalism school in my university, is 10068 times the depth of the


take a look at these lectures is really a culture.

frankly, when I look at the list, found no Lang Xianping, still very happy. Moreover, the lectures are really good.

But look at the

schedule, I was dumbfounded, content is very complex, a total of 30 hours and six days of lectures, including finance and Economics (Wu Xiaobo), history, diplomacy, international politics, philosophy, political science and so on, is simply a big get-together of the university.

, Wu heart hurry, the idea of the feast when fast food sold, and no connection between system and lecture. Some of the content is fried fried hot, such as "Hilary really be lying in the White House? Trump Mr.

come from?"

these topics, CCTV international channel broadcast every day, so called

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