Share a website based on community forums self hype program

Share a website based on community forums self hype program

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is a web site based on the forum’s self – operation program and offer.

core communication purposes: to allow more people to understand and focus on the use of this product XXXXXX.

propagation time: April 1, 2008 –


communication background: very little information on this product on the network, and the application and understanding of the XXXXXX crowd less.

target groups: bloggers, journalists, editors, businessmen, investors forum, online sales, IT people used the Internet to learn, work and entertainment of the people.

communication strategy:

1 makes the information source and the content of the information source

needs a credible source of information in the promotion and dissemination of the network. Information sources must continue to provide novel and valuable information that is easily accepted by others. No advertising suspect. The best source of information is a little more mysterious. According to these characteristics and the characteristics of XXXXXX and the distribution of target population.

information sources and information content is mainly divided into 8 categories:

1) story: by talking about their emotional experience from the side to talk about XXXXXX, which leads to the user wants to understand the desire of this software

2) question type: through the purpose of asking questions, to attract users to communicate and discuss.

3) type of discussion: through the discussion of a topic of interest, the topic of consciousness to be transferred to the XXXXXX software, and to continue to explore this topic.

4) entertainment entertainment gossip: Post Based on the current hot topics such as entertainment, and attract more users in the back lane on the topic, which takes the user to the XXXXXX in the middle or back into the way links.

5) with questions: through the objective manufacturing problems, to attract users in their answer, in the rest of the return card is still around "discussion", discussion on the continuous thread, to attract more people to participate in the discussion. This main purpose is to interested users of XXXXXX through the event, so that users have to understand and use the software of desire.

6) amplification event type: deliberately exaggerated the event, to attract the user’s attention, to attract users recently, and then further explanation and guidance, so that users understand XXXXXX

7) help type: design a good topic for help in order to find ways to help the problem, and then turn to the topic of this product XXXXXX, behind the topic of discussion and publicity.

type: 8) knowledge in the most traditional way of promotion, starting from the characteristics of the product itself, further explanation of the products, and allow more users more clearly the function and use of this software, attract some users come in > Download

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