Online shopping boom gave birth to cancel the new industry 250 yuan per charge

Online shopping boom gave birth to cancel the new industry 250 yuan per charge

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censored advertising price, the price of more than a month’s asking price 250 yuan. (data sheet)

Taobao fans on 330 yuan to buy a shoe in the online store but was tortured for several days, because she received the shoe out of the paint and found, to the seller when the complaint was also acrimony, the last angry to store a "bad review". For the poor, the store a few days call intimidation, SMS harassment, purpose is to let the small delete bad review. Considering your telephone, address and name are in store for the hand, unlike some hapless buyers that the seller received the "gift" of the stool, she still obediently to remove his.

online shopping goods of different physical trading, good on assessment to reflect after the transaction, to praise or assessment, not only the expression of the existing buyers, has become an important indicator of potential buyers reference. Credit is already selling from online shopping derived traditional industries, now is a professional delete bad review, sell white number (when asked to the seller account), sell black (to sell contraband goods account), brush collection, generation of the flagship store pressure opponent and so on, are quietly to thrive. Reporter in-depth investigation of the more than and 10.

delete bad line into a city of 80 yuan basic fear

online shopping has become more and more people shopping, according to the forecast of the Internet industry research company is looking for the latest release, the scale of China online shopping market in 2009 will reach 268 billion yuan, the next year will be increased to 464 billion yuan. Shop as a virtual store, the buyer makes the credit rating has become an important standard to show the seller’s integrity and the quality of goods sold. "Praise" can make the shop popularity doubled, on the contrary, the difference comments will deter potential buyers. For the seller to brush the false praise of the company has become a credit hype online shopping traditional gray industry, the deletion of the poor has gradually become a new branch. As long as the Baidu cable delete bad comments, there are hundreds of professional studio, the company made small ads.

"within half a year, 250 yuan a, the difference in price, no counter-offer, within a week of fix." A man for Chris said that he designed to delete the difference in the assessment, the assessment, poor evaluation can be deleted, but the difference was not half a year ago. When a reporter questioned he deleted a poor 250 yuan is too expensive, he told reporters, only 15~80 yuan have counterparts, "if you do that, you can ask your buyers to see if they are not called" intimidation "." According to Chris, the basic fee of 80 yuan by intimidation, because the cost of doing so is low enough to return to this. He also warned that many fundamental 80 yuan is a liar, you never hear from them again after receiving the money, the seller can only eat yabakui. Chris told reporters that he also told Taobao that Alipay charges through the shop, first delete bad money, "see no effect without money."

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