Hardware mechanical and electrical enterprise network marketing

Hardware mechanical and electrical enterprise network marketing

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with the popularity of the network, more and more enterprises have realized the importance of network marketing. As a traditional industry, hardware industry application in the network is far behind, clothing, shoes and other FMCG industry. However, the hardware industry network marketing is imperative!

do network marketing how? I have some personal opinion:

first, network marketing must have a clear positioning, the positioning is done on purpose, to focus on; such as recruit dealers, or enhance their visibility, or get traffic to improve online sales. Don’t say these things, of course, there will be, but there is a focus. For example, if you are for the purpose of investment, then you should be a number of promotional programs should be precise vertical industry B2B site, there are a lot of dealer resources, you can choose to do a special ad. If you do a Baidu bid so irrelevant clicks will also bring in, waste your advertising costs. So positioning is very important!

second, network marketing is a systematic project, the need for a set of programs, and the implementation of the letter. In order to achieve the ultimate effect. For example, you are a valve distribution company. You do not think that you build a web site is to do network marketing, the site is only the most basic step, the key is still promotion. Personally feel that the site should pay attention to these aspects: 1, to find a professional network company, perhaps the price to be expensive, but a penny of goods. A layman in the eyes of the same two sites may actually be a difference of thousands of miles; for example, the design of human nature, in line with user habits, product search convenience. 2, the site of the station optimization, this optimization is a very important thing, decided to search engine included effect. This has a direct impact on your site visits. 3, tracking and analysis, the internal work member whether you recruit, or outsource to Internet companies, must have the plan, to have analysis, keyword, optimization or promotion, only such a step by step improvement, push advertising effect will be more

to you!

in a business are you doing network advertising and marketing, do not blindly, the two is to insist on


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