Lao Xie soft introduction 5 points of attention

Lao Xie soft introduction 5 points of attention

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Xie as a pioneer of soft in the writing, I believe there are more stationmaster devoted to the wave of soft writing after me, head of the road is bumpy, but the future is bright, believe it will fly higher and farther!

1, the title, the importance of this point of view that people who have a little common sense to know. Although the nature of soft advertising with but after all is the article, if not an attractive title, it is difficult for the reader to the mouse that the press gently. The title might as well take a bit better than No one shows any interest in stunt. For example: a street network will Street clothing card a card "soft lead poisoning", see the topic first, readers will have a say hello, what is the relationship between the magnetic card with "murder" case, with a Steamed Buns caused what is common? Rookie suggestions: from senior title start, when the party’s title! Good title is half of the success of


, 2, avoid vague. The title of the party is just a decision, good soft Wen to having substance in speech. If you want to write a soft Wen to related industry and now some of the more popular elements have certain knowledge, accumulated abundant knowledge will give you bring the soft, rich perspective and unique insights, truly soft hard to write. Senior rookie that can see more early with type soft, flexible

great Shift of the universe!

, 3, a soft, hard and make different audiences interested in the living environment, the level of knowledge, different hobbies, each group has certain preference, which requires your writing in soft to the target group to do more detailed classification, people should be. Street network in the propaganda against membership card customers with "murder" a card by the soft article and for some attention to industry information group for "08 years Chinese apparel industry where" the soft. Senior rookie: to win, he suggested that the prophet of


4, released, the effective way to achieve the purpose of soft text. Through the web site to publish some of the text to be reproduced so as to bring some links, which is to increase the weight of the site is very important. In the early days, might as well put the soft Wen himself to some sites, pay attention to avoid mass, such as Sina blog, laggards, China Adsense station, etc.. Senior rookie proposal: when the shot on the hand, the mountain does not come over my past!

5, links, the direct purpose of the text. How clever the website links added to the article which is very important, although at the bottom is harmonious, but the rampant piracy today we still need to pay attention to a little means to link into a part of the soft case, can effectively avoid reproduced when the human killer, for those who are determined to steal the fruits of your labor, we can only give serious protest. Senior rookie: Bishijiuxu, flexible use of

do these 5 points, soft you can be an entry! Thank you QQ466715240, welcome to communicate with the soft

this is the beginning of the old Xie in ADMIIN5, welcome to reprint!

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