Lover or enemy Long tail enterprise B2C that thing

Lover or enemy Long tail enterprise B2C that thing

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hi taste "B2C" the first cup of

today, from clothing, jewelry, digital products and automotive, food and other more and more traditional enterprises with the further development of the Internet into the B2C era, many well-known traditional enterprises set up direct stores online, consumers directly in the face. JACK&JONES, Lining, wufangzhai, apple…… Taobao and other well-known brands have to stay at the mall, and from the beginning to set up a taste the sweetness.

JACK&JONES Taobao mall official flagship store opened in third days, daily transaction volume soared to 470 thousand, sold more than 2 thousand pieces of clothing, has become the first Taobao clothing store. No wonder people say that JACK&JONES is not a net after the collision sparks, but gorgeous fireworks. Also shared the first slice of the same as the traditional enterprise of the Lining, the difference is in the clothing brand, Li Ning Co took a step forward. As early as the end of last year, Lining opened a flagship store on Taobao, in addition to its own website opened an electronic trading platform, directly to consumers.

at the same time, Chinese most convenient vermicelli Enterprises — Sichuan White Home Food Co. official website recently also with Alipay reached a strategic cooperation agreement, formal access to the third party payment platform of alipay. The food company’s online sales target this year, through Alipay’s sales volume reached 5 million yuan, 10 million yuan next year. This means that the food business books, digital products, clothing, cosmetics and even diamonds, cars, also carry the banner sales network.

these traditional business shop like a spring rain into our eyes, with a different from the traditional price or product……

"long tail era" arrived!

these traditional business shop is certainly not "overnight" from the Internet to take out from the United States, Chris · Anderson proposed a very interesting theory, he believes that the Internet is not developed in the past period, due to the cost and efficiency constraints, enterprises can only focus on the people and things. Such as customers and distributors route. As shown below, people only focus on the curve "head" (red, said customers and distributors), and will be in the curve "tail" (said, scattered customers) most people need more effort and cost to pay attention to or ignored.

with the development of the Internet, however, due to the low cost of concern, companies began to have the ability to pay attention to those at a low cost". The results of practice show that the overall benefit of "tail" is more than "head"". Anderson believes that the era of the Internet is concerned about the long tail, play the long tail benefits era.


is a popular word to explain the development of the Internet, so that enterprises have to B2C in the end consumer as a channel +

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