The former dominated the Chinese cool together now what

The former dominated the Chinese cool together now what

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Once when

, ZTE, HUAWEI, cool and Lenovo, because of its Chinese intelligent mobile phone market their high market share and accumulated lots of intelligent mobile phone market share accounted for China known as the representative of China intelligent mobile phone industry and market development, and the industry was known as the "China cool alliance". But with the rapid change of the intelligent mobile phone industry and market, the once proud of Chinese cool Union, in addition to HUAWEI is still in the domestic and global intelligent mobile phone market to occupy the position of the first camp, the other three have been out of the first camp.

so the question is, where did these vendors go? Do you still have the opportunity to return to the first camp of the mobile phone market, or even the reconstruction of the new Chinese cool union pattern?


after the acquisition of Motorola mobile, Motorola brand in the past because of too superstitious Chinese market influence, and to be introduced Chinese market, and the result is in the low-end market with the Lenovo brand between (e.g. Vibe and Lenovo) of each stroke, but did not achieve results by Motorola in the domestic high-end market breakthrough strategy instead, his to introduce more competition in the low-end market. It is important that, at the critical moment, but also triggered a change in the mobility of high-level personnel, which in the mobile phone business in the decline of Lenovo is undoubtedly worse.

let us can not understand is that Lenovo wants to use the Motorola brand to return Chinese market, the so-called magic factory and dished out a ZUK mobile phone brand, although allegedly ZUK brand mobile phone will be released soon, but it is still not the lenovo mobile phone business brand variety and the lack of clear positioning to solve the problem before so, the mobile phone market to return to the first camp inside a considerable challenge. As the saying goes: the KMT government. So do not say how Lenovo in the mobile phone market and friends of the competition, the solution of its internal contradictions need a short time.

look cool.

to tell the truth, we have mentioned a cool feeling of turn iron into steel. In the first half of last year, by virtue of its 4G thousand machines in the domestic mobile phone market to play with. And to the second half of the situation is a sudden turn for the worse. But even so, in accordance with the cool size and strength is not to put up last year God brand sold to 360 this year, let us understand that cool themselves to sell the shares LETV, a deputy to the rhythm of bondservants. But calm down and think, cool was reduced to the point today, related to the lack of core competitiveness in the mobile phone industry and the lack of innovation in the high-end market. Rely on operators playing cards at a low price, once the policy changes, coupled with the low price itself would not be a threshold and a large number of Internet companies at the cost of the instant collapse reached, although unexpected, but also from reason. Is the cool fall apart the first camp return chance is almost zero.

finally look zte.


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