Mr Chuang soup how to make a big enterprise plug in investment department how to play

Mr Chuang soup how to make a big enterprise plug in investment department how to play

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incubator in the end what mode to make money, Mr. Chuang entrepreneurial service institutions CEO Tang Minglei after a variety of exploration, finally, the choice of the bigger business of the plug-in investment department.

at present, Mr. Chuang is about to do third large enterprises to invest in the project screening, and has had its own cash flow, but also a few public space to create a big brother to look after. At least for now, do plug-in Investment Department of this model line through.

felt — from the business services group purchase, to enclave incubator, to financing platform

Tang Minglei is a doctoral candidate at Nankai University,, Zhejiang, Zhejiang business people in the minds of factors. In February 2014, in the "double appeal" slogan, he plunged into the Internet business, founder of Mr. chuang".

originally, he and buddy do business services group purchase, but the business is small and the frequency of events, one of the few entrepreneurs, unlike life group purchase user groups, the final project has not reached the expected target.

Instead of

, they also made "Enclave incubator", namely in Tianjin each college are decorated with a public record space, the standard configuration, with merchandise display and sale. But in the end that student entrepreneurs in limited quantities, consumption does not work, the public record is more space, rather than the public nature of business, the entrepreneurial direction iteration also rebuffed.

two venture, let Tang Minglei think a lot. He believes that the incubator project is "the main business logic under the management of" background, providing services of venture capital institutions, the company money or shares.

but, first, entrepreneurs are short of money, second, now the public record too much space, many public record free space for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs spoiled, do not want to pay. And a good start-up company is not willing to come up with shares.

and, through field visits to the country, he found that the vast majority of the public record usually empty space. Take a look at the domestic public space record earnings, large companies have a loss of 35 billion. He felt that this pattern of heavy assets is not ordinary entrepreneurs can play.

so you have to find a new model.

anchor – light asset operation, only the entrepreneurial content services

although the previous two attempts have not been successful, but after nearly two years of accumulation, but Tang Minglei in the venture capital circle has accumulated a wealth of venture capital, especially entrepreneurial project resources.

there are very few institutions in two weeks, to find hundreds of operating well in a certain industry projects, we have this self-confidence. This is our core competitiveness." He said.


long thinking, he decided to use the way of venture capital incubator of traditional service industries.

ordinary investment institutions to find the project incubation. And now, in a variety of ways, just looking for a project in the industry, not to vote for the push

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