Private medical with good faith fun event marketing

Private medical with good faith fun event marketing

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said the event marketing, I believe we are very clear, including everyone is concerned about a number of newspapers, online advertising area, the event will be the basic marketing of flooding. As for the effect of event marketing is how we look at how I look at a few friends.

private medical event marketing, how do you see?

Kunming SEO: "the regulation of false medical advertisements of pharmaceuticals must be the integration of industry and commerce, health, drug administration, news publishing, broadcasting, supervision and rectification, the departments of public security forces to carry out comprehensive management, the management system has some problems, hindered on medical advertising management according to law. Interest relations lead to weak supervision. Part of the news media one-sided pursuit of economic benefits, lax lax advertising. At the same time rectification of illegal medical advertising involves a number of departments, considering the relationship between the interests of the Department, often in the regulation of high lift, gently fall"."

Tianjin SEO: "for false medical advertising problem is in fact some CPPCC members have been NPC and CPPCC during repeated several times, and as everyone knows NPC and CPPCC can affect the whole country’s every act and every move, so many sites are NPC and CPPCC during the medical record not found himself. And some of them have some formal website. It can be said that this is really lying in the gun."

want to know why these medical ads actually have a great relationship with our country, in recent years the state has another policy, is the hospital into the community, to solve the problem with difficulty, which makes many businessmen see the private medical Dajinshan, so all kinds of medical advertisements also like out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Visible medical advertising is a special product of the times, as the year to find a job first diploma, so there are rush small ads, it is a product of the times, and we found that more people in recent years on the road of small ads posted less, this is the era of progress, and I predict with the reform of the China stable, medical advertising will appear China bonus because saturated medical market a bottleneck of the freezing period, the country is fortunate, medical advertising practitioners greatly unfortunate. However, the development of things are slightly better survival, survival of the fittest, maybe someone can also play your own sky in this unique field of medical advertising might also do.

false advertising is really in hurt consumers

said that the false advertising, what to say, what specific treatment effect is particularly good. And then wait until the real meaning of the patient, and bought the medicine home is not so effective. So, take the drug to find, the result, or is the manufacturer ran, or that may be because of some of your physical personal factors, in short all the problems to your body, do not admit their problems. Must be in the now advertising social events, many consumers have suffered like this.

in addition, brand marketing suffer a big


it is undeniable that, at present, many hospitals and manufacturers to use some event marketing, is indeed very

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