Chat expression animation companies to promote channels

Chat expression animation companies to promote channels

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By the Shanghai gold Boluo computer cartoon design 26 episode "limited production candidates house" at the end of the upcoming completion. The total investment of about 5400000 yuan, and the 2005 Shanghai Cultural Fund funded investment of $1 million, which is also the first private cartoon enterprises in recent years to obtain government funding. Yesterday, gold Boluo project leader Chen up to the "daily economic news" said, "the next channel hair piece candidates family" has been basically solved. At present, the company has launched a series of "QQ and MSN expression candidates family" protagonist Xiao Lin. Through the expression of QQ and MSN communication, animation companies have become an important channel for the promotion of animation image. Insiders said: " QQ and MSN official expression position may even be used as the future of gold advertising resources for auction. "

and Kim Boluo, more and more domestic animation companies, it will depend on QQ and MSN chat for important channels to promote the image of the cartoon’s. At present, Shanghai animation company numerous original cartoon characters, such as Lanxue digital frog, picking up the animation pobaby, motion digital the snivel worm, Jiufeng digital CICI, are in accordance with their respective cartoon image produced a series of QQ and MSN chat. QQ and MSN through the user’s mutual " expression Q & a " these cartoon image is also quickly familiar and loved by the user.

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