38 strikes share Taobao shop promotion ideas

38 strikes share Taobao shop promotion ideas

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today is March 8, 2013, I wish all the girls happy holidays. 38 has also become a good day for the electricity supplier to do promotions, women’s awareness of consumption is stronger than men, such as the proportion of Taobao users in the proportion of women must be more than men. Today is already 38, and many Taobao stores have done a good holiday promotions, there are many Taobao stores are selling women’s products, such as: cosmetics, women’s clothing, etc., to cosmetics as an example. A friend of the author do is Taobao shop, is selling cosmetics, there is often a Taobao manager advice on how to do promotional work, in fact, the problem is really difficult to answer, because we not only do network promotion, website optimization SEO practitioners. For the 38 women’s day, cosmetics Taobao shop how to do a good job promotion


first: familiar with the characteristics of their products, looking for a suitable user base


according to my understanding of cosmetics too much, a toner, BB cream, eye cream, but individual Taobao stores generally do not sell so many goods, maybe you will choose several cosmetics brand present good sales. There is the question of price, if the relatively high price of cosmetics is more suitable for female white-collar workers, if the price is low is very suitable for popular cosmetics, because the price is too high, the general public can not accept. For example: BB cream which is more suitable for female user groups? This author Baidu a little hot BB cream and the popularity of Korean dramas have a direct relationship. As a Taobao cosmetics store, you should be very understanding of cosmetics, especially suitable for the user to understand what use what kind of cosmetics.

BB cream by young women’s favorite, so if your shop is the main cosmetics BB cream, then the object is to promote those young 80 and 90, especially after 90 female groups. The next step is to analysis of the characteristics of this part of the user groups, to compare the value of 90 of popular and fashion, how can we find this part of the crowd? In addition to colleagues and friends, we must learn to find this part of the crowd from the network, and then targeted marketing.

second: do a good job of Taobao’s decentralized traffic, increase the number of meaningful IP

many people are worried about Taobao store traffic, usually a new shop every day the little traffic, do Taobao train basically no IP traffic. For the Taobao store, we can not do SEO, online there are many Taobao SEO tutorial to teach people how to set the title of the baby and so on, although these methods can enhance the natural ranking Taobao website, but the effect is not very ideal. All in all, Taobao can only do to promote the spread of traffic, such as: do some promotional activities. For the individual Taobao manager, in fact, Taobao stores have been very difficult operation, let alone to promote the work of the manager so miserable, dispersed flow how to do? Can use Taobao group introduced their own shop flow, also can do some other QQ group promotion. Taobao owners need to learn some of the network promotion, Bi

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