Shop No 1 Platform stripping business WAL MART whether the acquisition of miscalculation

Shop No 1 Platform stripping business WAL MART whether the acquisition of miscalculation

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WAL-MART’s acquisition of


is a capital and brand power, one is operating under the constraint of foreign holdings, shop No. 1 is trying to digest from WAL-MART capital investment.

recently, shop No. 1 has the B2C electricity supplier website ( with open service of third party electronic business channels, such as No. 1 mall No. 1 group, famous sale, integration of independent domain name ( of the website, and from the parent company platform of Niuhai Information Technology Company Limited stripping the collective assets into the new company called Shanghai Chuanji Agel Ecommerce Ltd.

addition, shop No. 1 online also plans to set up shop experience, but the shop address is not taken into account in its controlling shareholder of WAL-MART online store, but another hot district to set point.

view, shop No. 1 and third party business restructuring for stripping the assets of the company, or is subject to the supervision department of foreign investment holding "anti-monopoly" requirements, and avoid the controlling party store to another site involved in the line, also can see shop No. 1 with WAL-MART’s business integration is restricted by some the degree of.

addition, investment after divestiture, whether it is a foreign investment enterprise Chinese but ended


focus on the development of third party services

in August this year, the Ministry of Commerce approved the WAL-MART holding investment in store 1. Under the agreement, WAL-MART 1 stake in the store will be increased from 17.7% to 51.3%, to control.


is made in China Electric provider control rights attitude is more urgent, before the shop No. 1, WAL-MART has made $500 million holdings of the Jingdong, after failing to negotiate successfully. From negotiations, contact to achieve the holding, the two sides have experienced nearly two years, the course of the two stages.

According to

said, these two acquisitions at the outset stage plan.

May 2011, WAL-MART through the purchase of Ping An shares of 20%, access to the equity interest in shop No. 1. Compared to Jingdong mall, 2011 1 before the store shareholder structure is relatively simple, easy to expand the acquisition, which has a security of 80% stake in store No. 1, and the remaining 20% of the store management for all 1.

as a result of this stage, WAL-MART by way of equity transfer, and a smaller stake, did not get the attention of the relevant regulatory authorities, shop No. 1 in the year of 2011 had an outbreak of growth. 2011 annual sales of 2 billion 700 million yuan, an annual compound growth rate of more than 3 times.

at the end of 2011, under the momentum of the development of shop No. 1, WAL-MART to shop No. 1 equity issuance, the proportion of shares to expand the holding position.

however, the acquisition of the approved, so that the 1 shop and WAL-MART both sides experienced a long wait for a period of 9 months.

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