Look at the impact of glasses O2O on traditional industries from the perspective of one hundred mill

Look at the impact of glasses O2O on traditional industries from the perspective of one hundred mill

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  Hangzhou ultra billion (http://s.www.yichao.cn/) Agel Ecommerce Ltd was founded in May 2005, is an electronic commerce platform and glasses store online and offline with a combination of innovative glasses retail enterprises, is also the first domestic online mall B2C glasses. The main business of online glasses and related services, the headquarters is located in China electronic commerce of Hangzhou. Ultra billion glasses feature is created to experience the next line store optometry, B2C online mall to buy select innovation mode. In order to create a successful online business as the main entity auxiliary glasses B2C model, and to test the water glasses O2O Pathfinder provides a reference idea. At present, ultra billion glasses have the entity set up in Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo and other places, in addition, Jinhua store, Yuyao, Wenling city have signed intime gradually in the pipeline, provides a strong support for the future of online glasses.



billion glasses operating mode

billion glasses

billion glasses founder Li Changli, Zhejiang, Taizhou, 16 years old began to engage in the glasses industry business. Zhejiang gene and Taizhou area of the glasses industry developed, is the main reason of the pioneering work into the glasses industry. Opened the glasses shop, the street has been placed stalls, persistence and hard work is the ultimate reason to be able to open billion glasses. Leave the glasses industry at the age of 20, at the age of 30 to two degrees glasses industry entrepreneurs, the first person to eat crabs in the domestic e-commerce just started, selling glasses on the Internet, because of the business platform is not mature and the logistics can not keep up, also have had the experience of failure. Although the removal of other industries, but Li Changli finally insisted on down, which can be built billion glasses. Asked the reason, Li Changli said " root glasses industry is relatively familiar to the industry, there are certain connections, compared to the traditional glasses retail industry is the courage of the grassroots, fight industry, the future will not fight the courage of the glasses industry industry, is the wisdom of fight fight technology. This is the foundation for the establishment of super trillion dream. "

is an online started from different brands and B2C glasses, the first from the line to dry up and then expand online glasses, ultra billion for online glasses has its characteristic pattern and some innovations. The offline experience online optician model has several characteristics: O2O mode, M2C mode, direct sales, office sales counter open, the whole mirror.

O2O model based on offline experience store, allowing users to solve the online glasses optometry measuring IPD and other problems, the user can go to the super store experience offline free optometry detection of the data, and the glasses. The style and price of the glasses, you can go back to the landing of the ultra official website to choose to buy, convenient and quick. Super billion is also accelerating the speed of the next line store experience, so that users across the country can enjoy 100 million under the line >

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