Deep blue Shallow Comments buy aura crisis network marketing new ideas

Deep blue Shallow Comments buy aura crisis network marketing new ideas

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recently network group purchase the flourishing flourishing, such as the rise of various business models in the past, since more than two years of time has been less interested, but after a successful case in this sacred land attracted major webmaster to emulate, suddenly the Shenzhou earth by four.

this brings together the majority of consumers, by its own group of consumers and merchants group purchase website and issued jointly issued e-commerce group purchase form, through one-time purchases of goods to the user and the business negotiation ability, so as to reduce the price of goods. Thus favored by the vast number of network consumers, and therefore quickly became popular.

when are flooding for the sensational achievements and joy, followers looked at the joyous scene regardless of personal danger, hot pursuit. Due to the lag of system and regulation, as is the market confusion, patterns of abuse, this should be the focus of purchasing power to benefit the consumer services, will enable more operators in the interest group purchase hanging brand to do product marketing for the enterprise, evolve into another way of ad communication.

enterprise network marketing team will not give up this opportunity in e-commerce has become increasingly popular in the era, set up their own web site for enterprise network promotion, set up shop in their own product marketing, more enterprises and heart for this emerging e-commerce business model, but the end is puerile in the interests of owners and thin, fit after that to reach the direct use of the name of the group purchase marketing road.

registered members to receive e-mail, text messages or phone calls, for example, should be very concerned about the quality and quality of the goods to buy reminders, but also become the same as spam and harassment information. Directly reduce the brand image, so that users are no longer easy to believe that all kinds of buy information. The ultimate loss of consumers, it will lose the source of life.

Of course,

companies will have another way, we can imagine, since it can be reached by the group purchase mode and group purchase network operators, why don’t you join the group purchase function in the system of their own shop, and self organization released a group purchase commercial activity? Is also a gathering crowd gathering network group purchase group purchase, is to purchase various goods and users. Business shop is to buy goods enterprises gathered people. In this way, we can gather the direct consumers and consolidate the brand image, enhance the brand influence.


provides puerile channels for enterprise network group purchase for consumers, affordable, and reached the current prosperity, has been hidden behind the crisis. The enterprise will never have small profits down, at the same time for their own interests to the pursuit of development and transformation, self understanding of enterprise e-commerce trends since the continuously through the construction site, shop direct and a series of network marketing to cross the maximization of their own interests through the middle layer. Regulatory lag and environment in the short term group purchase plus, some bad owners will be driven by the interests of enterprises and achieve the interests of the chain, which is buried under the deadly disease group purchase.

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