Flowers bloom in the spring is to see Ali HC factory store tug of war

Flowers bloom in the spring is to see Ali HC factory store tug of war

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CCTV commentator Niu Wenxin accused the balance of treasure is the body lying on the banks’ vampire ‘,’ typical financial parasites "should be banned" caused a great disturbance. In March 31st the "CCTV dialogue program: pedestria button text of the new site three asked the balance of treasure" has become a popular second Baidu search. But in any case, the joint limit four lines, single cut into the amount of Alipay, the Internet financial funds can not enter the upstream. This undoubtedly gave Ali not a small blow. With the bright younger generation major electricity supplier step by step, the electricity supplier oligopoly, a single large business situation has long ceased to exist.

electric altar, face a lot of problems in the process of development, can really control the pattern of future electricity supplier. Now the electricity supplier for three of the world electricity supplier, the tug of war intensified. Comparative analysis of the current electricity supplier platform, to industrial electricity supplier platform as an example, a typical major Alibaba, HC, factory stores, jqw, China chemical network etc.. Who can really grasp the user, on the occasion of the popular business, occupy a favorable position and




platform on the strength of

Alibaba specializes in foreign trade platform, a wide range of products, we have rich species, as everyone knows the, Tmall, Alipay, Ali cloud group, etc.. Although the wolf tiger is step by step, but there is no denying the fact that Ali still occupies the first position.

platform mainly focused on consumer products, chemical, machinery products, scope than Alibaba, but a strong media information resources value-added service system are derived, should not be underestimated.

factory store has 102 divisions of the factory shop, and Ali, like the rich, large and full. With the domestic electricity supplier ranked fourth of the world’s factory network belong to a group of. It is rich in resources is the sword. But the factory set up shop on time is late, is the bright younger generation.

on the sustainability of profit model

Alibaba with HC profit model is roughly the same, mainly through membership fees, advertising fees, PPC, value-added services, online services, advertising alliance, according to the inquiry of pay, focusing on suppliers and the fight is what platform above have more paying members, for members who do pay value-added services well, who the platform has released more product information.

factory store profit model in the center of the purchaser who, after the success of the transaction to extract a small fee as the main profit model, temporarily no membership fees, PPC and other profitable way, the bold factory store profit model, but also by virtue of its vast resources into the world’s factory network, whether the subsequent charge membership cost profit model is unknown.

however, in both the basic mode of profit and other members of the basic mining exhausted, the three platforms B2B trends also quietly changed, the focus shifted from suppliers to buyers, return to the essence of electricity supplier. Follow >

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