Taobao 12 12 push new play businesses consumers do the protagonist

Taobao 12 12 push new play businesses consumers do the protagonist

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technology news (Zhu Xudong) November 22nd news, announced that this year’s "12.12" to "zero threshold" open to all businesses, no longer set discount rate, what to buy, how much to sell by businesses and consumers jointly decided, traditional sellers, discounts will become the past.

said this year is 12.12, all businesses and consumers holiday consumer demand and dreams on this day by business in response to the user’s own old business on this day full return, show their own unique value to new users. This year, 12.12 will no longer be ranked in terms of sales, each business is able to show their most special and unique characteristics of their own to attract consumers. As many features as possible will be presented to consumers. Each business can be aware of their potential consumer groups, the extent of their needs, and free to respond in their own right way.


of each consumer activities during the 12.12 landing on to enter an exclusive own "wish list" (also called my 1212 page), or collection of consumers themselves into the shopping cart items are displayed in this page. At the same time, the seller of goods corresponding to the promise of commitment and commodity declaration will be displayed in real time to collect the goods consumers.

Taobao has always been small and beautiful. Small and beautiful, is the value of the fight, not the price, in short, is that there will be a number of specific customers are willing to follow you, whether you are selling goods or services. 12.12, not the same amoy." Taobao says.

is reported that 12.12 Taobao will not be sales oriented, but hope to play well, fun is good." This is fun behind, active backstage, the market to consumers and businesses, businesses and consumers to stimulate vitality, to seek strategic upgrade layout.

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