Site optimization and promotion of the implementation of the two program

Site optimization and promotion of the implementation of the two program

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after a month of hard work, the scripture "Zhuhai website construction" Baidu ranked first, "construction site" Baidu ranked 12, others such as Google, soso, Sogou, on the front page have a good ranking, the first phase of the target, basic has been completed, but as a professional SEOER is certainly not limited to this. So we are aiming at second SEO do website promotion, website optimization in terms of long-term consideration.

website problem analysis

Yang Yang official main keywords "Zhuhai site construction" although the ranking is also good, but every day rely on Baidu to bring IP less than 10, the conversion rate and PV value of access depth is very low, generally analyze the reasons as follows:

1, the long tail word, the word is not good enough to do two kinds of

2, website layout, design, color is not good enough, conversion rate, and PV value is low

3, website construction market chaos, so the local market is too limited

4, you can consider more optimization industry word

At present,

for second, third, which belongs to the category of long-term consideration, to adjust the company structure and layout, is now fully operational is not practical, so the implementation of the main object of Scripture two SEO promotion is the official website

target: the long tail word, the promotion of the two types of words, as far as possible in the case of not changing the layout, improve PV and site conversion rate.

responsible for implementation:

Liu Jin: just one person

promotion Keywords:

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now this is all the words I can think of

core promotion strategy:

personally think that a website as long as the main keywords ranking effect is good, the weight and quality of the website has won the trust of the search engine, the natural weight increases, and two kinds of long tail words naturally should also be good, but none of these words in the layout and content of the website at present, so the core of our strategy is:

1, from the new layout keywords structure

2, around each word to write 2-3 article

3, every day to adhere to a certain chain and update cycle

the initial budget, ranking success time is about 20 days or so can be all described in

two promotion steps:

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