Taobao brush is still rampant high or high

Taobao brush is still rampant high or high

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CCTV "3· 15 party business platform behind the naked brush single chain reveal to the public. As one of the important platform for someone, Taobao quickly issued a statement calling on all parties to fight against the single brush industry chain. But the Beijing Daily reporter found that many days, the brush chain did not greatly affected by exposure. There is no doubt that Taobao has taken to combat the brush single zero tolerance, but Taobao low barriers to entry and provide a convenient way for checked shops make only superficial changes. In this brush single battle, in the end is the high road or magic high?


still crazy

despite huge regulatory pressure from the government and Taobao platform, but still crazy brush business. According to Ms. Xue long scalping business said that last year, Taobao stepped up supervision platform, after several brush single organization but most disbanded, their group is still a daily brush single manager issuing hundreds of single task. Prior to do a single task is generally concentrated in the YY platform, and then brush a single group focused on the QT platform, this year, "3·, 15" during the QT platform, a large number of brush group was sealed, there are also some recovery. Taobao platform strict supervision, brush now has a strict process, if the operation is not careful enough to lead to a single store was demoted punishment, brush single hand Taobao account is also likely to be sealed." Ms. Gong said.

Beijing Daily reporter found a strict brush single process Ms. Xue referred to in another large brush single site, the name is "almost standard with a simple" single brush website of single brush tutorial, brush single hand after successful registration will grab a single brush, and obtain the corresponding reward. In a Taobao shop brush single task, the task will be issued a single brush hand is needed to complete the provisions of the action described as: "audit, real name, three hearts, goods than, browsing, maps, stay, baby, baby, before making the share of fake chat, express sign" code. Ms. Xue said, the above code means the brush single hand must take the process to get the reward, "the real name is the brush single hand has Alipay account real name authentication, three heart brush single hand account level takes up to three heart to accept this task, namely goods than carry goods in accordance with the mandate and give three screenshots to prove that before making the false talk that brush single hand in want to pretend to consult again photographed, express sign that brush single hand must fill in the real address of the receipt of goods".

Ms. Xue said, a brush single day brush less than 20 single can get a return of about $100, brush single earned hard money, pull brush single handedly into the group brush a greater interest, and now the market price is 90-150 yuan / bit".

advertising prices

Calculations show that the

provided by Ms. Taobao data, small businesses pay the cost of each single brush in 5-10 yuan, compared with the Taobao platform high advertisement price, relatively small investment becomes small and medium-sized businesses to get a single brush, brand shop exposure straw. It is reported that Taobao marketing system platform currently has Taobao through train, diamond booth, Ma Jibao, Amoy

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