What is the content of enterprise website

What is the content of enterprise website

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recently contacted many enterprise website construction and optimization, a lot of enterprise website is the website of small and medium enterprises, especially poorly designed was found in the process, content and information repetition is lagging behind, is using the default template, it should be some common problems is also the enterprise website, and even some enterprise website will entertainment news. All kinds of advertisements in the website, look very rich, but let the customer really confused, have a wrong place feeling, transformation of the enterprise website not only failed to bring sales, but people feel the company is not professional, the product can not be trusted, so a small business website, what the content of


customer needs information

enterprise website itself is a display of corporate image and product platform, so you can’t take it as a portal to use, no need to make the website information, each enterprise has its own specific products and services, the content of the website behoove around the core business to set up, we must take the enterprise as a marketing website work, not just a company, only to meet the site content information required by the user under the premise, in order to play the role of marketing function.

this is the enterprise website must first consider the content, therefore, we need to analyze our visitors what, in general, the enterprise website directly to customers, distributors, agents, competitors, including customers, distributors, agents direct our customers or potential customers, so we should focus on their needs what is the content, such as new products, different models of the rules of performance to price ratio, compared with other similar products, product sales channels and customer service service, payment and so on, these must be as the important content of enterprise website. Although it looks very simple, but a lot of website design in the content or will change the subject, many enterprises website will be ready to add some entertainment, games and life information query, but through the background statistics show that users visit the enterprise station, only 10% of these people are interested in, so, unless necessary, enterprise website is not necessary add these related content.

promotional information is also very important

enterprise website has a lot of defects when we input end product information and company introduced, in a very long period of time, probably will not change, just rely on these basic information, it is difficult to play out the value of the enterprise website, we should make full use of the propaganda function of the enterprise web site, for example we are striking at the site frequently update the company’s products provide samples, coupons, free samples, these can be for enterprises to play a huge potential in the online promotion.

through the questionnaire to obtain the user needs

let the enterprise website as an effective marketing tool, feedback information and advice must be timely access to the user, to carry out online poll or survey, the marketing strategy formulation is the very important role.


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