Parenting platform parents found millions of angel round financing

Parenting platform parents found millions of angel round financing

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August 8th news Internet consumer search platform parenting parents announced the completion of millions of angel round of financing, investment for the Hebei province state-owned capital investment fund – Hebei Information Industry Investment Group under electronic commerce in Hebei equity investment fund center.


According to my parents

search CEO Xu Min introduced in the state capital after the capital injection, before the end of the year will be opened in Tianjin, Taiyuan family life circle station, Zhengzhou, Ji’nan and other more than and 10 second tier city, now parents to search the recruitment of city cooperation.

in addition, parents search for the C side of parents and children population also increased the pupils homework content of the forum, the forum officially launched in August 8th, to bring more value for application and function for children and parents.

parents pay attention to children’s quality education, so that more young parents convenient, fast for the child to find a match where to play, where to learn quality education activities and courses.

it is understood that the large state-owned enterprises in Hebei information industry investment group by the Hebei provincial government approved the establishment, by the Hebei provincial SASAC implementation supervision, guide the operation of the Hebei Provincial Department of. Hebei Chong electronic commerce equity investment fund center is by the Hebei government letter group initiated the establishment of the province is one of the leading fund, focus on investment in Hebei province e-commerce industry, e-commerce platform, e-commerce parks and industrial chain.

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